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Christina King
Christina King
Christina King
Christina King
Christina King
Christina King
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Christina King is an author, free-lance writer, National Radio Show Host with Radio Maria and international Speaker with a highly dynamic and interactive style with over 17 years of experience inspiring audiences to embrace the beauty of the Catholic faith and God's plan for their life. 


1. Treasure In Earthen Vessels
2. Our Lady of Guadalupe; An Icon of Life, Love and the New Evangelization
3. Embracing Your Greatness
4. Desperate For Love
5. Pure Freedom
Christina is the mother of 8 children and wife of 22 years. She is the host of “Embracing Your Greatness” on Radio Maria, the largest Catholic Radio Affiliate in the World broadcasting to over 162 countries, a weekly program helping people to see the world through the lens of Divine Mercy and Theology of The Body. She has been featured on “Women of Grace” on EWTN, Relevant Radio, Ave Maria Radio, St. Josephs Communications and Parousia Media to name a few.

Christina's first book, “Embracing Your Greatness; Healing Wounds and Reclaiming Our Greatness Through Theology of The Body" was published in March of 2014She writes for Catholic Exchange, Catholic Mom, TOB Today, The Canticle and more.  She has contributed to a number of books, including “Showers of Heavenly Roses” and others.  She has a Lighthouse Catholic Media CD entitled “Pure Freedom." 

"Our Lady of Guadalupe: Hope for the 21st Century" was published in May of 2014 and is the basis of her talk on Our Lady of Guadalupe. 

Treasure in Earthen Vessels
(Inner Healing, Marriage, relationships, New Evangelization)
Using her own 20+ year journey of marriage, she goes through how the world the flesh and the devil tell us who we “should be”.  When we inevitably fall short, we “cover ourselves”.  This is a talk that leads the faithful to enter into deeper relationship with God, to become transformed and allow Him to shine through our cracks and in our weaknesses God radiates like a stained glass window leading souls to freedom and redemption. 

Our Lady of Guadalupe: An Icon of Life, Love and The New Evangelization
(Marian Talk, Social Media, Year of Faith, Evangelization, Apologetics)
In an image where everything means something, the new discoveries mean something.  Our Lady of Guadalupe can be linked to all of the Key approved Marian apparitions throughout history.  This talk explains why and then goes through the parallels of the Aztec culture and our current society as well as why we have discovered new findings within the Tilma and the battle plan given to us in these new discoveries.   Learn all about the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the tilma of St. Juan Diego.  What does each of the glyphs mean? How were over 9 million Aztec Indians converted in less than 7 years through an image? What are the new discoveries in the tilma and why are they proof of an invitation from God for us to enter into deeper relationship with him?  What is an icon and why is that important? How are the constellations found on the tilma proof that we are engaged ina  spirtual battle of epic proportions? This talk uses hundreds of images to take you a on a journey of discovery that has taken over 2,000 years to get to us. This is a message of hope and preparation and recruitment into Mary's Army.  Why is consecration to Mary the way to “enlist” in her army?  How do we identity our own calling in this battle plan and how do we use social media to reach the masses? This is a message of hope, providence and the goodness of God.

Embracing Your Greatness
(Motivational, Apologetics, Theology of The Body, Spritual Warfare/inner healing)

This is an inspiring, motivation and evangelizing talk that can be given to men and women alike.  Based on her book, "Embracing Your Greatness; Healing Wounds and Reclaiming Our Greatness Through Theology of The Body" this talk is one of her own journey of healing from a dysfuntional home, abuse, negect and trauma to one of  healing and reconciliation.  What is the meaning of life and how do we overcome obstcles and stronghold that are preventing us from having healthy relationships with one another and with God? Be prepared to be evangelized!
Pure Freedom
(Chastity, Theology of The Body, Purity, Year of Faith)
Chastity Talk for youth approved by the USCCB guidelines.  This is her talk on “Lighthouse Catholic Media” which has been distributed all over the world. (can be orientated to group and ages present)
God’s Plan for Love and Marriage
(Marriage, Marriage prep, Theology of The Body)

We are not spiritual beings, angels are spiritual beings.  We are embodied spirits.  That means we are called to love in and through our bodies. What was Gods original plan for love? Discover how Christ’s coming “in the flesh” reveals who God is and His call to love and be loved in and through our bodies. Get a complete overview of What St. John Paul the Great's teachings of Theology of The Body are and why it is an antidote to a culture of death and relativism that no longer seems to understand what it means to be male and female.  
Desperate For Love
(Pro-life, Inspirational, Evangelization)
This talk has been a great talk for Pro-lfe conferences, fundraisers and other pro-life events. Christina’s conversion story is a journey from childhood abuse and teen pregnancy to the healing arms of Christ through a series of events that will astound you. 

Parenting the Kids We Love
(Family Issues, Parenting)
5 Reasons kids engage in high risk behaviors and 10 things we can do as parents to give our kids truth, life and love so that they will embrace their faith as their own.

The Reed of God; Becoming a Mystic
(Woman's Issues, Evangelization, Apologetics)

Caryll Houselander, St. Theresa of Avila,  St. Hildegard of Bingen were just some of the great mystics.  What is a mystic and why are there more mystics in this century than all of the other centuries combined? How do we learn to hear the voice of God so that we too can become a mystic for God? Using The book "The Reed of God" Christina opens our hearts and minds to God

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