Brenden Flynn & Nicole Flynn

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Brenden Flynn & Nicole Flynn
Speaking at Neumann University, in Aston Pa.
Spoke at an event with Students For Life.
Brenden Flynn and Nicole Flynn Catholic Speaker

Travels from Cincinnati, Ohio

This husband and wife speaking team are truly nothing like anyone would expect. While they both have incredibly moving stories filled with real life problems that many people sadly have to face daily. It is their strength, courage and witty humur that manages to captivate audience members when they speak about their life struggles, love and how they have seen God work in their lives.  They compel people to stand up for what's right, not judge a book by its cover, find strength in God and look for His hand in everything and everyone. 

Life is filled with twists and turns and nobody knows that better than Brenden and Nicole. Even as teenagers and now as adults the Flynn's have always been very ambitious and strong minded individuals, traits that have no doubt helped them in life. They both grew up living in upstate New York only thirty minutes away from one another, yet their paths never crossed. But as fate would have it misfortune managed to find its way into both of their lives and is what ultimately brought them together. Their misfortunes are what helped mold them into who they are today as both husband and wife and captivating motivational speakers.

While their formal educations are limited to high school, their accidents left them both comatose and occurred when they were only eighteen, their life experiences have given them something more valuable than a college degree. Their story has the ability to help people understand that life does not always give us what we want. Their experiences have motivated  them to never give up, hold onto hope and to stay true to their faith. This is a lesson that a degree cannot give. 

 This compelling couple has spoken in their hometown of upstate New York, but as their story has been told, they have traveled to Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Alabama as well as having been interviewed in the Fingerlakes Times, on Facing Life Head On-the TV series and on "At Home With Jim and Joy" on EWTN.

 Their personal and professional relationships include Bobby Schindler of the Terry Shiavo Life & Hope Network, Father Mitch Pacwa of EWTN, Jim & Joy Pinto from At Home with Jim and Joy, Brad Mattes of Facing Life Head On, Jonathan & Deborah Flora of Lamplight Entertainment as well as The Office for Life and Family and the Catholic Sedcondary School System in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and Lori Kehoe from the New York State Right to Life.

  The Flynn's were just ordinary people when young but have been called to speak, spread God's word and do extraordinary things through their motivational speaking ministry.

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