Tatiana 'Tajci' Cameron


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Tajci Cameron Catholic Musician and Speaker
Tajci Cameron Catholic Musician and Speaker
Tajci Cameron Catholic Musician and Speaker
Tajci Cameron Catholic Musician and Speaker
Tajci Cameron Catholic Musician and Speaker
Tajci Cameron Catholic Musician and Speaker
Tajci Cameron Catholic Speaker and Musician
Tatiana Cameron Catholic Speaker Tajci Cameron Catholic Speaker

Travels from Nashville, Tennessee

By age 19, Tatiana ‘Tajci’ Cameron was a pop superstar in Croatia. A powerful encounter with God two years later compelled her to abruptly step away from her fame and embark on a spiritual journey that took her to the United States. Despite her deep faith and powerful music ministry, Tajci struggled through years of depression, periods of inner turmoil during an at-times-rocky marriage, and severe anxiety and panic attacks after her father was diagnosed with and later died from cancer. Her healing came through years of contemplative prayer, inner work, and action (working with the poor and abused). It was this deeper conversion that helped Tajci through the most difficult time of her life - her husband’s diagnosis of and eventual death from cancer in 2017.

Tatiana "Tajci" (sounds like TIE-chi) Cameron is an award-winning music artist and former Eurovision Song Contest finalist who was a pop superstar by the time she was 19. A native of Croatia (formerly Yugoslavia), she achieved platinum status while selling more than a million records and packing sold-out venues for many of her performances. She landed major endorsement deals with the likes of Levi’s, and an iconic “Tajci doll” was manufactured in her likeness and widely distributed.

After leaving Croatia to move to New York when she was 21, Tajci graduated from American Musical and Dramatic Academy. She has performed at numerous venues - from off-Broadway theaters to Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Garden. She also has written a full-length musical, “My Perfectly Beautiful Life,” and founded a children’s theatre in Cincinnati, Ohio. She also produced and hosted the TV show "Waking Up in America,” with about 100 episodes having been produced and aired.

Soon after getting married in 1999, Tajci, along with her husband Matthew, embarked on what turned into a 15-year tour of America, during which she performed more than 1,000 “I Do Believe” concerts (also featured on all major faith TV channels). Along the way she gave birth to three sons – each of whom has ample experience in various arts, to include music – while living, in succession, in Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and, most recently, Nashville.

Tajci has keynoted at numerous events or conferences, to include the Bridge to Thrive Women’s Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio; Marian and Eucharistic Conferences; and Diaconate Convocations. She has received numerous honors from organizations such as the U.S. Marines and several Catholic bishops.

Tajci combines music with speaking during her presentations, in which she openly relates her own life experiences to topics she covers. She crafts messages of hope, healing, love, and joy as they apply to a variety of topics that touch on core issues that can become obstacles to grace: such as shame, guilt, fear, unprocessed grief, and trauma (caused by rape, abuse, abortion, loss of a loved one, etc.).

The multi-talented Tajci is also a certified life coach, and a writer and author who has had four books published – “Turning Points,” “25 Gifts for Christmas,” “Be a Rock Star of Transformation,” and “George.” The latter is a four-color children’s book featuring illustrations drawn by her oldest son Dante when he was five years old. She is currently working on two other books – an inspirational memoir as well as an autobiographical songbook showcasing her musical roots.

When she’s not on the road singing or speaking, Tajci volunteers with Better Decisions, mentoring female inmates at the state prison in Nashville. Tajci also serves as a board member of Nashville Peacemakers, an organization that works with at-risk youth in Nashville’s low-income neighborhoods; and she volunteers as a presenter with EndSlaveryTN, which raises awareness of human trafficking while working toward preventing it and providing healing for those affected by it.

Tajci, whose husband Matthew passed away in 2017, lives in Franklin, Tennessee, with their three sons. 

Speaking Topics:

-Heal Deeper, Love More, Serve Others (as the Body of Christ) - Removing the obstacles to grace by living in the presence of God’s love and saying ‘Yes!’ to our purpose in God’s creation: In this music and speaking event, Tajci shares her personal journey of getting stuck in the cycles of emotional pain, and how, through acceptance of God’s grace, love and healing, she finally was able to break out of them.

-"I Thirst - the Crucifixion Story" (on Redemptive Suffering) - Reflection on the Crucifixion Story with a Focus on Renewal of Life: This can be presented in either of two forms -- as a musical concert or as a talk accompanied by music. As a concert, “I Thirst” is a powerful musical reflection on Christ’s suffering, love, and promise of deeper joy and purpose. As a talk with music, it can be expanded into two- or three-day Lenten missions - with each day focusing on the different aspects of the Crucifixion Story. All three days’ missions bring healing, more love into our lives, and a commission to be the hands, feet, voice, and living body of the resurrected Christ. “I Thirst” incorporates Scripture, music, and Tajci’s personal experiences of suffering and finding joy after loss.

“When Tajci sings ... it's not just being drawn into the dangerous last journey of Jesus - it's also being drawn into how Tajci holds the audience breathless.”  - Fr. Dan Pisano​

Advent Program "Emmanuel" A Story of Longing to Believe…: If you can attend only one event during the Holiday Season, this is the one that you, your children, and your parents will all enjoy.  Tajci takes the audience on a journey through the events that preceded the birth of Jesus, and she does this from the viewpoint of a child lying under a Christmas tree and hearing it for the very first time.  The music arrangements are breathtaking, and the songs are gentle and filled with grace and a sense of mystery - which really is a shift from the usual hustle and bustle of the Advent (Christmas) season.

“I reluctantly went [to Tajci's concert] and as I sat in the church ... her voice and song captured my ears and mellowed my thoughts ... and the presence of God entered my heart!” -Tom, Cincinnati, OH

NEW: 25 Gifts for Christmas (Advent Reflection with Music): Based on Tajci’s new book “25 Gifts for Christmas,” this talk with music guides the audience through an inspiring reflection on the gifts we take for granted (especially during the Advent season, when the secular, commercial side of the Christmas holiday can be quite overwhelming, even chaotic). Some of the gifts Tajci talks and sings about are the Gifts of Gratitude, Family, Breaking Bread, Health, Grace, Forgiveness, Compassion, Silence, Courage, Freedom, Music, Dance, Light, Love, and Life.

Testimonials & Endorsements:
From the moment Tajci took the stage, the entire room was captivated. 250 women and girls were silent, hanging on every word and every note. As Tajci wove a web of humor, vulnerability, and reverence in song and speech, for those listening, she became a daughter, a mother, a friend... This is the best brunch we have ever had.” - Megan Silas, MD, Co-Coordinator, Our Lady’s Brunch 2014, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, College Station, TX

Tajci was an incredible draw for our fundraising dinner...  Over 300 people attended the event, many because of her influence, and were incredibly moved by her music, her story and her soul. Tajci is more than just an ‘entertainer’, her beautiful voice carries an important message and stirs the hearts of the men and women who are blessed to hear it.”  - Kelly Gorsky, Board President/Founder, Waterleaf Women’s Center, Aurora, IL

Tajci did an excellent job in speaking to the hearts of both the men and the women in the audience... I relished in the way she delivered her message. It was inextricably intertwined with anecdotes and music, making it encouraging, inspirational, and uplifting.” -  Miranda Walichowski, College Station TX

"You were amazing last night! Your talk was funny, beautiful and inspiring." - Jami Edelheit, TEDx Cincinnati

“It is, I would say, one of the most beautiful religious experiences we have had for a long time.  You definitely make the face of God and the love of God real and visible!" - Fr. Jonathan Molina, Our Lady of Mercy, Redding CA

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