Christina Mohini Srinivasan

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Christina Mohini Srinivasan Catholic Speaker Actress

Travels from Seattle, Washington

I am an Bollywood movie actress by profession and have acted over 100 movies. My movie name is Mohini. After I crossed path with JESUS CHRIST, I think there is nothing more important at these times than reinstating faith in people by sharing what Christ did for me. I have been active for the last 10 years witnessing Christ in places needed the most. The highlight of my highly spoken about conversion is, I came "To Jesus through Mary".

I believe in sharing everything what Jesus has showed me and taught me through this Catholic, Apostolic and true church of Jesus Christ. I am amazed at this true faith as a convert from being born as a "Brahmin" a high priestly caste in Hinduism. Not only it is crystal clear as to what is idolatry, but also how people are duped into thinking the idols are true Gods !!! After reading various Hindu manuscripts and searching for God in all the empty places, a dream after reading the first few chapters in the bible, a dream of Christ changed my life forever. Healings from, arthritis, spondylosis, black magic, spells in this one true church has only fueled me further to become a Catholic preacher and a trained prayer minister.

I have been blessed to speak about various different treasures of the Catholic church. And I have listed a few of them below.

Why Jesus is true God ? Why Catholic church is Church ? The answers are my own experiences of the practical yet mystical truths which we find ONLY in Catholicism. The sharp contrast between Hinduism and Christianity and surface level Islamism and Buddhism in comparison with our faith.

Mother of God
Why she is the greatest evangelist ever.  Why she is the greatest prayer warrior.  Why she is our REAL mother. Why she has what she has. Her role in all our lives. This revelation also comes from my experiences of praying the Rosary and talking to her about her son. And a very practical testimony of how Mary is feared by demons. 

Blessed Sacrament
why HE is alive in this great proof of love. How just few minutes everyday brought back by marraige into life. How even if one does not need any formal prayers before this mighty presence of God How every healing flows from his presence.

Sacrament of Reconciliation
Why demons cannot touch a person in this place. My experience of Deliverance in this place while confessing. My experience of God everytime after confession. Why this is very important in spiritual warfare. What would have happened to the traitor judas because of his thoughts. How we need to be one in faith with the Catholic church for this mighty Sacrament to free us from sin, sickness and sorrow.

How it is a life saver. How my second son was saved from abortion only because of the Lord's Body. How we can see the signs of spiritual warfare in receving the body and blood of Christ. How it is a major and single source of strength our soul and body needs. About different devotions of the Body of Christ and how it helps us.

Spiritual Warfare
How the enemy is clever in Disguising himself. Yoga, Bharatha natyam (an indian classical dance spreading fast in USA). How can he be recognized. How he attacks a christian through things that are considered unimportant and simple or practical. Various ways of casting a spell or doing black magic against a person. My own testimony of how bad i was and how i was freed by Jesus. How Holy Mass, Adoration, Rosary,Confession,Religious retreats, fasting, and getting prayed over an trained Catholic prayer minister helps. Why only Catholic deliverance process completes the healing needed by the person afflicted. How obedience to the Catholic church aides in their deliverance. Are we ready to stand up for us and our siblings in Christ in this area ? Why we are chosen warriors in Christ ? Why we are ready and capable? Why the victory is ours ? How Sacraments aid in all of the above.

Movies. Clothes we wear. Peer pressure (how to be unaffected). How friends affect us. Fashion, do i change with every change ?. Dating. Choosing THE ONE

How God loves it and the devil hates it. Why is it closely influenced by the relationship we share it with GOD ? Why is this a Sacrament ? Why should we get married in the Catholic church ? Praying for a non- catholic spouse ? Why we should not be let our faith take a back seat ? How do i get my marraige back on track ?

Should i baptize them ? Why ? Why Catechism ? Why we should follow the Catechism at home ? Why family prayer ? Why holy water and Holy oil ? (a small testimony of an fellow actress ) What if my child falls off faith/Catholic church ? How do i pray for my children/ over my children without being obvious ? Should i stop them from watching Harry potter or Twilight kind of movies ? Why ? Manuevering their life as a prayer warrior parent ? Some practices of faith to safeguard your children. The role of Sacramentals.

Reverence to the Church and its religious
Why and What it does ? Various Quotes from saints and mystics of our church. How it forms our power packed spiritual life. How can we help our religious. Why we need them. Why we need to be their prayer support

Holy souls in purgatory
Why is this place true ? why do we need to pray for them? What does it do to us ? Various quotes and experiences of the mystics and the faithful alike.

Various saints and how they are our support here on earth. Why we should trust the church on this. Devotions to the saints. My personal experiences. 

Why this is a power packed period in our life. Why we should follow this. what does it do for us. Way of the Cross. Passion of our LOrd. Precious Blood of Christ. Equipping us for a whole year. The period of stength. Children of the new Adam and Eve

Why? How ? The ifs and buts of it. My personal testimony.

Life in the Holy spirit
The differences in major biblical heroes and heroines before and after the Holy spirit. How do we need him in our day to day life. How are we already an vessel ready to be filled. Why we should pursue him now, more than ever. Laying hands for the filling of the Holy Spirit.

Being a Charismatic 
Why and What does it do for us and others ? How necessary ? Are we called ? Are we ready ? How to prepare ? Where to GO ?

Prayer MInisters
why are we already one ? How to discern ? Private or public prayer minister ? Fighting with or without a sword ? Rising up as a catholic

Catholic on Fire 
A practical day to day training  How and Where ? The two main questions. How the Sacraments fire us. Is it for every one ?

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