David and Patricia Bowling

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David and Patricia Bowling
David and Patricia Bowling
David and Patricia Bowling
Dirty Dingy Daryl
Jesus Doll
David and Patricia Bowling Catholic Speakers St. John the Baptist School photo
david and patricia bowling St. John the Baptist School

Travels from Cincinnati, Ohio

Within five years of their marriage in 1977, David and Patricia Bowling wrote, illustrated and published two children’s books based on Dirty Dingy Daryl, a little boy who loves to play in the mud. They became new parents and were sought after as speakers at schools, libraries, conferences and bookstores to talk to children about their books and experiences. During this time, they secured a New York licensing agent and were quickly signed on with a major Los Angeles production firm to turn their books and characters into an animated television series and produce licensed toys, dolls and books. All was great in the land of LA…until it wasn’t.… Still in their twenties, the Bowling’s found the Lord had provided them a Rock of Escape.

After going through a whirlwind of exciting events, Dave and Patty faithfully embraced God’s Divine Will. They concentrated on building a solid family life and grew closer to God and their Catholic faith. Producing quality children’s media and inspiring future generations of children with unique, wholesome, family entertainment remained prayerfully their mission and vocation.


Early on, Dave and Patty became homeschool parents of their son and daughter and jumped into the world of learning and exploring together as the family grew. Besides teaching their own children, the Bowling's served as children's ministers at their parish, St. Bonaventure. When their children got to the age of being on their own, Dave and Patty focused their attention on caring for their aging parents, and following sad goodbyes…they welcomed happy hellos to a growing family and birth of grandchildren. 


Over the years, the Bowling’s continued to expand the world of "Dirty Dingy Daryl" with another book and many more wholesome adventure stories centered around his friends, family and a mysterious mud monster. They wrote and published Thee Bees comic books for kids known as “WASP vs. Killer Bees”. They presented a world of good guys versus bad guys with a funny and clever twist. These comics provided a means for Dave and Patty to promote biblical virtues.


They discovered an oasis of creativity and began designing dolls and toys and invented a modeling compound called Muddy Puddy. They began sewing and selling original soft sculpture dolls and making toys under their newfound company, Halo Toys.


The Bowling’s formed Jesus the Christ Ministry, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to spread the Word of God. A new line of faith dolls with a focus on Jesus were created. They published “I Am Jesus the Christ” a children's bible. With this ministry, they proclaim the gospel to children and talk to them about their Catholic faith and their role in spreading the gospel message of Jesus Christ. 



Talk Topics: Catholic Children and the Faith, The Greatest Commandments, The Mass, Prayer, Bravely Bearing the Cross, Being the Best You Can Be, Living Joyfully in the Image of God


The Program: :Called to Become Like a Child": The mystery in three wooden boxes that represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  


Box 1: God the Father: (A clubhouse - characters from Dirty Dingy Daryl) books).God created man from clay in the image of God. 

This part of the program encourages kids to use their imaginations and to be creative, and to appreciate family, babies, friends, the outdoors, and to be the best they can be.


Box 2: God the Holy Spirit: (A beehive - characters from Thee Bees comic books).The Holy Spirit gives us gifts.

This part of the program helps children to recognize good vs. evil, the importance of virtues and obeying God's commandments, and being good stewards of God's creation.


Box 3: God the Son: (A Carpenter’s “Treasure” Box - Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Angels and Saints). Jesus calls children to be saints by imitating Jesus, Mary, Joseph, their Guardians Angels and all the saints.

This part of the program brings Jesus and Mary, His angels and saints to life.


This intro of the mystery in three wooden boxes leads to the next segment of the program: the important role children play in helping to build the Kingdom of God.


Dave and Patty share their love of being Christians and the joy of being a part of the Holy Catholic Church that Jesus founded. They help the children understand how blessed they are to be students at a Catholic school. 


They speak of the greatest commandments: to love God and each other. They highlight the Sacrifice Jesus made on the cross and connect it to the Holy Mass with an emphasis on the true presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.


They tell of Mary, God's mother and their mother too, how much she loves them with her Son, and that by asking for her intercession, she helps them grow closer to Jesus. They highlight the importance of praying and saying the daily rosary.


The encourage the children to recognize the existence of their Guardian Angels and the importance of reading and learning what is in the Holy Bible. 


They emphasize the sweetness of being a child and the importance of holding onto their childhood innocence and faith by avoiding temptation as they grow older. The children are reminded of how much Jesus loves children and the important lesson that He taught his disciples about becoming like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven. 


Dave and Patty call on the children to be bold vocal witnesses of their faith to their family and friends, to be loving and forgiving and virtuous, and good caretakers of God’s creation. In doing this, they help the adults in their lives become like a child.


They energize the children to be the best they can be, and to bravely bear their challenges (crosses) they might have, to be joyful that God gave them life and made each of them in His image, and that He made them exactly who He wants them to be....God does not make mistakes!


The program, "Called to Become Like a Child" is a 45 minute uplifting, dynamic and interactive program geared for students and all children of God, whatever the age.




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