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Anthony Gentile Catholic Speaker

Travels from Seaford, New York

Anthony Gentile is a dynamic young adult speaker dedicated to the new evangelization and bringing about a new springtime of Catholic men and women. He has extensive experience in Men's Ministry, Youth and Young Adult Ministry and Pro-Life work.

Anthony has spoken at Men's, Women's, Youth/Young Adult and Pro-Life Conferences, men's groups, women's groups, prayer meetings, confirmation retreats, Theology on Tap sessions and various other Church functions and retreats.  Topics include but are not limited to: Conversion, The Sacraments, Theology of the Body, The Christian Family, Manhood, Spiritual Warfare, Lives of the Saints, Pro-Life Issues, Pornography and Pope Benedict XVI Encyclical Deus Caritas Est.

After a powerful conversion experience 14 years ago, he has answered a call to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and ignite the fire of faith and courage in the hearts of all who will listen. At the age of 13, fed up with the constraints of religion, Anthony turned to his peers and idols for a definition of truth that would suit his growing need for indulgence. His adolescent years were filled with anger, rage, and hatred toward the true dignity of manhood. Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll was his idea of what life should consist of. This lead him down the wide path of spiritual destruction. All of the things he thought would bring him happiness and fulfillment betrayed him and left him utterly devoid of life, liberty, and happiness. Forced to confront the reality of his own selfishness, he collapsed under the weight of his own iniquity. Seeking to take his own life time and time again, he found himself in desperate need of a savior. At 23 years old, he underwent a powerful conversion that put transformed his heart and saved his life. 

Anthony is an internationally known speaker who has been featured on EWTN, Sirius/ XM's The Catholic Channel and other forms of Catholic Media. 

Talk Titles: 

1) In His Image: Called to Love

Using his understanding and passion for Blessed John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, Anthony speaks about Love vs. Lust and how giving into lust damages our manhood and makes us incapable of true love. In this hard-hitting presentation, Anthony addresses utilitarianism, pornography, abortion and our call to rise to the challenge of changing this world by becoming real men.                 

2) Encounter with Christ: The Legacy of Benedict XVI

In Benedict’s first encyclical, “Deus Caritas Est” he begins by reminding us “being a Christian is not the result of an ethical choice or a lofty idea, but the encounter with an event, a person, which gives life a new horizon, and a decisive direction.” The idea of our faith is a living encounter with a person—with the GOD of all creation—is central to the thought and teachings of our beloved Pope Emeritus, His Holiness, Benedict XVI. In fact, he goes so far as to teach that this encounter is so vital to our lives that if we do not encounter the person of Jesus Christ we cannot call ourselves Christians. What is this encounter and Who is the person of Jesus Christ? The answers to these questions mark the enduring legacy of a man who dared to proclaim to the world full of hate, that our “God is Love.”

3) Freedom from Sin: One Man’s Journey in the Battle

At the age of thirteen, fed up with the constraints of religion, Anthony turned to his peers and idols for a definition of truth that would suit his growing desire for indulgence. Sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll were his idea of what life should consist of. All of the things he thought would bring him happiness and fulfillment betrayed him, leaving him empty and suicidal. Searching for a God he did not know, inspired by a grace he did not understand, he responded to a call he could not mistake. God, in His Infinite Mercy, called out to Anthony and sought to bring him home to Himself. Returning to the sacrament of Reconciliation after ten years of grave sin brought life to this barren soul and set him on a new path, a demanding path which would require of him to die to self. Although it may seem that Anthony had lost much, in reality, he found what he had been searching for… love, freedom, and true manhood.

4) The Eucharist: Gift of Unending Love

In this talk, Anthony speaks about the gift of love that God has given us in the Holy Eucharist. Special attention is given to the lives of the saints as prime examples of Christians completely dedicated to God and united to Him in the perfect way.  Anthony speaks in a simple, passionate way about devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and why we need to receive communion if we wish to have life in our souls.

5) For God and Country

In this passionate, patriotic presentation, Anthony calls all Americans back to our roots as a people devoted to Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Anthony lays a foundation of the correct understanding of Religious Freedom, Separation of Church and State and the public role we must play if we are to be informed citizens of the greatest nation on earth. Includes many quotes from founding fathers and patriots past and present. Many people have been floored by Anthony’s delivery of the Gettysburg Address and excerpts from Patrick Henry’s famous speech.

6) Quenching the Thirst: Our Search for Authentic Love

The questions “Who are we and why are we here?” have been pondered by every human person since the dawn of creation. The human longing to know the reason why we exist inspired John Paul II to develop his Theology of the Body. This catechesis on human sexuality and love offers a spiritual clarity to better understand every aspect of our humanity. In two presentations, Anthony introduces us to John Paul’s revolutionary theology.  The first presentation focuses on “The Words of Christ,” whereas the second focuses on “The Sacrament.”

6) Our Father’s Love: A Journey through the Covenants

God, our Father, has shown us the most radical expression of love we could ever imagine the gift of His Son. In this talk, the audience will learn about the concept of “covenant” and how, through six particular covenants with man, God has guided us ever closer to an intimate relationship with Him. We will also explore in detail the “new and everlasting covenant” and how God’s eternal love is made manifest through the sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation.

7) The Road Goes Ever On: Christian Symbolism in The Lord of the Rings

J.R.R Tolkien's masterpiece of fantasy fiction, The Lord of the Rings, is beloved around the world as a timeless classic. Legions of fans have read and re-read its pages joining Frodo, Sam and the fellowship on the journey to Mount Doom so many times that we feel like Middle Earth is our home away from home. What many have not seen, however, is how Tolkien masterfully wove into his epic tale a layer of Catholicism that when realized by the reader, brings the experience of the Lord of the Rings to an entirely new level.  Join Anthony Gentile for his brand presentation, "The Road Goes Ever ON...Christian Symbolism in the Lord of the Rings". Building on his presentation of the Christian Symbolism in the Hobbit, Anthony, will bring us deeper into Tolkien's world of Middle-Earth, revealing the main Christian themes and figures in this story while taking us on the familiar journey to Mount Doom and back to the Shire. 

Are there Christ Figures? If so, How many? What about the sword reforged? Lembas? The Return of the King? Houses of Healing? The Dead Men of Dunharrow? Denethor and Saruman's fall from wisdom? Sauron's malice? The Orcs? and of course...The Precious.....What do they mean and how is our faith hidden in this amazing story? Find out by bringing Anthony to your parish today! 

8) The Hobbit: A Journey of the Soul
The Hobbit takes us on a journey~Bilbo's journey~which is also the journey of a soul. This is the journey of a soul that dies to self in order to be reborn again in Christ. One that leaves the comforts and pleasures of a self-centered life to embark on a pilgrimage filled with trials, dangers, and temptations. As in the spiritual life, this is how the soul is purified and tested. Bilbo's journey is an adventure in which the virtues of loyalty, patience, self-sacrifice, prudence, peacemaking, forgiveness, courage, and faithfulness are acquired. When Bilbo finally returns to his home from his journey, he is truly *a new man*.

9)Confession and Covenant: Remember, Repent, Renew

This is one of Anthony most powerful talks. Beginning with Pope Benedict's beautiful teaching that Confession is not merely about sin but about the penitent's return to the merciful embrace of his Father, Anthony takes us on the journey of the Prodigal son and brings us into his heart and the heart of his father, helping us understand mercy from both points of view. This presentation brings everyone into an intimate encounter with the heart of the Sacrament of Confession.  

Other popular talk topics include:




March For Life

Pregnancy Care Center/Sidewalk Counseling

Exposing Planned Parenthood

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