Anthony Digmann, MA

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Anthony Digmann Apologetics New Evangelization Spiritual Warfare Youth Speaker Catholic Speaker
Anthony Digmann Apologetics New Evangelization Spiritual Warfare Youth Speaker Catholic Speaker
Anthony Digmann Apologetics New Evangelization Spiritual Warfare Youth Speaker Catholic Speaker
Anthony Digmann Apologetics New Evangelization Spiritual Warfare Youth Speaker Catholic Speaker
Anthony Digmann Apologetics New Evangelization Spiritual Warfare Youth Speaker Catholic Speaker
Anthony Digmann Apologetics New Evangelization Spiritual Warfare Youth Speaker Catholic Speaker
Anthony Digmann Apologetics New Evangelization Spiritual Warfare Youth Speaker Catholic Speaker
Anthony Digmann Apologetics New Evangelization Spiritual Warfare Youth Speaker Catholic Speaker
Anthony Digmann Apologetics New Evangelization Spiritual Warfare Youth Speaker Catholic Speaker
Anthony Digmann Apologetics New Evangelization Spiritual Warfare Youth Speaker Catholic Speaker

Travels from Dyersville, Iowa

Enthusiastic, faithful to the Magisterium, and passionately Catholic, Anthony Digmann's experience engaging Catholic adults and youth combines with theological insight in a way sure to make an impact on your audience! Anthony's most popular presentations include: "Eucharistic Revival," "Made for Holiness: A Catholic Introduction to Demons and Exorcism," and "Why God? Why Christian? Why Catholic?: Evidence for Faith."


Anthony Digmann is a husband and father of a young family, author, speaker and educator who has served professionally in Catholic schools, parish ministry, and on councils of his home Archdiocese of Dubuque since 2006. He has appeared on international Catholic media such as EWTN, Catholic Digest, and Radio Maria. Anthony is the author of 4 books sold on 4 continents, has a MA in Theology and is currently pursuing a MA in Catechetics and Evangelization from Franciscan University of Steubenville. Contact Anthony about your event today!


MA degree in Theology

Currently pursuing MA in Catechetics and Evangelization from Franciscan University of Steubenville

BA degrees in Religious Studies and Electronic Media Communications with a minor in Ethics

Specialty Presentations:

"Eucharistic Revival" Available as a 1, 2, or 3 talk series, Anthony's Eucharistic Revival parish mission/retreat includes Eucharistic miracles, Saints' devotions, Theology, history, personal testimony, and apologetics to help Catholics re-encounter our Lord, Jesus Christ, in the Eucharist both spiritually and intellectually.

"Revitalizing Love: Falling More in Love with God, Enhancing Prayer, and Growing in Virtue" is a parish mission or retreat based on St. Francis de Sales' spiritual masterpiece, Introduction to the Devout Life. As a Bishop and Doctor of the Church, St. Francis offers a proven method to fall more in love with God, enhance prayer, and grow in virtue--all intensely needed in our world of spiritual poverty and religious apathy. "Revitalizing Love" is available as a 1, 2, or 3 talk series.

"Made for Holiness: A Catholic Introduction to Demons and Exorcism" Engage in a concise overview of the Catholic Church's teachings about demons and exorcism. This presentation includes a background on demons, where are they from, what do they want, how to identify demonic activity, what is possession, how to remedy demonic activity, what is exorcism, what opens people to demonic attack, and how to avoid demonic activity. It concludes with the importance of the universal call to holiness and spiritual warfare.

"Star Wars: A Catholic Perspective" This popular talk combines the overwhelming success of Star Wars with Catholic theology and practice in a fun and insightful presentation. It includes an exploration of faith, hope, love, temptation, evil, virtue, self-sacrifice, and more!

