Chris Benguhe

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Chris Benguhe
Chris Benguhe
Chris Benguhe Catholic Speaker

Travels from Phoenix, Arizona

CELEBRITY REPORTER TURNED INSPIRATIONAL AUTHOR, CATHOLIC SUN COLUMNIST, and SPEAKER CHRIS BENGUHE has been kicked out of more places than most people ever get into and lived the life that most of us dream about as a tabloid journalist up to his scruples in the glitz and grime, the glamour and greed of Tinseltown. Then he gave it all up when the Columbine tragedy struck to make the world a better place with his words AND his actions.

Benguhe taps into his rich tapestry of amazing experiences as a high profile reporter turned author as well as his poignant personal reflections, some funny, some dramatic, to entertain, to educate and finally to inspire listeners to find purpose and comfort in tough times.

Through humor, honesty and thrilling anecdotes Benguhe invites listeners to realize in an increasingly demanding and confusing world, our problems, imperfections and failures are a chance for us to reach out to others to love and respect, and to be loved and respected in return. Ultimately then we will realize that it is only within life’s struggles, within fighting the good fight, not in the meaningless pursuit of comfort and luxury, that we find our true purpose, our real value and our greatest joy.

When serious short-term or chronic long term illness strikes it often reduces us to a shadow of our former selves physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally with ramifications that extend into every single facet of our lives. But the weakness, dependence and fragility of illness, and the clarity that comes from being taken out of the game, can lead to greater activation of our purpose and to a greater appreciation of our value as human beings.

This talk will use anecdotes, exercises and perspective changers to help individuals and families realize the beauty and value of their vulnerability and all the struggles that are attached to illness. Attendees will be prompted to see illness as a human experience with a real human value – to connect them more to others. Recognizing it is ok for us not to be ok all the time makes us more accepting of others, as well as of ourselves and of our abilities when less than perfect. That realization transforms us from needy to privileged, and activates our desire and ability to respond dynamically to the world around us in compromised situations.
For helping others to cope with illness
While bringing the book’s central message to staff (that tough times lead us to others and to a greater understanding of our values and our purpose) this talk will use anecdotes, exercises and strategies to promote a greater understanding of the innate value of life, of people and their illness experience.
Ultimately Benguhe will inspire staff to appreciate, learn and apply those strategies in meaningful, respectful and effective manors, bolstering the ability to inspire and comfort patients and their families as they face the challenge and opportunity of illness.  Additionally, chaplains and healthcare workers will learn to appreciate their own value and importance in the world and the lives of those challenged by illness.
For those dealing with the death of loved ones
The death of loved ones can send our lives into a spiral of despair, making us wonder what the point of continuing without them is. But in death, those we love rise in meaning and influence, and so to can our spirits in their memory.
While bringing the book’s general message to survivors (that tough times lead us to others and to a greater understanding of our values and our purpose), this talk will use anecdotes, exercises and perspective changers to help survivors realize the beauty and even the value derived from the pain, struggle and transformation brought about by the death of a loved one. Their life and death can be a call to action for us, a wake up call, and an opportunity to receive the love and support of our immediate and extended communities in ways we never imagined and never experienced before. Honesty, interactive anecdotal interchange, and even humor will help survivors to see the crucial worth of each other and of our lives after we lose a loved one.
Education program for high school/college students and educators
A program aimed at reinvigorating educators and inspiring students and their families to realize the meaning and value of their lives.
Is the point of our lives to fit into some socially agreed upon mold that wins us the approval and acceptance of society?  Is it to fulfill some worldly version of valuable, or to simply accrue worldly gain? Is it to be perfect? Or does each of have an innate value that is irrevocable and divine?

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