Brendan McCauley

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Brendan McCauley Catholic Speaker

Travels from Nashville, Tennessee

Are you saddened & frustrated by the youth who are engulfed in a culture that teaches them not to see the value of intentional dating, marriage, & the dignity of the body? Do you feel confused on how we as Catholics are called to address the crisis of identity, sexuality, & relationships in the modern world while providing hope to men & women? Trust me, I get it. In the summer of 2017, after having a life changing encounter learning Pope St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body when I was 21 years old, God invited me on a mission to give my life's work to proclaim God's glorious, beautiful, & magnificent plan for creating us male & female. I am telling you, it is GOOD NEWS!

About Brendan

Brendan McCauley was born and raised in Olympia, WA and currently resides in Nashville, TN where he is President & Co-Founder of Humanum Project, writer, and international speaker for the Theology of the Body Institute. He holds a Masters in Theological Studies for Marriage and Family from the Pontifical John Paul II Institute in Washington D.C. and is certified from the Theology of the Body Institute in Quarryville, PA. For the past six years, Brendan has been giving presentations to all ages on topics related to identity, two of which reached over 100,000 people from 160 countries online.

Talk/Retreat Topics

1. Dating 101 (Ages 12-21)

We can often be confused about how to date, how to ask someone on a date, or how to set physical & emotional boundaries of chastity. In this talk, Brendan will dive into his own experience of dating, the mistakes he has made, & how God has redeemed his view of dating.

2 Run So As To Win (Ages 12+)

This talk will encourage you, challenge you, & help you to persevere in the race to heaven. Whether you are just beginning the race or have been running for decades, this talk will give you a spirit of perseverance & courage to not give up. Let us run this race together, so as to win!

3. What Does It Mean To Be Human? Ages (14+)

Who am I? Why am I here? Why are we male and female? Pope St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body sheds light on the greatest questions we have in life. This talk will help men see women in a pure light & help women see men as they were created to be.

4 Healing the Heart (Ages 14+)

This talk is of a sensitive nature as Brendan discusses the woundedness within the human heart. He will share his journey to inner healing that with God’s grace will help equip you to begin your own journey of healing & lasting freedom.

5. The Truth of Marriage & Family (Engaged/Married Couples)

This talk brings to light the truth about marriage & family according to God’s perfect plan. It will open your eyes to the sacredness, beauty & sacramentality of marriage, sexual intimacy, & family life.

6. Clarity in a Confused World: Responding to Gender Ideology (Ages 18+)

If you care about someone who identifies as trans & don’t know how to respond with truth & love, or you experience gender dysphoria and wonder what God’s plan is for you, this talk will provide the answers.

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