Anne Trufant

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Anne Trufant
Anne Trufant Catholic Speaker

Travels from Asheville, North Carolina

Anne Trufant's goal is to ignite the fire of the Holy Spirit in every heart.

She weaves music, humor, and common life experiences together to bring faith to life. A wife, mother of 7, speaker, and musician, Anne has been a retreat leader both in the US and abroad. Originally from Louisiana, Anne received her Master's in social work at LSU and helped found Hosana House, a home for unwed mothers in Baton Rouge, LA. (Anne was priviledged to work with Mother Teresa, who later took over Hosana House.)

For the last 30 years, Anne and her husband David, have lived in Brevard, NC. They own and direct Camp Kahdalea for girls and Camp Chosatonga for boys - incredible places of faith, adventure, and friendship in the mountains of western North Carolina.

Anne is a member of the Missionary Cenacle Apostolate (MCA), a lay community founded by Fr. Thomas Judge, CM, who in 1909, had a vision of the New Evangelization, awakening the laity with the mission of making every Catholic an Apostle, seeking the Father's Heart for the next generation, and being the presence of Jesus for all those who don't know they're deeply loved by God.

Anne and David are also co-founders of Change Lives Now, Inc., a non-profit organization working to provide a future with hope for those who struggle with social and spiritual deprivation, poverty, and neglect - primarily in war-torn areas of Africa. Anne is passionate about sharing her faith and does so in a way that engages and inspires.

Her talk titles include:

-I Will Astound My People

-Eyes Flooded With Light

-And You Will Receive Power

-Children And Heirs: Our Identity and Inheritance

-Check Your Belief

-What Would Jesus Undo?

-Yes You!

-Bitten and Blessed

-You Are God's Response

-He's Big Enough For What Binds And Blinds

-Every Catholic An Apostle

-Mission Impossible

-The Tapping Of The Heart

-Breaking Free

-He's Not Looking For The Super Spiritual, He's Looking For The Available

-For Such A Time As This

-Pentecost People

-No Halfway Saints

-Saved From and Saved For!

-They Recognized That They Had Been With Jesus

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