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Travels from Kansas City, Wichita, or Lincoln NE, Kansas

Braden is a young man passionate about awakening hearts to Christ. He lived out this passion working in college campus ministry, and now through full-time speaking at conferences, schools, and parishes all around the country. In a few short years he has become on one of the most sought after young speakers as he works to create a culture of fully alive missionary disciples. 

Braden grew up in Kansas playing competitive basketball, doing semi-professional singing, and making content with famous social media influencers. During his freshman year of college, he had a big conversion as he discovered that the fulfillment he longed for could only be found in Christ. His passion is now to help others discover the abundant life that Jesus offers. Working in college campus ministry gave Braden an opportunity to walk with people in their faith journey while being building a community that draws people towards God.

The focus of Braden's ministry efforts is to create a culture of fully alive missionary disciples. He is given opportunities to speak at conferences, schools, and parishes all over the country with an intentionality on helping each group build a strong faith culture that has a lasting impact.  There are all types of groups that are having Braden speak such as youth conferences/rallies, parent talks, adult and mens conferences, Newman centers, etc. 

Listed below are a few of the talk topics that he commonly offers. He always tries to uniquely prepare every talk to fit the specific needs of each group. It is also possible for Braden to speak on other subjects when asked. 

1. Chastity, Romance, and Relationships

2. Fulfillment Found In Christ

3. Our Call To Mission

4. Authentic Masculinity

5. Understanding The Hearts of Young People (Parent Presentation)

5. Sacrament Preparation (ie. Confirmation, the Eucharist, etc.)



"Braden has such a gift with the way he interacts and speaks with the audience. He brings a much needed energy, perspective, and excitement to the Gospel message. Trust me, you will be glad you made him a part of your event!" - Jacob Scally, Lead Singer of the Scally Brothers Worship Band

"Braden has a lively and contagious spirit. He is effective in quickly winning young people's curiosity and then faithfully channeling this to the Lord where they meet God in a way that deepens their love and desire for Jesus." - Fr. Michael Kerschen, Priest for Diocese of Wichita

"Braden is a talented, faith-filled, and very effective speaker. He has a wonderfully natural style, perfect not only for youth groups, but for audiences of all ages." - Dr. Nikolaus Hohmann, College Professor & Member of  Eucharistic Revival Committee for Archdiocese of San Francisco


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