David and Patricia Bowling: Called to Become Like Children

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David and Patricia Bowling
David and Patricia Bowling
David and Patricia Bowling
Dirty Dingy Daryl
Jesus Doll

Travels from Cincinnati, Ohio

Within five years of their marriage in 1977, David and Patricia Bowling wrote, illustrated and published two children’s books.They became a Mom and Dad and were sought after as speakers at schools, conferences, bookstores and libraries to talk to children about their books and experiences. They secured a New York licensing agent and were quickly signed on with a major Los Angeles production firm to turn their book characters, Dirty Dingy Daryl and Pals, into cartoons, dolls, toys and more. All was great in the land of LA…until it wasn’t.… Still in their twenties, the Bowling’s found the Lord had provided them a Rock of Escape.

By worldly standards, the couple had taken a beating on their big dreams of instant success. Their abilities to have mass market outlets to reach children and parents to promote quality content and wholesome values were dashed.

Over the next forty years Dave and Patty faithfully embraced God’s plan for them and focused on building a solid family life and loving relationship while never giving up on their goal to produce quality children’s media. They were blessed to turn their focus on raising and homeschooling their two growing children. Over time, they were provided the opportunity to care for and enjoy their aging parents, and following sad goodbyes, they welcomed happy hellos at the birth of their grandchildren. 

Throughout this journey, they continued to be invited to speak at schools and events. They were able to plan and lay out their visions. They found an oasis of creativity producing a third Dirty Dingy Daryl book and many more stories centered around this muddy little fellow’s adventures, his family, friends and a mud monster, all who reside in and around the little town of Hendyville USA. They formed a 501(c)(3) organization promoting peace with a kNOw violence banner; produced two comic books, WASP vs. Killer Bees, featuring Thee Bees; adapted the Gospels into a children’s book (with imprimatur) titled, I Am Jesus the Christ, as told by Jesus; and illustrated, Coach Confidence Exercises for Kids, for their son-in-law’s book. In addition to their writings and work, Dave and Patty started Halo Toys, a small business operating with an online presence, where they sell their modeling compound, Muddy Puddy, as well as Patty’s handmade plush that she designs and sews, including a variety of Jesus dolls, faith dolls, baby dolls and dolls based upon their book characters.

Talk Titles:  Innocence and Humility; Motivational and Inspirational Testimony

Through their whimsical stories, the Bowling’s bring their characters to life in their presentations using storytelling, illustrating and participation with the comical antics of Daryl, his love for mud and his friendly mud monster. The couple leads the audience to 'turn on' their imaginations and encourages them to love themselves and each other, to be kind, to smile, to be peacemakers, to care for animals and the world around them, to play outdoors, to know that they need to be the best they can be because they can’t be anyone else…and to know that God made them exactly whom he created them to be…God does not make mistakes!

Jesus said that “unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”. The Bowling’s message inspires obedience, meekness, humility, and childlike qualities of innocence and playfulness. It is designed to stimulate the child within, whatever the age. Although it is light-hearted, their talk is not just smiles and laughter. Key teachings of Jesus will be found sprinkled throughout their presentation such as:  creation, the two greatest commandments, living the Beatitudes, and gifts from the Holy Spirit including the virtues of faith, hope and love.

With their gift to speak the language of children and their vocation to inspire and motivate them, David and Patricia Bowling have remained steadfast with an unshakeable commitment to bring forth holy and wholesome messages of hope and love to a new audience of children and a hungry audience of adults that yearn for the kingdom of heaven.

(Depending on the age of the audience, the Bowling’s will gear the presentation accordingly.)

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