Bryan Mercier

Bryan Mercier
Bryan Mercier Letter of Good Standing

Travels from Milford, Connecticut

Bryan Mercier is professional Catholic speaker, retreat leader, author, a Catholic apologist, and an author. Having His life turned upside down in college, Bryan now seeks to help Catholics know, love, and live their Catholic faith with purpose and passion. Bryan has a fire that he wants to spread to both adults and teens. He offers: Keynotes, Confirmation retreats, Catholic school retreats, Parish Missions, Apologetics seminars and trainings, talks at Catholic colleges and universities, Theology on Taps, men’s conferences, regional and national conferences. He is regularly aired on Catholic radio in different states and has appeared on EWTN.  Bryan's first book is called "WHY Do You Believe In GOD?" which answers those deep questions of faith that very few people tackle.

In college, Bryan almost lost his faith to Jehovah's Witnesses. This put him on a search where he studied his own religion and all the other religions too. After years and years of research, trainings, and apologetics field training, Bryan is now an expert and an authoirty in apologetics. He now teaches apologetics professionally heloing Catholics to know, understand, and be able to explain their faith in a way that works!


(Teen topics below)

•  Prayer and Spirituality 101:  Make prayer work in your life! Learn how to pray, how to come closer to God, how to have a more intimate connection and relationship with Him, and how to overcome distractions and other obstacles.

•  Catholic Apologetics:  Catch the fire! Learn to know, love, and explain your Catholic faith like never before. This can be done in one talk or over many seminars. Possible topics include: The Existence of God, science, and religion. MODERN Apologetics in which you will learn al of the modern day arguments, objections, and how to answer them.  Standard apologetics with other religions. Moral and Pro-life apologetics. 

•  How to Live Holy in an Unholy World: Learn how to live your Catholic faith without compromise in a world that in getting progressively more unreligious.

•  Why Did Jesus Have to Die?  The story of God's love for mankind and our reponse to that love.

•  Proving the Existence of God:  Proof for God, Jesus, the Bible, and a discussion on objections to faith, such as; science and religion, evolution, the Big Bang, and more.

•  The Pathway to Love:  This practical and inspirational talk takes you down the different stages of true love from dating to marriage.  It is designed to help you reach happily-ever-after, to know what that looks like, and to avoid the common pitfalls that can destroy your love relationships.

•  7 Ways to grow in Prayer & Overcome Distractions:  7 ways to grow in prayer and grow in the spiritual life.  These are practical ways from the saints to create or deepen your relationship with God in prayer.

•  Boring Church History Made Exciting! A one night or multi-part series on our Catholic faith bringing our 2000 years of Catholic history to life.

•  The Crusades and other Myths of History:  This talk disucsses the Crusades, Galileo, and the Inquisition clearing up many of the misconceptions and giving the real historical truth.

•  Why Be Catholic? Why be Catholic in a world where the Church seems to be dying, where people are leaving more than ever, where collections are drying up, there is a big priest shortage, churches are closing, and where teens are increasingly finding religion irrelevent. There is much hope though and many great reasons to be Catholic in today's world!

•  The Life-Changing Changing Power of Confession

Question and Answer Night!  Everyone has questions, and now they can have good answers.  This is an evening where people can come ask any question they have ever had about God, the Catholic faith, or spiritual matters without fear.  No judgments and laid back.  It's a great way to bring people back to the church or to have them go deeper. 


•  The Living the Sacrament of Confirmation: Very few talks hit so passionately on the topic of Confirmation and give concrete, pracitcal advice on to live out your Catholic faith before and after Confirmation.

•  The Challenge of Being Catholic:  This talk inspires teens to live out their Catholic faith in a world which bomboards them constantly from every side. It provides concrete and practical steps for Catholic living, resisting peer pressure, and dealing with problems they will face.

•  The Existence of GOD:  Faith is under attack like never before and teens have never doubted their faith so much as today. This talk will give more than sufficient evidence for the deepquestions of faith they have and will clear away the doubts and inspire them to want to know God more.

•  Why Did Jesus Have to Die?  This is the story of God's love for us!  Countless Catholics drop away from their faith because they don't know who God realy is or how much He loves us.  This talk tells the story of salvation and challenges teens to live for Jesus and  for heaven every day of their lives.  Heaven must be our goal, and teens are challenged to make it so.

•  Self-Esteem and Learning to Love Yourself - and many more...

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