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Timothy Putnam

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Timothy Putnam Catholic Speaker

Travels from Tulsa, Oklahoma

Timothy lives in Oklahoma with his wife and their seven children. He is the Host of the weekly radio program 'Outside the Walls' which airs on numerous stations. 

Timothy grew up in the home of a United Methodist Evangelist and spent a great deal of his formative years traveling to congregations across the US for his father's parish missions. Instilled in him early was a love for theology, and an understanding that faith was not simply a Sunday proposition, but that it entailed the whole of one's life.

For ten years, Timothy served a number of churches in the Wesleyan/Arminian tradition as a Minister of Worship and Arts. Because of his upbringing, he knew that there was more to worship than the latest song or the high emotional experience. Throughout his years as a minister, he sought to infuse in the flow of each Sunday service a depth of theology and nuance not often found in his tradition. The deeper he looking into the theology of worship, the more convinced he became that the common expression of worship found in protestant circles was missing something quite profound.

After ten years of journeying closer to historic faith, Timothy left his position in the protestant church and, together with his wife, entered into full communion with the Catholic Church. Their passion for strong marriages and healthy families carried them into places they'd never expected to go. They co-founded an apostolate named NFP AWARE, and have traveled the country speaking about the Church's moral teaching regarding contraception, the scientific functions of contraception and the side effects and associated risks, and explaining the effectiveness Natural Family Planning.

Timothy has years of experience teaching deep, complex, and nuanced topics in a humorous and relatable way. Whether you are looking for someone to speak at your men's conference or marriage retreat, your family conference or parish mission, Timothy has several talks that will delight and challenge your participants.

His talks include, but are not limited to:

  • Defining Marriage
    • Our society is rushing headlong to redefine marriage on a massive scale. In this talk, Timothy traces the origins of this assault on marriage. Using the documents of the Church - encyclicals, pastoral letters, constitutions and canon law - Timothy methodically lays out the Church's principled definition of marriage, which alone can withstand the cultural assault.

  • The Fight-Free Marriage
    • When you vowed 'for better or worse' maybe you weren't expecting your spouse to 'be' the 'worst.' If trivial triggers turn into flying dishware, or you dread the daily drama dredged up by constant tensions, this talk will challenge you and give you hope for something better. Timothy calls his participants to draw on the graces of the sacrament and the scriptural pattern of marriage which, when followed puts your fights to flight!

  • Cultivating Your Domestic Church
    • The family has an age-old title – the domestic church – but in this distracting, face-paced, world in which we live, our families often seem anything but sacred. Based on Deuteronomy 6, and Vatican II's assertion that parents are the primary educators of their children, this talk gives parents the principled foundation and the practical steps they need to cultivate holiness in their home and instill a love of Christ and His Church in their children.

  • Contraception: What's the Big Deal?
    • As Timothy and his wife were considering entering into full communion with the Catholic Church, it was surprisingly the moral teaching of the Church in the area of contraception that provided the final push they needed. They realized while many Catholics had a cursory knowledge of the Church's prohibition of contraception, few understood the reasons for it, or the historical roots of it. Together, they created this talk which examines the physical, and the spiritual aspects of contraception, and to provide a principled explanation of the Church's teaching on the matter.

  • Abortion, Contraception, and the Sexual Revolution
    • This talk explores the common cultural root, which has decimated the family, devalued human life, and destroyed the wholesomeness of sexuality.

  • The Gift of Life, and the Moral and Ethical Issues with In Vitro
    • Many are surprised to learn that the Church, which so values life, would be against any technology that purports to create life. In this talk, Timothy delves into the Church's moral theology which bolsters her view on the sanctity of all life, and shows the connection between the Church's stance on contraception and certain invasive fertility treatments. 

  • The Importance of Catholic Liturgy in a Mega-Church World
    • For more than a decade, Timothy served as a Minister of Worship and Arts for various churches, both non-denominational and in the Wesleyan/Arminian tradition. He is well versed in the Mega-Church model and has led worship for groups as small as a few people and as large as several thousand. As he continued to explore the 'theology of worship,' he became more convinced that something was missing in his protestant experience of worship. This talk examines what that missing element was, by exploring the continuity between the Mosaic tabernacle (which Hebrews 8:5 calls a shadow of heavenly worship) and the mass. This talk may just flip everything you thought you knew on its head.

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