Ann Marie Cosgrove

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Ann Marie Cosgrove
Ann Marie Cosgrove Catholic Speaker

Travels from Minneapolis, Minnesota

"God wanted me to enter into the most, deepest, darkest place of my pain, so that I could enter into His most healing Mercy and find a love so real and so deep that to think it was never there is unimaginable." Ann Marie

Ann Marie Cosgrove lives in Minneapolis, MN where she was raised Catholic, received her sacraments of Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation. While attending Catholic high school in 1976 she and fellow students went to the Federal Court building in Downtown Minneapolis to protest against abortion. Seven years later she had one. Abortion is not an easy decision and the remorse and regret will last a lifetime. Ann Marie came back to her faith, seeking the Truth. She found it in the Catholic Church.

On March 5 1995, while praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet for the first time, she was released from the bondage of the sin of abortion. For twelve years before this she had suffered great pains of shame and guilt. The last three of those years were spent in secular counseling where she saw her therapist once a week. Towards the end of those three years her therapist threw her hands up and said, “You’re just going to have to live with this.” In reply Ann Marie said, “How does someone learn to live with murdering their own child?”
The therapist had no answer. 

Ann Marie Cosgrove is a high energy, dynamic speaker whose story of love and healing through the Divine Mercy chaplet touches all deeply who hear it.  She loves speaking to youth groups. She has a special gift of being able to reach out to teenagers and hold their attention. She has the ability to bring her audiences on a very personal journey of shame, guilt and despair to her return to God’s grace and forgiveness. One cannot help but feel His Love and Mercy shining through as she tells her story.

This is what people are saying about Ann Marie Cosgrove...

“Ann Marie Cosgrove’s honest, powerful presentations will touch hearts and impact lives. She is living proof of God’s love, forgiveness, and transforming grace.”

Sharon Soderlund, Respect Life Director, Archdiocese of Saint Paul and

“Ann Marie tells a powerful story that brings to life the pain of abortion, while offering the listener hope in God’s healing power. She knew her audience and spoke to them in easily understood terms, leaving no doubt as to her message. I would highly recommend Ann Marie as a speaker.”

Jo Tolck, Executive Director, Human Life Alliance

“Masterfully with the Holy Spirit, Ann Marie puts into words the cruel hidden truth of abortion so that no man or woman who hears her testimony can deny the ugly lie that abortion promises. Thankfully, Ann Marie has found forgiveness and salvation for herself though the only way possible, that is, our merciful God. Through her, others are healed.”

Paul Savaryn M.D.

“Ann Marie Cosgrove has spoken at our church on several occasions and for various events and has never failed to hold the attention of her audience in the palm of her hand!” I would whole-heartedly recommend Ann Marie as an energizing, informative pro-life speaker.”

Mary Kohlhaas, Youth Minister Church of Saint Paul

"Ann Marie's story is one of the most compelling testimonies to the tragedy of abortion, and the need to fight it."

Joe Scheidler, Pro-Life Action League

Ann Marie Cosgrove can give a quick but informative speech hitting the highlights of her story.  Focusing on the basis of what drove her to the abortion clinic and then talk about the healing she received or a much longer more in depth story, told with laughter and tears.

Ann Marie grew up in a abusive, alcoholic home, she suffered greatly at the hands of her father.

Why God, Was I Born Into This?
My father drank most of his life.  His drinking caused a lot of pain and suffering for my mother, my 5 siblings and me.  When he drank he was more often then not very violent. And his put downs cut like a knife. His calling me a whore and a slut while still a virgin killed me...the shame I felt wounded me deeply.  His favorite words for all of us were, "No good bastards, morons, sons of bitches, rats." Not necessarily  in that order.  For most of my life I hated him, I wanted him dead.  When I was 20 years old someone I met while out on a night on the town said to me, "I just met your dad!" My reply the snide remark, "I’m Sorry” was met with him trying to tell me how he liked my dad; I tried not to show how ill I was feeling by just the mere mention of his encounter.   
Over the years my life became a spiral down to the pit of Hell and pain i.e. drugs, drinking, sex, abortion, marriage and divorce, dating the wrong men again, my mother’s mother’s death ahh my mother’s death, is what saved my life! At the moment of her death I began to live, slowly at first and then I realized I needed to hang on because I was beginning the most amazing journey I had ever been on.  One of mystery, intrigue, wonder and spiritual awakening. 
A journey so dark at times I thought I was loosing my mind; A journey that would bring me to my knees and back up over and over again, A journey that took me throughout my home state of Minnesota and both coasts of our nation talking about my abortion. Then in January of 2010 to a hotel room in Washington DC where the Holy Spirit led me to learn I needed to go to Canada on a retreat that would change my life forever.  It was there I would find myself literally hanging onto the Cross, reaching up to touch the feet of Jesus, begging Him not to abandon me.  In this place I was given the miracle of re-birth of my heart, soul, mind and body; receiving the Grace to love my dad with all of my heart, and I would love to share it with you.

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