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Travels from Charlotte, North Carolina

Conor Gallagher is an accomplished Chief Executive Officer, author, public speaker, and Board Member, with a wealth of experience in both for-profit and non-profit realms. His leadership has played a pivotal role in propelling numerous start-ups to success, revitalizing established businesses, and fostering cultures driven by innovation and vision. Previously, he had the privilege of serving as a law clerk to a federal judge.


His strengths prominently reside in cultivating innovation and skillfully implementing strategic initiatives, always adopting a forward-thinking approach.


Outside of his professional endeavors, Conor finds profound fulfillment as a dedicated husband to his wife, Ashley. He cherishes his role as a father to 15 children—Aiden, Mary, Patrick, Peter, Jude, Paul, Teresa, Imelda, David, Ann, Luke, Thomas, Lucy, Lily Jane, and Elizabeth—and finds deep meaning in living out his faith.



My academic pursuit began at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, where I earned a BA in Philosophy, cultivating a penchant for critical thinking and a profound grasp of foundational principles. Building upon this, I earned a JD from Catholic University, Columbus School of Law, equipping me with a comprehensive legal framework to tackle intricate challenges.  Simultaneously, I earned an MA in Philosophers from Catholic University. This was an uncommon pair and unconventional academic pursuit, but one that I am eternally grateful for.


Commencing my journey, I had the esteemed privilege of serving as a law clerk to the federal judge, Honorable Robert Conrad, Jr. This opportunity not only provided

invaluable insights into the intricacies of the legal system but also laid the groundwork for my future endeavors. It was a privilege and an honor to work for Judge Conrad. 


In 2007, I came to work for a small start up called Saint Benedict Press that my father, Bob Gallagher and his business partner had begun. My first endeavor was attempting to purchase TAN Books, a catholic publishing company, out of bankruptcy. After more than a year of effort and prayer, we prevailed. Ever since that day, I have been committed to running the most efficient, highest quality business possible for the well-being of my customers, employees, and my family, all for the greater glory of God. Years later, I assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer of our group of family businesses, Good Will Publishers Holding Company. 


In 2021, my brothers and I launched a new start up, Good and True Media, a children’s publishing company and the creator of The Bible Crate. In 2024, I am launching my newest initiative, The Well-Ordered Family, which is a family management system in order to reclaim clarity and order in your family life. Through visionary leadership, I continue to lead these enterprises to new levels of success. What’s more, is that through these companies, I am able to lead souls to Christ. Our family business gives me a profound opportunity and responsibility — one that I do not take lightly. 


My contributions extend beyond corporate realms; my authored works encompass a range of compelling family and religious literature, complemented by my role as a captivating public speaker.


Leveraging insights gained from my Kolbe A-Index certificate, I have honed my leadership skills by understanding not only my own strengths and weaknesses but also those of the individuals I work with.


In tandem with my professional roles, I have also dedicated myself to non-profit governance, serving as a board member for various religious institutions and bridging profit-driven strategies with meaningful, purposeful missions.



The "Well-Ordered Family: Business Tools for Family Life" Keynote

Unlock the secrets to a harmonious family life with Conor Gallagher’s inspirational keynote, “Well Ordered Family: Business Tools for Family Life.” As CEO of multiple businesses and a father of fifteen children, Gallagher introduces the innovative Family Management System—a six-part approach blending business tools with family dynamics.


Overcome the chaos of modern life, eliminate stress, and normalize joy with this unique system. Adapted from successful business strategies, the Well-Ordered Family approach brings order and clarity to your household, strengthening bonds from within. Don’t let unnecessary conflict and stress define your family—embrace a purposeful, well-ordered family life with Conor Gallagher’s insightful keynote.


The "Still Amidst The Storm" Keynote

Embrace the calm amidst life’s storms with Conor Gallagher’s transformative keynote speech, inspired by his insightful book, “Still Amidst the Storm: A Family Man’s Search for Peace in an Anxious World.” Drawing from the powerful biblical passage of Mark 4:39 ‘Peace! Be still!’, Gallagher shares a compelling narrative where the apostles faced a mighty storm, mirroring our modern struggles with stress and anxiety. As a father of 15, Gallagher offers practical remedies for the chaos of contemporary life.


