Carrin Fernandes

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Carrin Fernandes Addiction Faith & Fitness New Evangelization Catholic Speakers Organization
Carrin Fernandes Addiction Faith & Fitness New Evangelization Catholic Speakers Organization
Carrin Fernandes Addiction Faith & Fitness New Evangelization Catholic Speakers Organization
Carrin Fernandes Addiction Faith & Fitness New Evangelization Catholic Speakers Organization

Travels from Colorado Springs, Colorado

Adversity is a tonic, not a stumbling block. Carrin Fernandes' entire life, and the hardships she had gone through over the last 18 years, finally made sense to her through an Epiphany she had six days after she lost the most important person on this earth to her...her Dad.

Carrin is the youngest of 6 children. Born and raised in Cranford, New Jersey. Her father was a WWII Battle of the Bulge Veteran, whom Carrin adored! She refers to him as her spiritual companion. As he instilled a deep faith in God, and close friendship with Jesus in her life, since early childhood. They had an unshakable bond. Carrin’s mom died when Carrin was just about to graduate high school. Childhood was mostly stormy for Carrin. Her mother suffered from Bipolar mental illness.

Throughout her life Carrin has had her share of losses, hardships, and addictions. Not always having a strong support system, she learned to truly lean on Jesus as her father always encouraged her to do. Carrin has overcome multiple addictions, adversity, loneliness, and hardships. She is grateful for her years of struggles for they have produced the most abundant fruit in her life and interior growth.

Coming from a place of surrender Carrin is passionate to help others because she wants to give away, what she was so freely given.  Carrin would like to talk about a Jesus consciousness. Living life daily with Christ yoked up to each one of us. She wants to help the listener to understand how to change their paradigm, mindset, and to let go of superstitions, shame, regret, guilt and self defeating or maladaptive behaviors. So they may discover a more beautiful, bountiful way to live life.

“I came so they may have life, and have it more abundantly!” John 10:10. Saint Paul preached Christ crucified. Carrin wants to preach Christ Resurrected. “We are a resurrected people! We can’t stop at the cross.  We have more power than we realize, to cause lasting harmonious change in our world. This is what God is calling us to do! The world needs more than ever this type of Way. And we must never forget that Jesus Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life!”

Experience and Training:

Carrin did two missionary works in her life. In July, 2006, Carrin volunteered for a week at the Brother Andre‘s house in Phoenix Arizona. It is a very large house of hospitality for the lower income and homeless communities in the area. Bishop Bill Wack, who was a priest at the time, was in charge of the program when Carrin was there. They fed between 500 and 800 people a night. They also had shower stalls, where the guests would have the ability to line up two times a day to take a cool shower during those hot summer months. 

Her second missionary work was in 2007. Where Carrin lived six months in the high desert of Arizona with the Navajo Indians, and Franciscan Friars. The Mother house was in Albuquerque. Where Carrin was able to meet Richard Rohr. She worked with the archivist, and directly for the priests at the mission. She taught in classrooms CCD, and bonded with the Navajo people. Some of them took her to a local powwow to show her their traditions . It was a time of tremendous growth.

Carrin has been a Lector since 2007. She taught RCIA for 7 years, and is a Eucharist minister. Today she still lectors at mass 4 to 5 days a week. Carrin has also trained and became certified as a Holistic Health and Life Coach. Specializing in helping people on their personal walk with the God of their understanding. Reiki Master, working with Hospice patients on and off for years.  Carrin has started a Podcast Series in 2023 called Living with Integrity, creating an abundant life. 

Carrin is a former small business owner for 14 years in Westfield, New Jersey. She is a licensed Massage Therapist for over 20 years. Specializing in pain management and chronic repetitive injuries. Carrin has started a new career in 2022. She is a Holistic Health and Life Coach. Her website is Where she takes clients through a 90 day program called "Total Transformation, Mind, Body, & Spirit."  Carrin Just finished her first Podcast series called Living with Integrity, Creating an Abundant Life,  available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Youtube, and Audible.   Helping people out of pain is her life’s passion! Carrin has just relocated to Colorado Springs, Colorado in May 2023.


-"I have known Carrin for 10 years. She has been amazingly helpful to me as a Massage Therapist getting me through many injuries. But over the years, Carrin has also become a trusting and supportive friend.  Her insight and kindness has been especially helpful this last few months as I have been grieving that loss of my niece. Carrin is one of a kind. You don’t find many people as genuine, honest and caring." - Biz Lynskey

"I have known Carrin for 15 years.  In the early days of our friendship, and still today, I am struck by her honest and forthcoming views regarding her personal experiences over her lifetime and the way God guided her through those times. I credit Carrin for giving me back an appreciation and better understanding of my Catholic faith and strengthening my renewed relationship with God.  He was someone I had been taught to fear in my earlier schooling. Carrin introduced me to the loving and caring God whom I regularly pray to and feel and listen for His ongoing guided presence in my daily life.  Her knowledge of scripture is enlightening and gives a better perspective on the subject matter at hand in our conversations.  God puts in our path those that we need when we least expect it and I’m fortunate to have been given His gift of her friendship." - Nina Donohue 

"I met Carrin nearly a decade ago. She came highly recommended as a Massage Therapist. The moment I met her I understood why. Carrin is excellent at what she does. She is caring, nurturing, and empathathetic, all excellent qualities to have when you provide a healing service. She is extremely easy to talk to and has the unique ability to make every client feel like they are her highest priority. She takes the time to remember what is important to me and incorporates that into every massage session we have. I look forward to my monthly massage sessions and the time Carrin spends chatting with me, prior to my service, is always time I look forward to. The love and positivity she excudes is infectious. She is truly gifted at connecting with others and I have always felt that she should be sharing her gift with the world in a much larger capacity." - Rebecca Tantillo 

Talk Topics: 

Living the Abundant Life with Christ - Jesus said “I came so they may have life and have it more abundantly.” John 10:10. Learning how to co-create a life of abundance, and the fullness of joy with Christ as our constant companion. 

-Faith & Fitness - How to shift mindsets and create new paradigms around food, culture and societal norms. "My soul will be satisfied as with fat, rich foods, and my mouth will praise you with joyful lips." Psalm 63:5  Discover how to become fully satisfied and balanced in body, mind, and spirit. 

-Addictions, Compulsions and Complaining - Gods ever present love is with us always even in our darkest times in life. We are never alone. Learn how our addictions, losses and defects of character can become the stepping stone to help us transform our lives interiorly. So we can be free to manifest the abundant life we were meant to have in our physical reality. Through this we see our past trials as our biggest blessings and gifts for ourselves and for others. 

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