Room At The Inn


3737 Weona Avenue
North Carolina

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Jeannie Wray, Executive Director
704-525-4673 ext. 11
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Room At The Inn is a safe haven and source of hope for pregnant mothers and their children. 

Respecting and affirming life from the moment of conception, Room At The Inn, Inc. is a Catholic, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, corporation operating in Charlotte, North Carolina since 1994. Invoking a Christ-centered approach inspired by the examples of Mary and Joseph, Room At The Inn helps young families move toward a new life of hopeful, independent, and healthy living and educates the broader community on the importance of fostering a culture of life.  Room At The Inn provides material assistance, food, professional counseling and life-skills training to pregnant women and new mothers, all of whom are served regardless of their economic, social, religious, racial, or ethnic background. In addition, Room At The Inn has recently completed construction on its new college-based maternity and after-care residential facility located adjacent to Belmont Abbey College. This new facility, the first of its kind in the nation, will provide room and board for up to 15 college women and their babies for up to two years. Room At The Inn is listed in the Official Catholic Directory (P.J. Kenedy and Sons)

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