Bryan Mercier

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Bryan Mercier Catholic Speaker Apologetics Evangelist Youth Speaker Catholic Speakers
Bryan Mercier Catholic Speaker Apologetics Evangelist Youth Speaker Catholic Speakers
Bryan Mercier Letter of Good Standing
Bryan Mercier Catholic Speaker Apologetics Evangelist Youth Speaker Catholic Speakers

Travels from Milford, Connecticut

Bryan Mercier is a high energy Catholic speaker and retreat leader known for his engaging talks and for getting Catholics excited about their faith. In high school, Bryan dressed in all-black, carried weapons, and was full of anger and depression. Then, in college, Bryan was powerfully transformed inside and out by the love of Jesus. Now, he now seeks to transform other Catholics and to help them know, love, and live their faith with purpose and passion every day. Bryan is also excellent at reaching teens and young adults, a segment of the population who are losing their faith and walking away from the Church in epidemic numbers. He understands their questions, doubts, and knows how to inspire and build their faith.

Bryan has been a Catholic speaker, a retreat leader, and an author for over 20 years. He is the founder and president of Catholic Truth. He offers keynote talks, Confirmation retreats, Parish Missions, youth retreats, seminars, workshops, conferences, and more. He has been aired on national TV and radio including Ave Maria Radio, Sirius XM Satellite Radio, Relevant Radio, and EWTN. 

Bryan is also a professional apologist with over 20 years of field experience teaching Catholics to discover, deepen, and defend their faith! He holds a Master’s Degree in Theology from Holy Apostles College and Seminary and has written two books: Counterfeit Spirituality and Why Do You Believe In GOD? 

Anyone who has heard Bryan speak knows that he is the opposite of boring! His vast expertise allows him to read his audience and speak on a wide variety of topics.



-The Power of Confirmation: Practical advice on living your Catholic faith before and after Confirmation and coming to know the power of the Holy Spirit in your life!

-The Challenge of Being Catholic: This talk challenges teens to live out their Catholic faith in this world and gives them real, practical tips for doing so.

-Building FAITH: We live in an age of cynicism and skepticism, and most teens find it difficult to believe in God. This talk answers their questions, relieves their doubts, and offers real evidence for God and Jesus. This talk will increase their faith and create a solid foundation.

-Why Did Jesus Have to Die? This is the story of God's love that all teens need to hear. It starts with sin and ends with salvation. It also challenges teens to look at how they are living for Jesus.

-Prayer for Youth: This talk teaches teens how to pray, how to come closer to God, and just how important it is. The advice is practical, relevant, and gives them guidance in approaching God.

-How to Find Self-Esteem: This talk teaches our youth how to love themselves, how grow in self-esteem, and how to become more confident in who they are despite what other people say.

-The Mass and the Eucharist

More talks upon request…

*Bryan also offers half-day or full day retreats for teens. 


-7 Ways to Grow in Prayer and Overcome Distractions: This talk offers practical ways to make pray work, deepen our relationship with God, and grow our spiritual life like never before!

-Why Be Catholic? Why should we be Catholic when we could be any other religion? Why should we choose to be Catholic when there are so many real problems in our church? This inspirational talk shows the beauty and wonder of Catholicism. It also shows how each person can make a difference in the world around them and help to build up the church.

-How to Live Holy in an Unholy World: How do we live holy in an unholy world? How do we live Catholic without compromise? This talk challenges us to become real life Saints and offers practical advice on how to become holy and how to make a difference in the world around us.

-Hardcore Catholic Apologetics: There are very few apologetics seminars as powerful and informative as these. These are top-notch presentations to help Catholics explain and defend their faith. There are five talks in this category, and a group may choose as many talks as they wish.

     TOPICS:  (1) How to evangelize and how not to.

                     (2) The Existence of God, Faith and Science. 

                     (3&4) Answering objections: Mary and the Saints, Purgatory, the Pope, the Crusades, statues, the Sacraments, and much more.

                     (5) How to discuss difficult issues: the moral teachings.

-Why Did Jesus Have to Die? The story of God's love: it starts with sin and ends with salvation. It also looks at our response to God’s love and how can we live more purposefully each day. 

-Miracles Still Happen: A highly inspirational talk on miracles and how God still works today!

-The Power of God’s Love in the Eucharist or The Life-Changing Power of Confession

-How to Find Love and Happily-Ever-After: A super practical talk giving everything young adults need to know about navigating relationships. How does one journey properly from the very first attraction to saying “I do” at the altar? What are the pitfalls to be aware of?

-Myths of History: An engaging talk bringing church history to life in a way you have never heard it before. This talk will help Catholics to understand topics like the Crusades, Galileo, the Inquisition, and more.

-Pro-Life Talk:

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