"Why God? Why Christian? Why Catholic?: Evidence for Faith" (Parish Mission/Workshop/Retreat) Explore the reasons behind our faith in God, Christianity, and Catholicism with this three-part parish mission or workshop. These presentations combine Christian and Catholic apologetics with evidence from science, philosophy, and archaeology. See further explanations for each of the three talks under their respective titles below.

"Why God?: Science, Reason, and Evidence for God" (Part I of the "Why God? Why Christian? Why Catholic?" parish mission/workshop/retreat) Many Christians are simply raised with the assumption of God's existence with little supporting reason and evidence. This talk seeks to explore the relationship of science & religion, enhanced with arguments of reason, and supported by evidence to equip listeners for belief in a doubting and sometimes hostile world.

"Why Christian?: Evidence for the Authenticity of Christianity" (Part II of the "Why God? Why Christian? Why Catholic?" parish mission/workshop/retreat) Is the New Testament a reliable historical source? How do we know Jesus was not a myth? Are all religions equal? This talk discusses the reliability of the New Testament as a historical source and illustrates the uniqueness of Christianity among the other religions of the world. It is especially focused on Christ and the Resurrection, supported by historical and archaeological evidence.

"Why Catholic?: An Introduction to Catholic Apologetics" (Part III of the "Why God? Why Christian? Why Catholic?" parish mission/workshop/retreat) This presentation offers a primer on effectively explaining and defending the Catholic faith, especially among other Christians. Highlights include a look at Luther's doctrines of Sola Fide and Sola Scriptura, Apostolic Succession, and the Eucharist.

"Sign of Contradiction: Contraception, Family Planning and Catholicism" This talk draws upon the highlights of Anthony's book of the same title and presents the Church's teaching on "birth control" in light of what experience and data have demonstrated over the last several decades. It offers a fresh, thorough treatment of this unpopular teaching to invite faithful to reconsider this teaching or learn about it for the first time. 

Speaking Endorsements:

"Anthony Digmann is a gifted and faithful Catholic evangelist. His speaking, writing, and teaching illuminate the truths of the Church for youth and adults alike, and his commitment to both the Church’s mission and the Magisterium is inspiring. I am pleased to endorse Anthony and his evangelization apostolate." - Most Rev. Michael O. Jackels, Archbishop of Dubuque

“If you truly want to grow in your Catholic Faith, you cannot find a better speaker than Anthony Digmann to come to your parish and share the joy of living out our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.” – Fr. John Frost, Pastor of Mary of Nazareth, Des Moines, IA

“Anthony Digmann’s mission was exactly what we needed. His combination of passion, humor, teaching and inspiration was a gift to the Diocese of Erie, and I would recommend him to anyone.” – Fr. Rich Toohey, Pastor of Our Lady of Peace, Erie, PA

“Anthony’s presentation was phenomenal! He was high energy and very interactive with his audience. A definite 10 out of 10!”  – Jayne Stefanic, Director of Family Life, Diocese of Savannah, GA

“Your presentations were the best 3 hours I have ever spent! … You put it in a way that was interesting, easy to understand, and makes sense.”  Jay Funke, Emmaus Pastorate, Edgewood, IA

“Anthony is very energetic and engaging, enjoyable to listen to, remarkably knowledgeable, and he makes profound topics accessible. Highly recommended!” – Fr. Kevin Earleywine, Pastor of Franklin & Hardin Catholic Parishes, IA

Anthony is a savvy, no-nonsense, passionate, and heartfelt proponent of the faith. We heard the same great feedback from teens as seniors! – Katie Patrizio, DFF St. Cecilia Ames, IA

“Anthony’s energy and excitement are contagious and you leave each evening wanting more. I highly recommend Anthony; you will not be disappointed!”  – Rev. Anthony Kruse, Pastor of Blessed Sacrament Waterloo, IA

“Anthony’s presentations were inspirational and offered the truths of our faith in an intelligible and engaging style for a wide spectrum of attendees.” – Dr. Gene Olona, Chesterton Academy, Albuquerque, NM