Discover how to find stillness in the present moment, listen to the voice of God amid life’s noise, and resist the stir-crazy spirit of the world. This keynote provides real-world guidance, empowering you to cut through stress and anxiety, so you may truly be ‘Still Amidst the Storm.'”


The "Beatitudes of Business" Keynote

Unlock the transformative potential of business through Conor Gallagher’s dynamic keynote speech, ‘Beatitudes of Business.’ Drawing inspiration from the timeless wisdom of the Beatitudes, Gallagher seamlessly intertwines spiritual principles with practical business insights. Discover how these sacred teachings apply to running a successful enterprise and resonate in the fast-paced corporate world. Delve into insightful statistics that unveil the impact of incorporating virtues into your business strategy. This engaging presentation goes beyond conventional approaches, offering a unique perspective on leadership, ethics, and success. Learn how to bridge the gap between spirituality and the boardroom and arm yourself with actionable guidance to elevate your business to new heights.



Still Amidst The Storm: A Family Man's Search for Peace in an Anxious World

The apostles are trapped in a mighty storm, their fishing boat on the brink of capsizing . . . and Jesus slept. This confused, scared, and even angered the apostles, who could not fight back the storm. But as always, Christ is our model.


In these modern times, we often find ourselves adrift in a storm of stress, anxiety, and chronic busy-ness. We all suffer from it. In these moments, it’s easy to react like the apostles: to panic, to become angry, to be frightened.



But like Christ, we should strive to be still amidst the storm. Here, Conor Gallagher (as a father of 15, no stranger to life’s chaos) helps you reflect upon and cultivate three remedies to the stress of modern life:

  • Encountering God in the present moment, which requires of a stillness of mind, to remain in the moment instead of fretting over past mistakes or future anxieties

  • Listening to the voice of God, which can only be heard by blocking out the relentless noise of the world and calming our increasingly restless souls

  • Resting in serene stillness by resisting the stir-crazy spirit of the world and rejecting busy-ness for busy-ness’s sake

In a world that constantly bombards us with noise, this little book offers a wealth of practical advice and real-world guidance on how to cut out stress, anxiety, and worry so that we may rest in the Lord and hear His voice, so that we may be Still Amidst the Storm.


Parenting for Eternity: A Guide to Raising Children in Holy Mother Church

Dear Parent, 


A trillion years from now, your child will be either in Heaven or in Hell. And this is only the beginning of eternity. 

In light of this eternal perspective, the time is now, Dear Parent, to raise your child to live entirely for Christ and His Church. The time is now to train your child in the Four Last Things, the spiritual life, the virtues of piety and humility, and the school of Calvary while shielding him from the errors of modernism, Protestantism, and much more. 


Unlike most parenting books which focus exclusively on the body and this fleeting world, this short work focuses upon your child’s eternal soul. In these pages, you will be challenged to see the eternal consequence of every single parental act—acts of commission and acts of omission. 


The Lord has said unto you, it is better that you have a millstone hung around your neck and that you be cast into the depths of the sea than for you, Dear Parent, to lead your little one astray (Mk 9:41). 


Well-Ordered Family: The Family Management System

Coming Summer 2024


Do you yearn for more order and clarity within your family? Is the chaos and busyness of modern life unsettling the harmony of your household? Conor Gallagher, CEO of multiple businesses and father of fifteen, unveils a transformative system in Well-Ordered Family that will restore peace and joy in your household. 


In his propriety system, Conor has applied the best business practices to the challenges of family life. The Well-Ordered Family Management SystemTM has an easy to follow six-step process:

  1. Vision: Establish a clear path forward for your family, crafting a vision statement and defining your long-term goal.

  2. Unity: Institute a cadence of family meetings to help the family stay aligned around a shared vision.

  3. Systems: Implement effective macro and micro systems, creating environments and routines that foster efficiency and harmony.

  4. Metrics: Track and manage vital aspects of family life with simple, non-intrusive metrics that drive positive change.

  5. Relationships: Understand and leverage individual temperaments for stronger, healthier connections.

  6. Discernment: Use decision-making and problem-solving tools to guide your family through the daily challenges of life.

Packed with over twenty-five practical tools, including worksheets and sample processes, Well-Ordered Family is a compass for families to reclaim order and clarity. Discover how business principles can revolutionize family life.


Join Conor Gallagher on this transformative journey to create a well-ordered family—because the grace you seek starts with the order you build.

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