Chuck Piola

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Chuck Piola
Chuck Piola
Chuck Piola
Chuck Piola

Travels from West Chester, Pennsylvania

Chuck Piola, dubbed The King of Cold Calls, by Inc. magazine, has also been described as a salesman, Renaissance man, and visionary corporate leader. In 1986, Chuck and his business partner formed NCO Financial Systems. Twelve years and more than 15,000 cold calls later, NCO had grown from sixty clients to 80,000; from $70,000 in revenue to over a billion dollars annually; and from four employees to a staff of more than 20,000 around the globe.

Such tremendous growth is the result of classic entrepreneurism as executed by Chuck and his colleagues.

He attributes his success to "focus, drive, and the ability to follow through."

Since retiring from NCO, Chuck Piola has been a much sought after consultant and motivational speaker, sharing the valuable tips and wisdom he has gathered throughout his career.

A dedicated philanthropist and advocate, Chuck donates his time, intellect, and wealth to many boards.
Chuck has educated, motivated, and entertained thousands throughout his career. Using personal examples, Chuck addresses topics such as leadersip, character, attitude, handling fear and rejection, and prioritizing. Some of Chuck’s most popular talks include:Life, Leadership, & George Washington – In virtue, leadership, courage and selflessness, George Washington is the epitome of Cincinnatus, the ancient Roman political figure. Be a mentor and a contributor. This program focuses on: Leadership; Courage; Determination; Ethics; and Character.

A.D.D., Your Marketing Advantage – Those with Attention Deficit Disorder are some of the most successful people in business because they always have fifteen pots brewing at once. This program focuses on: Follow Up; Methodology; Boundless Enthusiasm; and Motivation vs. Validation.

The Role of The Manager – Once you identify each associate’s strengths, learn to use those qualities to everyone’s advantage. You are their teacher, mentor, motivator, parent, and friend. This program focuses on Leadership and Direction; Interviewing, Hiring, and Training a Salesperson; and Unlimited Growth.

The Grey Ghost Rears its Ugly Head – Sliding around in the trunk of your car, with the old textbooks and training manuals that you haven’t opened in years, is the grey ghost. When you have a bad day, or don’t make your monthly sales figures or reach your personal goals, the grey ghost climbs out of the trunk and plops in the back seat. As a result, your attitude begins to sour and bitterness festers. The chatterbox in your head begins to spew nagativity causing increased anxiety. At this point the grey ghost is reclining in the passenger’s seat. Then, the grey ghost slithers onto your lap and before you know it he’s driving your car. This program focuses on: Rejection; Hitting the Wall; Attitude; Facing Fear.

Life of a Salesman, The Person Behind the Persona – He’s crazy. Some days he comes home like a bear. He’s at the top of the world. He’s at the bottom of the world. Learn how to hold on and enjoy the ride. This is a perfect adjunct seminar for sales professionals and for those who live with sales professionals. It focuses on blending a demanding sales career with a hectic home life, and learning how to adjust, cope, and thrive as a family.

Christ Was a Cold Call Salesman – Think about the life of Jesus Christ. Without the aid of technologically driven communications that we have today, Christ reached thousands, who spread His message to hundreds of thousands more, who spread His message to millions more, and so on. How did He begin? One cold call at a time. Learn the value of relationship marketing. This program focuses on: Cold Calling; Relationship Building; Ethics; and Follow Up.

"Chuck Piola - A Great Speaker, a Great Man, and a Great Inspiration...Thanks for making me Think! You challenged me!" -Ralph H. Palman, Author of 8 Critical Lifetime Decisions

"As you can imagine, in more than 20 years running Inc Magazine I've seen just about every major and minor business speaker in the country. Some deliver real value with regard to useful content. Some of those are actually entertaining. A few just grab you by the lapels-challenge you, provoke you, inspire you-- make you want to go out and (in Chuck's case) sell something. I guarantee he'll make you laugh, he'll make you cry--and you won't want your money back." -George Gendron, former Editor-in-Chief Inc. Magazine

"Chuck Piola is one of the most dynamic speakers we have had in quite some time. Our membership thoroughly enjoyed his no-nonsense approach to sales and marketing. Whether speaking on business or real life issues, Chuck is an engaging and lively speaker. He can certainly motivate your sales force and empower people to act." -Rob Powelson, President Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry

"[Going in Cold is] A brilliant, experienced-based 'how to' book on not only sales tactics of cold calling but more importantly self management of the emotional underpinnings required to achieve consistent sales success!" -Dick Falcone, Chairman & CEO Evercom, Inc.

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