“Anthony Digmann is a dynamic speaker who engages his audience through his enthusiasm for the Catholic faith and energetic presentation style. Participants loved his unpacking of insights from St. Francis de Sales’ Introduction to the Devout Life. He helped them glean the riches of this spiritual classic and find practical ways to apply the depths of St. Francis de Sales’ wisdom to their everyday lives.” – Matt Selby, Director of Adult and Marriage Formation, Archdiocese of Dubuque

“Anthony Digmann does a most effective job of explaining why it makes complete sense to believe in God, to believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God who rose from the dead, and to embrace and profess the Catholic faith as the fullness of God’s revealed truth. He has a great command of his material and delivers it with genuine conviction and desire to share the good news of what God has done for us through his Son.  I give him my highest recommendation as a speaker who will definitely deepen your appreciation and your gratitude for the priceless gift of our Catholic faith.” – Fr. Jerry Kopacek, Pastor, Holy Rosary Cluster, Elma IA

“Anthony Digmann is an engaging, dynamic speaker who connects with his audience in a very personal way. Anthony's love for the faith is evident in his enthusiasm and vast knowledge of Holy Mother Church. His talk left us wanting more. In fact, for the first time in my memory, Legates asked when we could have Anthony return. Highly recommended!” - Jerry and Mary Rooney, Legatus Chapter, Savannah, GA

"In the series, "Revitalizing Love: Falling in Love with God, Enhancing Prayer, and Growing in Virtue," Anthony Digmann identifies spiritual apathy at the root of many problems facing the Church today. Highlighting wisdom from the spiritual classic Introduction to the Devout Life by St. Francis de Sales, Digmann offers simple, practical ways everyday Catholics can experience a more spiritually abundant life. The energy, passion, and hopefulness of the presentations, and how they compliment the sacraments and the beauty of our Catholic faith, make this series a valuable resource." – Fr. Michael Schueller, Pastor, St. Elizabeth Pastorate, Peosta, IA

"Anthony's talk on Star Wars: A Catholic Perspective delved into the richness of our Catholic faith and drew powerful connections between the Catholic faith and Star Wars in an engaging and insightful manner. We really wanted a unique talk that would bring the faith to life for our teens, and his talk delivered! He kept our teens' attention and challenged them to live out a virtuous life. Our teens walked away energized in their faith, and they were excited to share what they had learned. We hope to work with Anthony again in the future." - Kara Becker, Diocese of Charlotte Eucharistic Congress, High School Track Coordinator

“Anthony's knowledge not only of Catholic Theology but other theologies was outstanding. All I heard at the receptions following each night of Anthony's "Why God? Why Christian? Why Catholic?" presentations was how much the congregation enjoyed it and how it gave them a deeper connection to their faith. I was personally refreshed in many areas of the Catholic faith. I highly recommend Anthony Digmann as a presenter for parish missions and workshops.” - Fr. Paul Baldwin, Pastor of Sacred Heart and St. Luke Parishes, Monticello and Hopkinton, IA.

"I first saw Anthony at a Men's conference where his inspirational insight and wisdom gave me plenty to chew on for awhile. Later that year he passionately presented our parish mission, and the response was outstanding! I have heard so many positive reactions, even weeks later, and I highly recommend Anthony as a vibrant and faithful Catholic speaker." - Dr. Tony Coppola, Decorah, IA

"Anthony's talk was engaging, insightful and full of rich connections to Catholicism. He showed that he has a vast knowledge of Catholicism, and used his knowledge of Star Wars to create a unique presentation that sparked some great discussions amongst our students after the event. I would highly recommend Anthony for any youth or young adult event." - Joe Bakken, Director of Campus Ministry, St. Thomas More Catholic Newman Center at Minnesota State University, Mankato

