Bonnie Landry

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Bonnie Landry Catholic Speaker
Bonnie Landry Catholic Speaker
Bonnie Landry Catholic Speaker
Bonnie Landry Catholic Speaker
Bonnie Landry Catholic Speaker
Bonnie Landry Catholic Speaker

Travels from Victoria, B.C., Canada

Bonnie encourages parents and lifts them up. Joy is her thing. She helps families become what they want to be. You will feel loved, supported and compelled to be awesome.  Find more time for joy with Bonnie as your tour guide. 

Bonnie Landry is an adult convert to Catholicism from the Dark Abyss of agnosticism.  She and her husband Albert have been homeschooling for 26 years, with a few more to go!  There are seven children in their family, ranging in age from 10-29 years old, with the youngest three still at home.  For the last 18 years, Bonnie has been a leader and a cheerleader for families, speaking locally to families and homeschoolers on gentle discipline, non-coercive home education and joyful family life.  Now that her family is growing up, she finds more time for speaking across North America, and is regularly invited to speak at Catholic and homeschooling conference events.  She has authored the "Homeschooling, simplified" series - six teeny weeny books to make life simpler and "Revolution of Mercy" - for Catholic parents, how kindness changes everything.


-Families, become what you are...intimate communities of life and love: Parents are primarily concerned with what kind of people they will raise. People of integrity, faith, honesty, empathy, diligence. Busyness, chaos and distractions can cause us to lose sight of the big picture. Learn to recognize and avoid the pitfalls that create discord and disorder, actively change clutter and chaos (emotional, spiritual and temporal) into a more joyful, ordered environment. 

-Raising Holy Children: what does that even mean?: It's easy to think obedient, cooperative and well behaved mean the same thing as holy. Lord, knows - I’m not well behaved - holy and perfect? NOT the same thing.

-A Well Ordered Life: finding the Good, the true and the beautiful amidst the laundry: What has laundry got to do with a rich homeschooling life? Order changes everything. In the laundry room, kitchen, activity choices and in our hearts...order helps our mood and our productivity. How do we "get order" when we are so busy raising children? It is valuable, freeing AND possible!

-Homeschooling Through the Challenging Times

-Dictation: Love and :anguage

-Why Education Matters

-Shortcuts to Joy: Homeschooling the way you thought it would be

-Without Carrots or Stick:  Securing Cooperation without Sacrificing Kindness


"Bonnie speaks to the hearts of mothers.”

”She is funny, direct, and often uses the word ‘love’.”

"Bonnie has a way of sharing from her heart in a way that relates to moms who are searching for the joy in motherhood.”

 “By modelling her kind and encouraging manner, I am strengthening the relationship with my children.”

 “Her focus on building relationship with our children was a pivoting point for me."

 "She is consistently clear and engaging.”

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