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Billy Arcement Business Corporate Speaker Family Issues Relationships Catholic Speaker
Billy Arcement Business Corporate Speaker Family Issues Relationships Catholic Speaker

Travels from Prairieville, Louisiana

A cradle Catholic, Billy served as an Altar Boy from age five (Yes FIVE) through age thirteen. This fostered a love of the mass and his faith that is still burning brightly in his soul today.

Since 1990, he’s been a yearly attendee at Manresa, a Jesuit managed men’s retreat house in Convent, LA. This journey led to 12 years of in-depth study of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises and being part of a team conducting missions on the Exercises in Catholic church parishes. He continues his study of the Exercises as an integral growth strategy of his Catholic faith. 

In 2008, he and co-author Deacon Jodi Moscona, released their book, Journeying on Holy Ground—Christian Strategies to Reach Your Personal, Professional and Spiritual Destiny. The EWTN TV Network’s Women of Grace broadcast interviewed the authors on their book in a five-part series. The authors then began to conduct their own missions using the God, Family, and Career priorities in the book. A revised version, completed in 2019 and re-titled The Journey, is now available. Billy currently offers programs on this edition.

A teacher by training, he taught and coached at a high school level for six years. Leaving the profession, he started a career as a chemist for a new chemical manufacturing facility. Within five years, he was promoted to a management position. For 28 years, he had oversight of product quality, global customer service, and safety and environmental regulatory compliance. 

The Candid Cajun offers strong content and appropriate humor to create a learning and laughter environment.

During his management career, he began offering, on a part-time basis, training to a limited number of clients. For 20 years, he built his knowledge of the speaking business and focused on building his expertise on organizational leadership and personal self-development topics. He also built his expertise on School Board leadership following his 12 years of service on his local school board. Elected State President for the Louisiana School Board Association he soon found himself an in-demand presenter for school board training. Since retiring from his former employer, he began his current speaking and consulting business.

Billy is the author of five books available on Amazon, (Searching for Success, The Journey, Leading Yourself Leading Others, Leadership Skills and Strategies that Win, Become the Best Version of Yourself.) His sixth book, Creating a Climate of Respect and Building Relationships in Today’s Workplace Culture, is scheduled for release in the 3rd Quarter of 2020. He wrote 87 articles on leadership topics for The American Business Journal in Charlotte that were distributed throughout the United States.

Sharing “Cajun” Wisdom: For Catholic Speakers, Billy offers a two-fold approach to meet client needs. A sample of some offerings is provided under each category. Presentations are customized and have a 100% guarantee to achieve agreed upon desired outcomes. Other topics are available in each category. Programs listed represent the most popular topics. Billy will not venture where his expertise doesn’t match client needs. “No” is not a word he is afraid to tell a client when a requested topic doesn’t match his expertise.

Spiritually based topics: The Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola. The exercises are divided into four parts or “Weeks.” A multitude of individual programs or a three-night series are available from the following topics

  • Principles and Foundation (Examination of Conscience, Sin and God’s Love)
  • The Contemplation of the Kingdom of Christ (The life of Christ to Palm Sunday)
  • The Passion of Christ
  • The Resurrection and Ascension
  • Creating the “God Connection”
  • Insights into Marriage and Family
  • Creating Your Career and Leadership Skills with a Spiritual Blanket

Corporate / Business client focused topics: For this group of presentations, Billy has the flexibility of making a “spiritual connection” to each topic. The amount will depend upon the wishes of the client. These programs typically run from one to three hours.

  • Cajun Candor—Straightforward Dialog that Improves Performance: Leaders learn how to shore up weaknesses and capitalize on strengths and talents. It means you fix flaws. This is a no BS presentation; at least that is what this Cajun believes. 
  • Effectively Developing and Growing Employees: This message is about dignity, passion, and recognition. It means developing possibilities and purpose. It’s about growing the potential of every employee.
  • Creating and Sustaining High Performance Teams: One bad team member can screw up the entire team effort. Learn to take advantage of the power of many. Learn to identify the key morale, values, and operational standards in play. Create an alignment with corporate strategies. Learn how to remove the fog surrounding a non-functioning team. This is a Super Bowl discussion on teamwork.
  • It’s Attitude, Not Aptitude That Gives You Altitude: One person with the wrong attitude can change the course of an activity. One person with the right attitude can change the course of the world. This program is light-hearted but filled with a message as serious as a heart attack. The priceless advice about attitudes? You are in charge!

The Cajun “Lagniappe”: Besides messages that are memorable, relevant, energizing, and inspirational, Billy offers the opportunity to offer his books to program participants. A popular feature is for him to host a book signing following a presentation. 

His presentations are filled with his special blend of Cajun Humor—Stories about the antics of the infamous Cajuns, “Boudreaux & Friends" are audience favorites. Program attendees have come to appreciate his sincerity, candid commentary, and passion for his messages. It’s all about them, not him! 

He tells it “as it is.” After all, he is The Candid Cajun!

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