Chelsea Gheesling

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Chelsea Gheesling
Chelsea Gheesling Catholic Speaker

Travels from Bloomfield, Michigan

Chelsea Gheesling is a motivational speaker inspiring kindness, strength and inner beauty in young women. Born and raised in Michigan, Chelsea speaks to youth about her love for international volunteer work and her passion for developing virtue, which heals hearts and strengthens souls.
Trained in youth development at Ecclesiae College, Chelsea’s has been speaking for more than 11 years to thousands of girls across the country. Most recently, she founded the nonprofit organization, Good Girl Comeback, which inspires teens to see the GOODness in themselves and others through ongoing workshops, seminars, mentoring and volunteer work.
Chelsea Gheesling specializes in speaking to young women to inspire confidence, kindness, personal fulfillment and virtue. Her powerful message has been heard by thousands of women and is the perfect fit for your school assembly, conference, retreat or any youth event.
Chelsea has spoken to a wide variety of audiences, so her message can range from 1.5 – 7 hours. Her goal is to make your event a success, so please contact us with any booking questions. 

Speaking Topics:

Best Version of You - (For High School/Middle School Girls): Chelsea shares her personal testimony to explain how virtue can transform teens into the best version of themselves. During this presentation she discusses the importance of modesty, purity and self-respect and gives practical examples of how to incorporate these virtues into everyday life. 

*Previous events include school assemblies, retreats, and women’s conferences.

Decide To Be - (For High School/Middle School Girls): In this presentation, Chelsea addresses the origin of feeling never "good enough".  She helps teens define the pressures that are affecting their self esteem and then gives them powerful tools to strengthen their virtue and follow God's will in their life.  

*Previous events include school assemblies, retreats, and women’s conferences.

Becoming a Woman - (For College Girls): College is like opening up a new chapter in your life with no set guidelines. Freedom and responsibility hit hard and create extreme pressures. That's why Chelsea created this POWERFUL presentation which helps women define who they want to be in the future and how they will become that woman. 

*Previous events include retreats, seminars and workshops

From a Little Girls Eyes - (For Parents): Chelsea created this presentation to share the insight she has accrued from working with teens for more than 11 years. She shares tips and tools to help parents and adult mentors guide teens to virtue and self-respect.

*Previous events include men's/women's conference, father/daughter retreats, mother/daughter workshops


We drove 8 hours round trip and committed to spending the weekend in MI just so my daughter could attend Chelsea’s conference and I plan to do it again. She left feeling excited about her faith and proud to be who she is, it was great to see the smile of confidence on her face.

I am most grateful for this program. The girls respect Chelsea & they know she understands them. Keep up the great work.

My daughters are very motivated and excited to use the information that Chelsea presented. It was good for them to know they are not alone in their struggles and that there are real options for staying true to themselves and their values.

She came home and was gushing with enthusiasm! She really loved Chelsea’s talks!

I was so impressed by Chelsea and her message, my daughter and her friends really enjoyed the session. I believe that they all came away with a new and better perspective!

I love Chelsea’s talk! It was amazing and I learned SO much. The information showed me how much God loves me. I will practice setting goals to achieve happiness.

This conference was so much fun! I learned how to have a great relationship with God and how to set goals for myself.

It was the best thing I have done so far in my life. 

I don’t have words to describe how much I loved the conference! 

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