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Dan DeMatte
Dan DeMatte
Dan DeMatte
Dan DeMatte
Dan DeMatte
Dan DeMatte
Dan DeMatte

Travels from Columbus, Ohio

Dan DeMatte is a motivational speaker who has realized that there is truly no dream worth living for other than the dream of heaven. He preaches the GOOD News, not the mediocre news, or the ‘I-hope-this-isn’t-too-big-of-an-inconvenience’ news. Dan knows that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only message worth living for, and worth dying for!

Dan DeMatte is bringing revival in the Catholic Church by leading people into a personal encounter with Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

With over 15 years of visionary leadership, Dan has brought the Gospel internationally to hundreds of thousands of people through missions, retreats, camps, conferences, and media outreach. 

Dan is the co-Founder and Executive Director DeMatte is the co-founder and executive director of Damascus, one of the fastest-growing youth and young adult ministry movements in the country. In the last three years, Damascus has seen more than a 600% growth, serving 20,000 youth each year and raising up over 200 missionaries annually. Dan’s innovative leadership and training techniques facilitate dynamic programs that lead to life- changing encounters with Jesus led by Spirit-Filled missionary disciples. 

Dan is the author of catholic bestseller, Holiness Revolution, with the Dynamic Catholic Institute. He recently released a new book called Dream Bigger! He is the co-host of Beyond Damascus, a podcast and radio program carried across the EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network. 

While in college, Dan starred on A&E’s reality TV series, God or the Girl. He has witnessed to his Catholic faith on Larry King Live, The View, and the Today Show. He holds a Masters Degree in Theology from the Pontifical College Josephinum. 

Dan and his wife Amber reside in Columbus, Ohio with their four amazing children. 

Talk Topics:

-The Revolution of Holiness! This is not only a talk – it is a movement! This presentation will draw young people into the newest Catholic movement across America – The Revolution of Holiness. This revolution is about seeking holiness and seeking mission for the Kingdom of God. Every one of your teens will want to flee from sin and take action in their church, school, and community! This presentation is loaded with professional video clips, innovative ideas, and incredible inspiration!

-The Rebel Jesus – One of the greatest problems in the world today is that people worship a false image of Jesus Christ. Jesus is viewed by many to be a peaceful hippy wanting to spread the ‘doctrine of niceness and tolerance’ to the world. This is not the Jesus Christians are called to worship! Jesus was ultimately a rebel who suffered and died for us! This talk is the basic Gospel message of the suffering and death of Jesus and the redemption of all people – but such that you have never heard it before! This talk is all about making your teens fall deeper in love with Jesus Christ!

-Prayer DARE: It has been said that prayer is a dangerous thing because it is an encounter with the living God. Why is it that people don’t prayer? It is because they know that when they pray, God is going to call them to conversion – and they are scared of conversion. The purpose of prayer is change – to change us, not to change God. This talk is aimed at motivating your audience to begin an active daily prayer life that will change their lives, and change the world! Invite your audience to this intense mission of prayer, if you dare.

-Called To Greatness: Discovering God’s Will for your Life – This talk dives into the amazing call that God gives to all of us, the call to be saints! It will motivate youth to strive for holiness and to do something amazing with their lives. This talk will motivate youth to discern the Religious Life and the Priesthood and it will bring them closer to Jesus in the Eucharist, and it will leave them starving to begin a daily prayer life! This talk is interactive and uses multi-media clips from God or the Girl.

-Take Courage and Be A Man (Men’s Talk): This talk is designed to help build boys into men of God. It confronts head on the sins that all young men struggle within their purity, language, and action. It untwists the lies of machoism and American feminism. It paints the picture of a Christian man as a man of virtue, action, purity, and leadership. Men’s hearts will be changed and they will eagerly desire to be a man of God, not a man of this world. A woman’s talk from Dan’s wife, Amber Marie, can accompany this talk. The title of the talk is ‘Finding Love’

-Soldiers of Christ (Confirmation): This retreat is geared towards teaching the true meaning of the Sacrament of Confirmation. It aims at teaching young people that Confirmation is a Sacrament of Strengthening that commissions Christians to spread and defend the Kingdom of God. The retreat focuses on two main teachings: What the Sacrament of Confirmation really is and How to live as a Soldier of Christ.
The NEW Sexual Revolution (Theology of the Body): Using the radical teachings of John Paul II’s Love and Responsibility and Theology of the Body this retreat aims at teaching youth the true meaning of love and human sexuality. The retreat strives to break the chains of Satan’s lies and deceptions with regard to human sexuality and brings youth people into the freedom of authentic life and love. It answers these fundamental questions: What does it mean to be human? What is true freedom? What is true love? What is the true purpose of sex?

-The Kingdom of God: This retreat is based on the many Kingdom of God parables in the Gospel of Matthew. It brings people in touch with the King Himself and trains them to serve and build His Kingdom. 

-Holiness Revolution Leadership Retreat: Youth driven youth ministry is much more effective than adult driven youth ministry. If you want your ministry to grow and flourish – use the youth! This retreat is designed to equip your teens with the Christian leadership skills they need in order to truly start a revolution of holiness in your parish!

-Holiness Revolution Evangelization Retreat: Evangelization isn’t just a word for protestants. Every baptized Catholic is call to evangelize. This retreat calls your youth into the mission of evangelization and equips them with a number of tools as to how to evangelize. 

-Holiness Revolution Social Justice Retreat: At the heart of the Holiness Revolution is bringing about a change to this world. This retreat is designed to call youth to radical conversion and radical action. This world should look like the kingdom of God and we are the ones that help this happen. This retreat looks at the pro-life movement, care for the poor and needy, world hunger, and evangelization.

*All of the above talks and retreats can be modified to fit the specific needs of your audience.*

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