Adam Janke

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Adam Janke Apologetics Convert Pornography Catholic Speaker St. Paul Street Evangelization
Adam Janke Apologetics Convert Pornography Catholic Speaker St. Paul Street Evangelization
Adam Janke Apologetics Convert Pornography Catholic Speaker St. Paul Street Evangelization

Travels from Dansville, Michigan

Adam has been featured on EWTN Television and Radio, Catholic Answers Live, the Radio Maria Network, The Son Rise Morning Show, and is a contributing author to the book "Catholic Street Evangelization" from Ignatius Press. He resides in Michigan with his wife and six children.

After converting to Catholicism from biblical fundamentalism, Adam obtained his BA in Theology and Catechetics from Franciscan University of Steubenville. While working as a full time Director of Religious Education and Coordinator of Youth Ministry, he also obtained his Masters in Theology & Christian Ministry from Franciscan.

Speaking Topics:

-Basic Evangelization Training: Today, more than ever, pastors have to ask the pragmatic question: what processes and programs will help me effectively evangelize my parish and community? Basic Evangelization Training workshops and retreats are the perfect way to transform parishes into inviting, evangelizing communities. Parishioners learn simple, effective tools to share their faith in the circumstances of their everyday life, whether or not they join one of our street teams. Learn from the example of thousands of Catholic disciples who are effectively sharing their faith and inviting others to encounter Jesus & His Church.

-Teen Encounter Workshop: This is our one day, 6 hour youth version of our Basic Evangelization Training.

-10 Things You Can Do to Be a Great Evangelist: Great for conferences as a keynote or breakout session! We will cover 10 simple tools that anyone can use to be an effective evangelist by the time they leave the talk.

-Hearts Ablaze (Lenten Retreat): Culture: The scope of religious worldviews today: A look at the sobering statistics of an increasingly secular culture and the urgency of a New Evangelization. Bishops have called us to evangelize the household of faith, the lost sheep, and the court of the gentiles. New Evangelization: A look at Pope Francis’ Joy of the Gospel as the manual for Catholic laity in the work of the New Evangelization and how lay people are called to “missionary zeal” through prayer and the call to holiness. Community: A look at how Catholics all over the country are changing their communities and building a culture of evangelization. Catholics are bringing people back home through prayer, conversion, witness, kerygma, and compassion. Missionary Zeal: 3 short exercises that will get us ready to transform the culture. Exercise 1: The Miraculous Medal. Exercise 2: Enthusiasm and what God has done in my life. Exercise 3: Offering to pray with others. Commisioning: Go forth and announce the Gospel of the Lord. We cannot stay idle. Instead, Jesus gives us the grace to share our faith with others. People are broken, increasingly desperate and waiting for someone to help.

-Spirituality of the Evangelist: A 60 minute talk on the spirituality of the evangelist. You can't give what you do not possess.

-Made for Happiness (Youth Talk): In our technological age of iphones and instagram do so many of us and our friends face anxiety and depression? We will explore faith, discipleship, and evangelization through extraordinary the lives of different saints. From thieves to gang members, none of them found happiness until they finally found the one big secret to happiness.

-The Story of St. Paul Street Evangelization: From the heartbreaking to the hilarious, learn the story of St. Paul Street Evangelization and the thousands of ordinary Catholics doing the extraordinary work of evangelization in their own communities all over the world. From the conversion of our founder, Steve Dawson, to physical healings and miracles, St. Paul Street Evangelization is building a bridge of trust from the public square to the local parish.

-The Catholic Hospitality Training Institute: A new one day presentation for parish and diocesan first contact staff. What happens when a visitor or parishioner walks through the door of your church? We spent thousands of hours researching the best practices in hospitality and will help your secretaries, janitors, business managers, ushers, and other staff develop action plans for hospitality in your parish. Whether you are starting over or honing your skills, everyone will take away something from this workshop, along with our "First Aid" hospitality box, filled with resources.

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