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Alexis Walkenstein Catholic Speaker
Alexis Walkenstein Catholic Speaker
Alexis Walkenstein Catholic Speaker

Travels from Los Angeles, California

Alexis is a life-long Catholic from Boston, MA whose deep rooted faith guided her decade-long Emmy award winning career in television news. As a college student, Alexis attended World Youth Day with Pope John Paul II in Devner, CO and her experience was life-changing. Faithful from her teen years with a strong devotion to Our Lady in the Holy Rosary and after a powerful encounter with Jesus in front of the Blessed Sacrament, her Denver pilgrimage helped her accept the commisson of now Saint John Paul II to "go into the uncomfortable places" to bring the Gospel to everyone. Her dad converted from Judiasm and became Catholic after their trip. Seeing her dad Baptized, receive Holy Communion and have her mom and dad's marriage blessed in the Church was the happiest day of her life!

Alexis never imagined her life leading to Los Angeles, but God has surprised her every step of the way and through all her movements for Christ she is able to help others embrace the will of God for their lives.

Alexis Walkenstein is an Emmy Award winning TV journalist turned film producer and PR pro in Los Angeles. After covering murders, fires, the Kennedys, Super Bowls, the sex abuse in the Catholic Church and the death and funeral of now Saint John Paul II, Alexis became the chief spokesperson for Bishop Gerald M. Barbarito in the Diocese of Palm Beach. Through a deep desire to help renew the Church, Alexis left her mainstream career behind for a diocesan communications role and more direct evangelization. It was Pope John Paul II who inspired her to "go to the uncomfortable places," which for a time was mainstream newsroom life - but during Saint John Paul II's passing, Alexis was in Rome and God was stirring her heart and melting it toward a deeper call of service. When Alexis arrived for her assignment in the Diocese of Palm Beach, she was managing crisis communications for the largest financial embezzlement criminal investigation in U.S. Chuch history. During this challenging time, Alexis discovered the spiritual friendship of Blessed Fulton J. Sheen, and after a very personal and mystical experience praying inside the crypt at Saint Patrick's Cathedral, she was catapulted into promoting Sheen's cause for sainthood. Alexis believes that Bishop Sheen's wisdom and intercession will have a direct impact on the renewal of the Chuch today. Alexis has been deeply and profoundly impacted by the intercession of Blessed Fulton J. Sheen and Saint John Paul II. Alexis recently published Fulton J. Sheen from the Pauline Media "Ex Libris" series, a compilation of Sheen's spirituality with her own powerful introduction about how he's influenced her life. The work was endorsed by Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley, Bishop Gerald M. Barbarito, Bishop Robert Reed, Mark Hart, Fr. Dan Hennessey, Lisa Hendey, Raymond Arroyo and Gary Zimak. 

Alexis earned a BA in Communication from Regis College in Weston, MA and attended American University's prestigious Washington Semester for journalism. She currently resides in Los Angeles where she runs her own media and marketing business promoting movies, authors, personalties and causes. She is a co-producer on the movie UNPLANNED which released nationwide March 29th and is currently marketing and promoting international release efforts. Alexis hosts Mary's Touch, a national radio show airing on 60 radio stations around the U.S and world.  Her heroes are Saint John Paul II and Blessed Fulton J. Sheen. 

Alexis speaks within the United States at conferences, events, retreats and schools. Various talks and topics include:

IN THE SCHOOL OF FULTON J. SHEEN (day retreat or half day retreat that takes attendees through Sheen’s spirituality on topics related to: the Fire of God, Human Freedom, Divine Love, Sin and Knowing Jesus)

PRAYER, OBEDIENCE AND THE WORD (unpacking the power of prayer, being obedient to God's call on your life/commandments and living the Word of God)

SAINT JOHN PAUL II AND THE NEW EVANGELIZATION (Alexis’ life with Saint John Paul II in life and in his death to now)

LIVING YOUR FAITH IN THE WORLD (how to keep your faith and proclaim it in the mainstream)


WAIT FOR IT... (how to be single, chaste and joyful in a world that doesn't wait)

HE LEAVES THE 99 FOR THE ONE (personal testimony about God's Divine Mercy for the Sinner/hard assignments)

PRO-LIFE (personal testimony about family life - mom who was a teen mom, understanding the dignity and value of every human life from our family struggles and woundedness) 

GOD'S CHOICE VERSUS MAN's CHOICE (the world may pass you by, but if God has an assignment for you, you are going through that door)

CHANGING THE CULTURE (TV, movies, saints and sinners)

MARIAN DEVOTION (54 day Rosary Novena, cenacle, Total Consecration) 

Alexis Walkenstein is a media maven, public speaker, author and radio host. Follow her at LexiWalkenstein on Insta, @walkenstein on Twitter or on her blog at 


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