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Bob Kroll Caholic Speaker
Bob Kroll Catholic Speaker

Travels from Appleton, Wisconsin

Bob Kroll grew up in Wisconsin in an alcoholic and abusive home, the oldest of nine children. He is the founder of With All Your Heart, an apostolate that focuses on helping people discover the emotional wounds that are negatively affecting their lives, and to move past those hurts towards forgiveness, healing and freedom. Bob’s powerful talk on The Father Wound...and Beyond is profoundly changing the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere he speaks!

Bob Kroll is a passionate speaker and loves sharing his Catholic faith, speaking since 2006. He has a degree in business and is an entrepreneur and has been a top salesman for Lighthouse Catholic Media. Bob married his wife, Christine, in 1994, and they live in Wisconsin with their four incredible boys. Bob is currently studying for a Master of Theology with The Augustine Institute of Denver, Colorado.

The Father Wound...& Beyond: The Impact of a Father On His Children

Many of us, have had the experience of having a good relationship with our fathers. Others have not. Some of those relationships have been painful. We all know this is an increasingly vital subject as many young people today don't even know who their fathers are. The affect a father has on his child is astounding. When a father abandons his duty to protect and nurture his child, the results are devastating. We are living in times where we are feeling the effects of a fatherless society. Bob will explain what the father wound is, how it affects us, and what we can do to overcome our personal wounds. He will speak of his own troubled relationship with his father and how this affected relationships with his own children, his spouse and others. This presentation is for not only for fathers, but mothers, older teens and any adult as well. We ALL have been hurt by others in our lives, whether it be our father, mother, a teacher, a relative, a stranger. We don’t even realize the stress that these emotional wounds are causing in our lives, and Bob will not only explain how and why this is true, but what we can do about it to live a more joyful and peaceful life, by way of forgiveness, the core of his message! After his talk you will never look at fatherhood and relationships in the same way again. You will not want to miss The Father Wound...and Beyond!  


"We recently had our annual men’s conference with a focus on the father/son relationship. Bob Kroll offered his presentation on the Father Wound and we continue to receive rave reviews on the conference and on his presence. At the conference, he was a blessing to us and those who met him. He made himself available throughout the day to anyone and everyone. If you are considering inviting Bob Kroll to speak at an event, I would wholeheartedly recommend him to you." - Dan Kitzhaber, Director - Office for Marriage and Family Life, Diocese of La Crosse, WI

"The world needs to hear what you have to say." - Elizabeth, Franklin, MN

“Every father NEEDS to hear this story. I'll never look at my children the same way again.” - Brian, Lakewood, IL

"Bob's talk will make you laugh and cry. It is a heartfelt and very passionate account of his personal trials and tribulations being raised by his father, then with him raising his son. A powerful testimony of forgiveness we can all be inspired by." - Barry, Montgomery, AL

It was presented from the heart and very engaging. It made me examine my actions toward my children”. - Lillian, Milwaukee, WI

"Powerful! - Kim, Cross Plains, WI

The so very needed.” - Keri, Appleton, WI

Loved it!” - Jeanne, Menasha, WI

Bob's talk is exactly what is needed for today. Everyone in society is hurting and Bob uses his own story and testimony to show us how we can find healing…this is a must see presentation!” - Kristine, Brentwood, TN

It was flippin’ AWESOME!!!” - Jim, father of eight, Cross Plains, WI

​"Your presentation...hit me in both I was treated by my father and what I had done as a father. Luckily, I still have time to fix it, and I started the day after I met you." - Bob, Scottsdale, AZ

 "This was amazing! It shed light on things I never knew were wounds or problems." - Anna, Cape Girardeau, MO

 "No matter what stage in your life...I would highly recommend to listen to Bob Kroll! His words will inspire and stir your heart to mend past relationships and bring yourself and all those involved closer to Christ." - Anna, Sioux Falls, SD

 "This talk helped me want to forgive people in my life that I didn't want to forgive before." - Peter, Menasha, WI

 "Do you want to experience freedom, joy, healthy and fruitful relationships? Then I would highly recommend Bob Kroll's talk. You will gain awareness on what God is calling you to."​ - Christen, Appleton, WI

"Get ready to be touched in a loving and caring way, which will help you to reflect on the people in your life that you deeply love." - Brian, Arlington Heights, IL

Beautiful talk…really made me think about who in my life I need to forgive and how I can heal.” - Michelle, Menasha, WI

“This talk will be a powerful reminder for all parents that our words and actions - both good and bad - can have a lasting impact on our children.” - Annie, Niagara Falls, NY

“Your talk was awesome! I really enjoyed listening and was moved by your stories and conviction... the teaching about the father wound is so true and it’s needed to be heard by everyone.”  - Tricia, Hudson, WI

“Keep presenting this talk with your zeal...this will change lives!” - Mary, Neenah, WI

"Bob will help you to become aware of the hurts that are plaguing you and teach you how to begin your journey to healing." - Sam, St. Louis, MO

This talk is not only for those with wounded father relationships. It is for everyone. The importance of forgiving and the healing that can follow is a must hear for all.” - Julie, Neenah, WI

"If you are struggling to make a real connection with your child or know you have caused pain in a child's life, then this talk will give you the perspective you need to finally DO something about it."  - Joseph, Fond du Lac, WI

"If your relationship with your parents wasn't perfect, you definitely want to hear this!" - Aaron, Philadelphia, PA

"Take the time to go!" - Shelley, Marathon, WI

"If you want to feel renewed, go listen to him. The prayer of forgiveness can be very powerful!" - Anonymous, Little Chute, WI

"If you need to forgive someone from your childhood, you should search out Bob Kroll and "The Father Wound". You will be inspired by his personal stories and how they relate to his well-thought-out research." - Joyce, Appleton, WI

"Bob has wonderful insight. He was incredible."​ - Nancy, Appleton, WI

"Listen to this talk to learn about how wounds from our relationships with our father can affect how we live our lives. You will receive good advice on how to repair broken relationships." - Angie, Akron, OH

"...very informational and the start of the healing process." - Shaun, Marathon, WI

"If you've been hurt, want to find healing, or gain insight into how hurts affect us, listen to Bob. It's worth hearing." - Katie, Green Bay, WI

"Do it, give it a try!  It has affected me in a HUGE way!" - Andy, Menasha, WI

"Bob can help you find freedom and release you from your hurts. Please consider listening to his message." - Tina, Appleton, WI

"There are so many people that need to hear this and not even realize it. What a great start to the healing process." - Michele, Marathon, WI

"Encouraging. Enlightening. Everyone needs healing, and this talk shows why." - Emily, Appleton, WI

"This is an amazing talk for those with father wounds and others who have been hurt by others. The way Bob describes wounds, inner vows, and bitter captivating. A great talk to help you learn to forgive!" - Rachel, Appleton, WI

"You will be surprised by the ways in which your own life has been affected by your parents' imperfection and how important it is to forgive them." - Jenn, Clintonville, WI

"This is something that is hard, that people don't want to talk about, but this type of self-awareness is needed. We affect so many people because of our own past hurts.  Be courageous!" - Anonymous, Wisconsin

"This talk gives a lot of insight into how we might think and act based on our relationships with family and friends and it will leave you with hope." - Mike, Green Bay, WI

"Mr. Kroll is very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject and this talk helps us to realize the importance that the family has on our world." - Spencer, Appleton, WI

"Bob has incredible insights on fathers and the way it affects their kids. He also does a fantastic job moving through, and how to heal from, the wounds created by fathers." - Mikayla, Menasha, WI

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