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Billy Arcement
Billy Arcement Catholic Speaker

Travels from Prairieville, Louisiana

The Candid Cajun provides leadership solutions that improve performance. Strong content and appropriate humor creates a learning and laughter training environment.

Looking to have a bit of fun? Want to learn ideas that can improve your life, grow your leadership skills and rejuvenate your career? Would you like to meet a genuine CAJUN? If those ideas appeal to you, why not check out The Candid Cajun, Billy Arcement.

After teaching and coaching for six years, Billy began a new career in the chemical manufacturing industry. Starting as a shift chemist, he moved into management in less than five years. For over 27 years, he held senior corporate management positions. His responsibilities included (1) Oversight of product quality including ISO 9002 certification. (2) Corporate environmental and safety compliance (3) Oversight of technical service activities for their global client base.

He attended many management training sessions conducted by professional speakers. He saw speaking as an opportunity to return to his teaching roots. In 1980, he joined the National Speakers Association and began to speak to audiences on a part-time basis. In 1983 he was selected to be a member of a management / technical exchange in China. In Beijing, he was one of three speakers selected to train manufacturing managers. And, he shared his leadership message with world-wide business leaders in Hong Kong.

He served 12 years on his local school board, two years as state president of the Louisiana School Boards Association. He is a popular and highly recognized presenter on his “Children First” approach to school board service.

In 2000, he began his new career as a professional speaker and management consultant. Since then, he has traveled throughout the United States speaking on personal and organizational leadership topics to his association, corporate and education clients.

A Prolific Writer

Billy has written over 300 articles on personal self-improvement and leadership topics. He writes columns for The American Business Journal on-line service. The columns go to 43 business journals across America. His book, Searching for Success, is published in seven foreign countries. His book, Journeying on Holy Ground, is about setting life’s priorities. God, Family and Career are the priority order. He and his co-author were interviewed on EWTN’s Women of Grace TV show. He and his co-author now conduct missions based upon their book.

He's also written two eBooks on leadership: Leadership Ideas that Win and Winning Leadership Strategies. His newest books are Leading Yourself, Leading Others and Teaching Your Child to Succeed. Both will be available in 2018.

Sharing “Cajun” Wisdom

Every presentation is unique and highly customized to achieve the desired outcome requested by clients. Four popular topics are listed below. Other topic options are available. Contact us with your query.

Cajun Candor: Straightforward Dialog that Improves Performance: Leaders learn how to shore up weaknesses and capitalize on strengths and talents. It means you fix flaws. A lack of candor will slow you down and won’t bring improvements to the workplace. This is a no BS program. At least, that’s what this Cajun believes!

Effectively Developing and Growing Employees: This message is about dignity, passion and recognition. It means developing possibilities and purpose. It’s about growing the potential of every employee.

Creating and Sustaining High Performance Teams: One bad team member can screw up the entire team effort. Learn to take advantage of the power of many. Learn to identify the key morale, values and operational standards in play. Create an alignment with corporate strategies. Learn how to remove the fog surrounding a non-functioning team. This is a Super Bowl discussion on teamwork.

It’s Attitude, Not Aptitude, That Gives You Altitude: One person with the wrong attitude can change the course of an activity. One person with the right attitude can change the course of the world. This program is light-hearted but filled with a message as serious as a heart attack. The priceless advice about attitudes? You are in charge!

His Catholic faith has always been an integral part of his character. Since 1990, he’s been a yearly attendee at Manresa, a Jesuit men’s retreat house. Part of this journey included in-depth study of Ignatian Spirituality and being part of a team conducting missions on the Exercises in Catholic churches.

His messages are memorable, relevant, and energizing. They are filled with his special blend of "Cajun Humor.” Stories about the antics of the infamous Cajuns, “Boudreaux & Friends" are audience favorites. Learning and laughter are a proven, winning combination. Billy shares his knowledge of human relations, leadership, success principles and problem solving skills. Audiences appreciate his sincerity, candid commentary and passion. It’s all about them, not him! He is a Leader’s Leader. He is The Candid Cajun!


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