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Carolina Marrelli Catholic Speaker
Carolina Marrelli Catholic Speaker TEDX
Carolina Marrelli Catholic Speaker
carolina marrelli catholic speaker
carolina marrelli catholic speaker
carolina marrelli catholic speaker
carolina marrelli catholic speaker
Carolina Marrelli catholic speaker
Carolina Marrelli catholic speaker

Travels from Charlotte, North Carolina

You’re lucky to be alive.” Five words nobody expects to hear — especially when you have big dreams and a plan of action already set in motion.


But Carolina Marrelli heard them and the timing couldn’t have been worse: She and her husband had just brought their newborn son home from the hospital.


Prior to this, Carolina had been in full-time music ministry, leading praise + worship, speaking for a wide variety of Catholic + Protestant retreats /events /conferences and set to go on tour with her band after her son was born…. But, “IT” happened: An unexpected, deadly health crisis that forced her life to come to a complete and total STOP.

This was “a gift that came wrapped in really ugly wrapping paper” and what ultimately led Carolina to hang up her guitar, go back to University to study Holistic Healthcare, revert to the Catholic faith of her youth and enter into a whole new form of ministry; one that called her outside the Church walls and into the marketplace.


Fast forward many years, Carolina is now a TEDx speaker, certified Holistic Health Coach, founder of EquiBalance Health and an in-demand Corporate Wellness and Women’s Ministry speaker. Carolina’s focus is on teaching leaders + teams how to feel their best, stay healthy and have the energy they need to perform optimally -- both professionally and personally.


She believes that great health is the launching pad to success in every area of our lives and that as Christians, we have an obligation to care for our bodies so we can fulfill our God-given vocations in life. Carolina is passionate about motivating the Body of Christ to become the healthy, strong “army” our Lord needs us to be in this day and age --- and giving them the tools they need to armor up and fight the good fight of faith --- whether that’s as the CEO of a Fortune 500 or as the COO of the home.


Carolina has been a featured speaker in a variety of corporate organizations and churches such as EWTN’s “Catholics Come Home,” TEDxMintStreet, National Association of Women Business Owners, El Dorado Furniture, Saint Louis Catholic Church, Saint Gabriel Catholic Church, Emmaus Retreats, Vineyard Association of Churches, New Thing Fellowship, the Morningstar Renewal Center, Christian Healing Ministries, Grace Fellowship Baltimore and many more. 


She serves on the board of the National Association of Women Business Owners (Charlotte Chapter), on the US Christian Chamber of Commerce President’s Advisory Council,  is the Women’s Issues Committee Chair for the Daughters of The American Revolution, Leader of Faith First Friday’s for Network Build Grow (an international organization for entrepreneurs and small business owners), a volunteer at the MiraVia Catholic Pregnancy Outreach Center and at “Nourish Up,” a provider of provisions to families in need in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area.


 Carolina resides in the Queen City of Charlotte, NC with her husband Carl and their two sons.







Armor Up! The Power of Prayer, Fasting and the Rosary
As Catholics, we hear it all the time: ”Pray the rosary.” We often dread fasting – or even prayer in general –feeling like it’s yet another thing on our “to do” list. That is, until hell has suddenly broken loose and we find ourselves desperately throwing every prayer we ever learned in CCD up to God, hoping He will hear us. But have you ever been taught HOW to pray? And not only how to pray, but how to pray prayers that move the “mountains” in your life and that of others! Have you ever experienced the incredible breakthroughs that can come when you fast or pray the rosary? In this powerful presentation, you’ll not only hear incredible stories of miraculous breakthroughs that have come from living a lifestyle of prayer, fasting and the rosary —- but you’ll walk away having learned WHY these things matter and HOW to do it in practical ways. 


It Ain't Over: Your Story Is Still Being Written

You have something you're going after.... Maybe it's a lifelong dream or a big goal you've been working towards. Everything seems to be going your way until..... IT happens. Life comes along and "life's" you..... Whether that's illness, a job loss or the death of a loved one, your so called "plans" are totally derailed and you're left spinning. In that moment, you begin to wonder if you somehow missed God. Your perspective gets cloudy and eventually, you start to feel stuck. Really, really stuck. So, what do you do? In this inspiring keynote, you’ll  learn practical strategies that can help you get -- and stay -- unstuck, all while seeing how the Author of your story is still in the middle of writing.

Pressed For A Purpose
Life's pressures can often feel overwhelming, yet they are not without purpose. In this talk, we will explore how God uses challenges to shape us into His image and prepare us for the calling on our life. Drawing on both Biblical principles and personal stories, this inspiring talk offers encouragement and practical strategies to help you transform trials into opportunities for growth, and embrace the purpose behind the pressing.



Fit For Business: Healthy Leaders = Healthy Profits
A healthy workplace is a more profitable workplace. In this dynamic session we will explore how integrating wellcare into your workplace culture can directly contribute to increased profitability and overall business success. You’ll also be provided with practical wellness tools that you can start implementing for an immediate ROI in your own life. And as a business owner, you'll learn how to lead by example and inspire your team towards a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, creating a ripple effect of well-being and efficiency across your organization.


Wellness For The Win
How can you see major improvements in both your professional and personal life? By going back to the basics and putting first things first. The natural impulse is to leave ourselves for last, while everything – and everyone else – gets first dibs. However, doing this on repeat leads to mental burnout, emotional overwhelm, decreased work/life satisfaction, increased stress, and full-blown illness. The key to turning this around is found in both our healthcare at home and in our everyday self-care. In this engaging talk, Carolina will teach her “Energy Rx Method” where audiences will leave with simple, practical strategies they can implement that same day for a quick ROI in both their professional and personal lives.

Stress Less, Achieve More: Managing Stress For Peak Performance
Everyone knows that when your body is under stress it doesn’t work as well. Brain fog, difficulty prioritizing, and missing deadlines are all signs that stress may be affecting your team.

In this engaging talk, Carolina will share actionable – and practical – tips, tools and strategies that can be implemented to reduce stress and its effects on the body and emotions. Don’t miss this opportunity to take control of your stress, get back on target and transform your life.

**Carolina can customize a talk for a women’s ministry retreat or conference. **



**Carolina can customize a talk for a women’s ministry retreat or conference. **


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