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Carlos Solorzano Catholic Speaker Bible Theology Theology of the Body Catholic Speakers
I Am His Mother by Carlos Solorzano Catholic Speaker Bible Theology Theology of the Body Catholic Speakers
Carlos Solorzano Catholic Speaker Bible Theology Theology of the Body Catholic Speakers HCD Congress
Carlos Solorzano Catholic Speaker Bible Theology Theology of the Body Catholic Speakers

Travels from Tucson, AZ, Arizona

A 25-year veteran theology teacher, published author, and professional musician, Carlos Solorzano has been able to touch hundreds of lives in a multitude of ways while bringing his faith and devotion into each of his experiences. He has taught theology at both high school and college levels to diverse demographics having taught in schools in Southern California and Arizona.  He has written faith-based novels and is a blogger on the Catholic faith, as well as music. A professional drummer and songwriter, Carlos has endorsements with several drum companies, has played on stages across the nation, and also been featured in well-known drumming periodicals.  His compositions, which are influenced by multiple genres and cultures, have been featured on television shows around the world.

Carlos has a BA & MA in Religious Studies from Cal State Long Beach in Long Beach, CA and an AA in Music from El Camino Community College in Torrance, CA. He also completed all of his courses and is in the final stages of receiving his certification from the Theology of the Body Institute near Philadelphia, PA. He is also the co-founder of Humana Corpus Dignitate (HCD Talks) with Nurse Practitioner & Catechist Angel Delallana as they lead talks and retreats for the youth and adults with a focus on the dignity of the human person. Their unique approach offers a well-detailed theological lesson combined with medical facts that give a deeper understanding of the moral teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. 

A great story-teller who is unafraid of speaking the truth, Carlos sends his audience on an emotional roller coaster while getting personal with his own testimonials and experiences. Previous audiences have said he challenges them to reevaluate their faith and the way they live their lives, while taking into account their personal worth. Prior to becoming a public speaker, he had been invited by colleagues and students to come to their parishes, feeder schools and ministries to deliver talks for their flock. The impact he saw on these audiences compelled him to pursue opportunities on his own. He has worked to expand his audience by putting many of the elements from his talks into print both in his books as well as his blogs. Once he started studying the Theology of the Body and had a greater insight on who he was as well as who God was calling him to be he also felt the need to take what he had learned and share it with the world. 

Carlos’ speaking topics focus mostly on the Dignity of the Human Person with an emphasis on self-worth as well our relationships with others. Topics include:

  • Introduction to the Theology of the Body: How do our bodies proclaim the Glory of God? How is our purpose of living inscribed in our bodies? What does it mean to see ourselves and others as good? This talk can also be given with a focus on masculinity and femininity for gender exclusive audiences of all ages.
  • Chastity: What does it mean to see oneself as a Temple of the Holy Spirit? How does one respond to the call of holiness? How do our lives change when we apply God’s proclamation of all creation being good to ourselves?
  • Catholic Sexual Ethics: What are the Church’s teachings on human sexuality and why is this so? How do our bodies testify to these truths? How does science in fact support the Church’s teachings on how we should be treating ourselves and others? This talk can be given with a focus on promiscuity, homosexuality, transgender issues, etc.
  • The Permanence of Marriage: How should one approach entering a Catholic marriage in a world that does not believe in the idea of a lifelong commitment? How do couples prepare for this and why is it important to accept the suffering and struggles that come with the decision to marry?
  • The Dangers of Adult Entertainment: What are the risks and how does our fascination with these various forms of entertainment in fact proclaim our desire for authentic love? How do we reprogram ourselves to seek other sources of entertainment during our leisure time?
  • Addressing Sin: What is sin? Why do we sin? What are the best ways to addressing those who are caught up in their sins based on the ministry of Jesus. How do we learn to forgive ourselves for our own mistakes?
  • Ministering to the Youth: Carlos will share stories from his 25 year history of working with the youth along with suggestions and hard realities of what we need to know in order to share the Gospel with the youth day.

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