"Our audience of 60+, ranging in age from 5-80, were all caught up in Anthony's enthusiastic and insightful presentation, 'Star Wars: A Catholic Perspective.' All Catholics, they included Star Wars buffs as well as those who had seen one or two of the films. All were delighted with his masterfully-timed one hour presentation. He will always be welcome at St Matthew's.” - Fr. Douglas K. Clark, STL, Statesboro, GA

"Anthony Digmann was a fantastic and powerful speaker. He spoke to an inter-generational audience of 6th graders through those over 80, and all took away important points from his presentations "Why God?" and "Why Christianity?"  The students were especially interested as they were studying some of those same topics in their science classes. College bound students were glad they attended, so they are better equipped to explain their faith to others." - Martin Ahrndt, Director of Faith Formation, Christ Our Hope Cluster, Lawler, IA.

"Our deanery catechists and parishioners really enjoyed Anthony's talk. He has a unique way of making his presentation both interesting and alive. We highly recommend Anthony for parish or catechetical events." - Sr. Peggy Duffy, SSND, Holy Family Parish DRE, Fort Madison, IA

"Anthony expressed immense knowledge about the topic and made some great connections that enriched my understanding of Star Wars and my Catholic faith. Anthony’s answers to questions proposed by the students developed great conversation.” - Sherwin Bothello, College Student

"Anthony presented in a way that captivated the audience and led to a long, enjoyable discussion afterwards!"  - Andrew Lang, Pastoral Associate of St. Joseph Parish in Bellevue, IA   

Book Endorsements:

Using the Force: Star Wars and Catholicism: "I found the book edifying--an impressive and creative way in which to unpack the faith to a generation and cross-section who might not otherwise discern the truly dogmatic ‘trees’ within Endor’s forest. If the Star Wars fan in your life (or in the mirror) loves the Catholic faith as much as the not-so-holy Clone Wars and galactic battle between Empire and Rebellion, this is soon to be a surefire favorite on their shelf.” Mark Hart, Executive Vice President, Life Teen and Catholic Author, Speaker, Radio Host

“Using the Force: Star Wars and Catholicism is not only a labor of love, it is a meticulously researched sourcebook for anyone who might find themselves in a position to catechize the Star Wars generations, or especially to evangelize youth. Writing as a fan, rather than a critic, allows Digmann to mine the Star Wars universe for connections to Christianity in general, and Catholicism in particular; connections that faithful Catholics will definitely appreciate. This is a book only a passionate fan could have written, and reading it made me want to watch the films all over again!” - Dr. James L. Papandrea, author of From Star Wars to Superman: Christ Figures in Science Fiction and Superhero Films

"Made for Holiness: A Catholic Introduction to Demons and Exorcism provides key fundamentals to understanding and sharing this important and neglected topic. I recommend this book as a simple, reliable primer." - Fr. Gary Thomas, Exorcist - Diocese of San Jose, CA

"Anthony Digmann gives the reader a well-balanced introduction to the work within the exorcism ministry.  He has drawn from expert source material to systematically bring light to the nature of the demonic and the power of our faith that protects us.  Rather than get swept up in the drama that can overwhelm the subject and serves to bolster the abilities of the demonic, Anthony remains focused on the ultimate power of Jesus Christ." - Mary Chasteen, MTS, ABD, Auxiliary to the Exorcist of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and International Association of Exorcists, Auxiliary Member

Sign of Contradiction: "Sign of Contradiction is another valuable contribution to a wholesome Catholic understanding of family, sexuality and the consequences of contraception. This is an important resource written in the voice of the lay faithful." - Most Rev. Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., D.D., Archbishop of Philadelphia

Sign of Contradiction: "A thoughtful, respectful invitation to those interested in learning (more) about the Catholic position on contraception and family planning. Seminarians, among many others, will greatly benefit from a book that masterfully marshals the evidence and makes the case for the wisdom of this teaching." - Most Rev. Thomas Zinkula, J.D., J.C.L., Bishop of Davenport

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