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Travels from Akron, Ohio

What type of impressions do we make as Christians in the marketplace? How do we act, behave, serve or lead today? Bob Pacanovsky embraces his Catholic faith and upbringing in everything he does.  He has been described by friends and colleagues as a true servant and giver of hospitality.  It only makes sense that he has built his career on these two principles.

As an entrepreneur for 25 years, Bob has created and built several businesses.  He has succeeded in almost all of them and failed with one of them. However, they all taught him valuable experiences and lessons which made him a better business person, leader, and son, husband, and father.

In 2016, Bob became a professional speaker and trainer (and a professional member of the National Speakers Association), and he now uses those same qualities of servant leadership and hospitality plus the experiences and lessons he has learned over his years as an entrepreneur to help organizations, and individuals create experiences that turn people into loyal customers, employees and brand advocates. He calls it the Black Tie Experience and now he wants to share it with you and your organization.

Bob has been in your shoes as an event and meeting planner, and he knows how much work goes into planning and executing meetings, conferences, and events.  Bob believes that hiring a speaker should be an easy process and he carries the same philosophy with him as we did when we owned his hospitality company- one of his jobs is to make you, the meeting planner, look good.   

A meeting planner that Bob worked with said, “Our attendees loved Bob and his message! He’s totally engaging, and we loved his entire presentation!” Additionally, he is incredibly easy to work with, timely, and very professional – a meeting planner’s dream.”

​Bob puts his focus on YOU, his customers, and creates your customized presentation. It has your language, your trends, your challenges, etc. He puts himself in your shoes and makes sure that he delivers what you need, not what he wants to speak about.

What is the Black Tie Experience?

Around the world, the black tie is a symbol of excellence. It indicates the highest standards in quality, service, excellence, and professionalism. As the owner and operator of a successful event and hospitality company, Bob Pacanovsky has spent more than 20 years in an industry that is defined by the black tie. Bob has provided his “Black Tie Experience” for clients at more than 7,000 meetings and events, including 25 National Pro Football Hall of Fame induction parties.

What does this have to do with Kingdom Etiquette? 

His Faith-based seminars concentrate on the same principles of servant leadership and hospitality.  However, he adds another component to this mix.  Your Kingdom Etiquette.   Shouldn’t we want to lead, act, and serve in the highest standards possible?  Shouldn’t we want to follow the examples that Jesus gave all of us on how to connect? 

No matter what industry you’re in, Bob can show you how to apply the Black Tie Experience to motivate and inspire your employees or customers. He will customize and modify his keynote speeches and in-depth trainings specifically for your organization’s needs.

A few of Bob's Faith-Based Seminars include-

The Black Tie- Kingdom Leadership Experience- Being a Man or Woman of God means…

What if one of the most quoted and well known Bible verses is tweaked and talked about in a much different way, but still has the same effect and meaning on us?  Bob takes 1 Corinthians, Chapter 4, and just by changing a few words turns it into a thought-provoking seminar on the power of servant leadership.  This works because it is not a style or technique but a mindset and behavior.

In this seminar, Bob will show you how to apply the Black Tie Experience to motivate and inspire your employees, parishioners, and guests. Black Tie goes one step above five stars. While a five-star mentality focuses on customer service, Black Tie concentrates on four areas that all need to come together to help you succeed and propel your business to the next level- Leadership, Actions/Behaviors, Customer Experience, and most importantly your walk of faith.  His goal is to teach churches (and their people) how to cultivate loyal and raving fans while improving retention and engagement of both their customers and employees.

The Black Tie- Kingdom Etiquette Experience- The power of 167 Hours

 We know what typically makes up that 1 extra hour each week…your time in Church. So what do you do with the other 167 hours a week?  We know how most Christians behave during the one hour they are in church.  But what do our actions, behaviors, and how we communicate say about our faith outside the church walls?  We all have a personal brand and a professional brand.  And as Christians, we too represent an incredible brand… Jesus Christ himself. 

This seminar looks at the book of James and how we are to live our lives by both our faith and our works, every day. It gives practical ideas on how to improve our Kingdom Etiquette.

The Black Tie- Kingdom Customer ExperienceAre you in the Hospitality Business? 

Although the word Hospitality is not mentioned that often in the Bible, it is connected on many different levels and especially with service. One of the definitions of Hospitality is – “The Art of Making a personal connection with someone”.  If this is the case, aren’t we all in the hospitality business, no matter what you do? But, do your employees know this? Bob takes you on a journey and helps you craft the customer experience, whether you are a for-profit company or a religious organization.  The one thing you both have in common is that you need to create loyal and raving fans!


Bob has now added Interactive Cooking Programs and Demos to any of his programs!  If you are looking for a unique and memorable Virtual Event where your attendees can take part in the seminar, this is exactly what you may be looking for!  Contact Bob for more information.

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