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Al Kresta Dies at Age 73
Al Kresta Ave Maria Radio Apologetics Evangelist Radio / TV Catholic Speaker EWTN
Al Kresta Ave Maria Radio Apologetics Evangelist Radio / TV Catholic Speaker EWTN

Travels from Ann Arbor, Michigan

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Al Kresta on June 15, 2024. Please keep Al and the Kresta family in your prayers. If you wish to leave a prayer, message or intention, please send a message through Al's profile here. Al was a friend and big supporter of the Catholic Speakers Organization over the years and he will be missed.

Al Kresta is a broadcaster, journalist and author who is, first of all, a missionary. He is President and CEO of Ave Maria Radio and host of “Kresta in the Afternoon.” He draws upon his unique faith background to create what is, arguably, the most fascinating — and most spiritually constructive — talk radio program on the radio today.

A 1976 honors graduate of Michigan State University, Al has also done graduate work in theology at both Catholic and Protestant seminaries. He became well known in the Detroit area for his program, “Talk from the Heart,” one of the top-rated Christian talk radio programs during the 1980s and 90s. When he began the program, Al was a Protestant pastor. The questions forced upon him as pastor, however, led him to return to the Catholic Church. His profound personal conversion to Christ and return to the Catholic Church is told in the best-selling anthology Surprised By Truth.

In 1997, Domino’s Pizza founder Tom Monaghan recruited Al to launch the media apostolate, Ave Maria Communications.

Biography of Al Kresta: Catholic Radio Host

Name: Albert J. Kresta
Born: January 24, 1951
Nationality: American
Occupation: Radio Host, Author, Journalist
Spouse: Sally Kresta
Children: 5

Early Life and Education

Albert J. Kresta, widely known as Al Kresta, was born on January 24, 1951, in the United States. Raised in a devout Catholic family, Kresta's early life was deeply influenced by his faith. He attended Catholic schools throughout his childhood, where he developed a strong foundation in religious studies and a passion for communication.

Conversion and Early Career

Though Al Kresta was raised Catholic, he experienced a period of religious searching during his youth. In the 1970s, he explored various spiritual paths before experiencing a profound reconversion to Catholicism. This pivotal moment in his life reignited his dedication to his faith and inspired him to use his talents to serve the Church.

Kresta's career in media began in secular radio, where he honed his skills as a communicator and broadcaster. However, his calling to merge his professional skills with his faith led him to Catholic media.

Ave Maria Radio

In 1997, Al Kresta joined Ave Maria Radio, a Catholic radio network based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He became the host of "Kresta in the Afternoon," a popular talk show that explores issues from a Catholic perspective. The show covers a wide range of topics, including theology, politics, culture, and current events, all through the lens of Catholic doctrine and values.

Under Kresta's leadership, "Kresta in the Afternoon" has become a cornerstone of Catholic radio, known for its thoughtful and engaging discussions. Kresta's ability to address complex and often controversial issues with clarity and compassion has earned him a loyal audience and widespread respect within the Catholic community.

Writing and Publications

In addition to his work on radio, Al Kresta is an accomplished author and journalist. He has written numerous articles and several books on topics related to faith, culture, and the intersection of the two. His writings reflect his deep understanding of Catholic teaching and his commitment to evangelization.

Personal Life

Al Kresta is married to Sally Kresta, and together they have five children. The Kresta family is active in their local parish and community, embodying the principles of their faith in their daily lives.

Legacy and Impact

Al Kresta's influence extends beyond the airwaves. He has been a vocal advocate for the Catholic Church and its teachings, using his platform to educate, inspire, and challenge listeners. His contributions to Catholic media have helped shape the landscape of religious broadcasting, providing a space for thoughtful dialogue and meaningful engagement with contemporary issues.

Through his dedication to his faith and his work, Al Kresta has made a lasting impact on the Catholic community and beyond, embodying the mission of evangelization and the call to be a witness to the truth.

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