Brett Attebery

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Brett Attebery Author Convert Pro-Life
Brett Attebery Author Convert Pro-Life
Brett Attebery Author Convert Pro-Life
Brett Attebery Author Convert Pro-Life

Travels from Dallas, Texas

Brett Attebery had a powerful mid-life conversion to Christ that eventually led him to a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat in search of healing for the role he played in the abortion of his own child many years earlier. After experiencing a powerful outpouring of God’s healing grace during the retreat, he soon left for-profit work entirely, devoting himself full time to saving lives from abortion. Brett has an academic and professional background in economics and consumer product marketing, and strives to incorporate business strategies into his pro-life work.

Brett is the author of the groundbreaking book titled "Your Pro-Life Bottom Line," and serves as the President and CEO of Heroic Media, the Chairman of the National Prayer Luncheon for Life, and is the founder of Pro-Life Magazine.

Brett has a powerful conversion story that will move the hearts of your audience. He can tailor his talk to help you achieve your specific objectives.

These are Brett's specific areas of pro-life expertise:

· Brett's conversion story from unbelief to belief, from pro-abortion to pro-life

· How pro-life philanthropists can give to save the greatest number of lives from abortion

· How pro-life pregnancy centers can successfully compete against abortion facilities

· How pro-life pregnancy centers can implement an empowered pro-life women’s healthcare business model

· How to market effectively to abortion-seeking women

· The role men play in abortion

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