Anthony Simon

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Anthony Simon Speaker Author Relationship Coach God in Hardships Youth Speaker
Anthony Simon Speaker Author Relationship Coach God in Hardships Youth Speaker

Travels from Detroit, Michigan

Anthony Simon is a professional motivational speaker, #1 bestselling author, life coach, and CEO of Coach Anthony Simon who graduated from the University of California, Davis, with degrees in Bio-Psychology (B.S.) and Communications (B.A.). Speaking and empowering tens of thousands, Anthony travels around the U.S., coaching youth and young adults in mind, body, and spirit through social emotional learning. Anthony is known for informing and inspiring his audience to live in sustaining happiness and unconditional love through relationships. At twenty-one, as a student-athlete and double major, Anthony published two #1 best-selling books that ranked in the top 1 percent out of 9 million books on Amazon. Originally from California, Anthony now lives in Michigan.

Ever since he was a child, Anthony Simon was plagued with many physical, mental and spiritual trials which caused him to question why an all loving, all powerful, and all good God would allow him to go through such intense hardships. As he grew older, the spiritual darkness only grew thicker, heavier and left him more restless, angry, depressed, lonely, heartbroken and crushed in spirit. It wasn’t until God revealed Himself to Anthony through the Blessed Virgin Mary in an undeserved, transformative, supernatural way that Anthony was finally able to understand the meaning of Jesus’s promises found in Jeremiah 29:11-14, Romans 8:28 and Genesis 50:20. The love of God pierced Anthony’s soul so deeply that it turned all the dark, blinding, thick, captivating darkness he was experiencing into bright, illuminating, liberating light.

Feeling unworthy for living life so joyfully, energetically and alive, Anthony could not help but share the overwhelming love of God in his life with everyone he met. At 19 years old Anthony founded his ministry on John 10:10 and began sharing his testimony on retreats. Over the years as he increased his prayer life, God opened many doors for Anthony’s ministry by providing other speaker mentors such as Paul J Kim, Joe Melendrez and Fr. Rob Galea who helped expand his ministry. At 21 years old, he was able to publish 2 best selling books that ranked top 1% out of 9 million on Amazon. Anthony also served as a Catholic missionary and is currently a youth group minister/coordinator.

A man after God’s own heart, Anthony is planning to enter the seminary and fully give his life to Jesus Christ as God’s unworthy priest. He says, “There’s no greater way to love than to lay down one’s life for God then to surrender all my desires, plans, and fulfill His will by becoming His unworthy priest.

Anthony’s final thoughts are certainly inspiring, encouraging and touching, “I now understand why God had allowed me to suffer so much and I regret ever doubting and not saying from my heart, ‘Jesus, I trust in You.’ Whether you’re going through good or bad times, never stop saying, blessed be the name of the Lord. God loves you. He’s waiting for you to come to His loving embracing, wide open tender arms, look at you in the eyes, smile at you, tell you how proud He is of you and give you a big kiss on the head. Never give up on God. Never forget God’s love. 


Talk Topics - Motivational

Suffering With a Smile (All Ages) -  All of us go through pain, but how many of us choose to grow through the pain? In today's culture, many are straying away from the Christain faith because they numb or deny their pain instead of offering it up to Jesus. Not understanding the value of pain, the youth especially are wondering how can an all loving, all powerful Father allow pain and suffering? In this talk, I rely on the Holy Spirit to enter into the wounded hearts of those seeking to learn how to grow through their pain through scripture, personal testimony and the power of the sacraments.

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You. (Youth/Young Adults) -  Looking for a challenge? One of the greatest problems in our society today is a lack of identity, purpose, value and meaning. Most people (especially the youth) live under social pressures and confusion leading them to become someone they're not. They choose to read the book of other people's lives rather than reading the book within themselves which God has written. In doing so, people lose sight of purpose becoming anxious, depressed, lonely, and full dead. In this talk, I'm turning boys to men and girls to women by passionately inviting the youth to become fully alive through Jesus Christ and the sacraments, adoration and a devout prayer life.

Wake Up! You're Dreaming! You've Been Programmed! (All Ages) - Many people die never truly fulfilling their truest potential. They live a mediocre life they're not passionate about and bury most of their innermost dreams to the grave with them. If you do not enter the coordinates in your own mind, the enemy will enter them for us. It's time to wake up and renew our minds. In this talk, I challenge the audience to renew their minds with Jesus's teachings to become the saint God's calling them to be. This talk is inspired by one of my favorite proverbs, "A way that seems right leads to a dead end."


Talk Topics - Relationships:

The Loveable Lies of Love - All of us desire unconditional love but get unconditional lust instead because we live in a culture that doesn’t know what love is anymore. We have the good intention and desire to want to be seen and valued for our authentic selves but there’s a huge problem - not everyone is receiving this unconditional love. In this talk, I will teach you how to avoid the loveable lies of love by replacing them with the loveable laws of love.

Become a Man: (Men’s Only) - This talk is one of my favorite and most impactful talks. I designed this talk to turn boys to men. Many households lack virtuous father figures and suffer becoming true men of God - men after God’s own heart who protect the dignity of women. In this talk, I will teach men the importance of heroic sacrifice through purity, leadership and virtue. I will also teach men how to overcome their sexual addictions. (Premaritial sex, pornography, masturbation, etc)

Date Yourself Before You Lose Yourself - I hear it all the time, “Anthony, where’s my future spouse? I want love and I want it now. I’ve waited too long and I feel like God forgot me.” I respond with, “Has He forgotten you or have you forgotten His promises?” In this talk, I will address the aching, secret frustration many high school and college students have. I do so by breaking this talk into three stages: Find God. Find Yourself. Find Them.

Wandering for Worth (High School/College) - Stop settling! Inside you and me lies a pearl of great price. The question is, exactly how much is this pearl worth and how can I find out? In this talk, I will teach you how to find out just how valuable you are. So many people wander for their worth in all the wrong areas and end up marketing their pearl for half off or even selling it for 90% off. I teach your audience how to stop settling and have a renewed sense of hope that good Christains are out there. No more saying, “Where are all the good Catholic men/women?”


What Others Are Saying:

I appreciated your succinct message and your gift for engaging the students. I think you have along career ahead of you in ministry and speaking! - Vince Nims

I can't say enough about how great it is. Anthony does a great job telling his story and it moved me on another level. - Wallace

How could this low-key young man compare with the likes of C.S. Lewis and Tony Robbins? Man was I pleasantly surprised at the sheer depth - Biju A. Matthew

This college student has wisdom of the aged that he learned from sadness. There was a famous book many years ago about a "wounded healer". Anthony is that. His story of family crisis, striving for athletic excellence, and turning pain into power is fantastic. - Fr. Frederick R. Parke

He's very real, and he never holds back when he talks about his weaknesses, his vices, his struggles, and showing (not telling) where he was, where he is, and where he will be. He is one hell of a motivational speaker and I consider myself privileged to have met him. - Kyle

Truly bring his words and experiences into light and moves you with his knowledge and experience. - Andrew

Anthony has opened his mind, heart and spirit through his words. - Jackie V.

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