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Anne Costa Catholic Speaker
Anne Costa
Anne Costa
Embracing Edith Stein
Anne Costa Catholic Speaker

Travels from Syracuse, New York

Anne Costa, who travels from Syracuse, NY, is a wife, mother and the best-sellling author of six books; the latest of which is entitled Healing Promises: The Essential Guide to the Sacred Heart. Ms. Costa is a soul-stirring speaker who combines her wealth of personal experience and professional knowledge as a social worker with the firm foundation of the Catholic faith to tackle some of lifes toughest issues.

Anne's writing and speaking ministries bring hope, practical help and spiritual healing and address such topics as addiction, suicide,  abuse, relationships, boundaries and physical, spiritual and mental health.   Anne is a recovered person, from alcohol and other "demons" and she offers "real-life solutions" that are possible through the transforming grace of God and the sacramental life of the Catholic Church.  Anne's joy is infectious as she shares with others the love of Jesus, His Blessed Mother and the entire community of saints! 

A Sampling of Talk Topics: ~talks can be tailored to your group's request~

Healing Promises: Everything you need to know about the Sacred Heart Devotion: This talk inspires and informs bringing one of the most traditional, tried and true devotions of the Catholic Church into focus for our modern times.  Truly, The Sacred Heart is a refuge and remedy for families today. You will learn the history, the practices and the way in which the Heart of Jesus is ministering to us today. 

Praying For Those Who Are Addicted: A Mission of Love, Mercy and Hope: Addiction is rampant and it is destroying our families and ravaging the foundation of our society. What can we do in the hellstorm of addiction? We can pray with a purpose and learn how to cope and care without getting caught up in the chaos. Anne speaks from experience, here, and offers a strong message of hope with practical strategies and a faithfilled approach to coping with some else's addiction.

The Blessing Of Boundaries: Could you use a Catholic Assertuveness Training Class? Do you need to shed the inappropraite guilt and ditch the doormat syndrome? Relationships cannot thrive and people cannot survive without healthly boundaries. Learning how to set them appropraitely an important life work on the road to spiritual maturity that requires Holy Spirit insights and a deep sense of the dignity of the human person. Anne approaches the "hot" topic of  healthy boundaries in  a  sometimes comical, always emotional and highly informative way that can help solve many of your relationship problems with a few foundational principles.

Wisdom For A Woman's Soul: This talk draws from the rich writings and teaching of St. Edith Stein who is a true contemporary "woman's saint". Anne's own spiritual friendship with this saint confirmed everything shew knew in her heart about being a woman but never heard anyone talk about. This talk is highly recommended for all women who are seeking deeper meaning and a more authentic expression of their feminine genius to make a difference in our world.


"Please know that your sharing was one of the loveliest talks I have ever been blessed to experience." - Barbara S., New York 

"Your words were a deep and abiding comfort to me through this pain of losing my son to addiction." - Joanne P., Maryland

"You were profound...You spoke on a level; plain and simple, yet powerful." - Elma G., Texas

"I was deeply moved and will never be the same by the way you spoke... I just wanted to hear more." -Gabby T., Virginia

"Anne Costa is a gifted speaker who is able to immediately connect with her audience on a heart-to-heart level. She has a caring, compassionate style, and her own life experiences, which she weaves into her talks, give her credibility and authenticity. I highly recommend her." - Patricia Mitchell, Associate Editor, The Word Among Us Press

Talks can be tailored to your groups request~ 

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