Annette Hills

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Annette Hills Catholic Speaker and Singer
Annette Hills Catholic Musician/Speaker
Annette Hills Catholic Musician/Speaker
Annette Hills Catholic Musician/Speaker
Annette Hills Catholic Musician/Speaker
Annette Hills Catholic Musician/Speaker
Annette Hills Catholic Speaker Catholic Singer
Letter of Good Standing - Annette Hills

Travels from Orange County, California

As a successful professional recruiter in the corporate world,  Annette’s career flourished while hiring thousands of employees over the course of 22 years.  However, in her second career as an inspirational speaker and award-winning recording artist, she found her true calling and joy in presenting uplifting inspiring talks and music to audiences thirsting for God.  She now shares her life experiences of how the Lord healed her of a major illness and taught her how to deal with childhood sexual abuse. She energizes her audiences to continually focus on their God-given mission and reach new goals as they journey through life.  Her captivating testimonials deliver spirit-filled encouragement, and  invigorate her listeners.


Annette Hills is an inspirational speaker, recording artist and songwriter. Her album, “Inspirations from Annette Hills", is the winner of the 2012 Album of the Year Award from the Catholic Music Express. In addition, Annette was nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year, and her rendition of “The Prayer” was nominated for Best Song of the Year!  

Annette's talks will inspire you and capture your heart as she shares her testimony of love.  She spent many years raising a family and working at a career as an employment recruiter, but eventually the Lord prompted her to take voice lessons and use her musical talents.  Her voice lessons stopped abruptly, however, at the end of one year due to a severe injury which resulted in major surgery. As she gazed at her wheel chair, walker, crutches, and cane, and struggled with physical therapy for the better part of a year, she knew that the Holy Spirit was asking her to bring her healing message to others who were convalescing.  

Her talks spread encouraging messages of faith, hope, love, healing, and forgiveness, and communicate many of her life experiences, including how the Lord healed her of a major illness and childhood sexual abuse (not related in any way to the priest scandal). Her ministry centers on God’s compassion to reach out and bring wholeness to His people.  In Annette’s case, scripture proved to be true “…..all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28).  When fully recovered from her illness and injury, her new-found initial ministry led her to present over 100 inspirational programs to the elderly and disabled at convalescent homes, retirement communities, and other venues. From there she went on to speak and perform at parishes and ministries throughout the United States.  

Annette has been acknowledged with interviews from Relevant Radio, worldwide Radio Maria, Catholic Music Express Radio, and St. Joseph Radio.  She currently has three music albums which are successfully marketed nationwide on the internet through well known music sites.  In 2016 she also recorded a devotional Rosary/Chaplet album featuring the Bishop of Orange, the Most Reverend Kevin W. Vann, and four priests.  This album’s Chaplet has aired three times a day on EWTN.   

It is Annette’s hope that her story and her music will bless, inspire, and touch hearts and souls for the Glory of God!  Testimonial topics include (but are not limited to):

  1. Coronavirus Pandemic....(a unique pandemic perspective)
  2. Divine Mercy....(humor, healing and forgiveness combined with the Mercy Novena) 
  3. Inner Healing....(testimony of God's spiritual healing and forgiveness) 
  4. Keeping Faith Alive....(suggestions for a healthy and energized faith) 
  5. Our Priests, Our Shepherds....(brief personal experiences of priestly blessings) 
  6. Pro Life Choices....(choices in today's culture and how we can make a difference)
  7. Saints....(an abbreviated look at our saints) 
  8. The Child Within....(sharing childlike qualities that lead us closer to God)  
  9. We Need Our Mother Mary....(sharing personal experiences of Mary) 
  10. What is God Calling You To Do?...(be reenergized—discern  God's  plan for you)

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