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Travels from Nashville, Tennessee

Tajci left her successful career as a Croatian musical superstar at the age of 21. Answering the call like Peter - leaving his boat to the shore - she made an external shift and came to America. A few years later, she found herself stuck in a life that fit the definition of the American dream - got married, had children, owned a house and toured with powerful spiritual concerts. But it wasn’t until she found herself on the brink of a divorce that she finally made the internal shift - a change deep within.

Through her TV show “Waking Up In America” and live speaking/ music events, Tajci guides her audience through the process of connecting with God, making the change within and committing to it, in order to experience a life of well being, healthy relationships, balanced and joyful family life, abundance, service and gratitude.


Tajci (sounds like TIE-chi) Cameron is host of weekly TV show “Waking Up in America,” an award winning music artist, speaker, HuffPost blogger and certified holistic life coach.
She has performed over 1,000 concerts in “I do Believe” series and her work has been broadcast on most of the faith networks (EWTN, CatholicTV, TBN, etc.)
Tajci became a pop superstar at the age of 19, when she represented her country of Croatia (then Yugoslavia) at the European Song Competition (Eurovision). She reached platinum record sales, performed to sold out sporting arenas and had endorsements by major corporations including Levi Strauss. A limited addition of "Tajci Doll" sold out and immediately became a ‘collector’s item’.
Two years later, Tajci walked away from the glamour, fame and fortune, choosing instead a faith-centered life of artistic freedom, unadulterated authenticity, and unfiltered creativity.
She moved to New York where she graduated from American Musical and Dramatic Academy, performed at numerous venues - from off off Broadway theaters to Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Garden and in over 1,000 “I Do Believe” concert events throughout the US. In 2011, Tajci wrote a full length musical "My Perfectly Beautiful Life" which was staged at the Aronoff Center for the Performing Arts in Cincinnati.
Tajci is an expert keynote concert presenter - delivering both the inspiration and actionable guidance on topics like living with purpose, awakening to the life we are created for and bringing change and healing into our world through personal soulful shifts toward grace, love and compassion.
She has presented for married couples, school children, teenagers and college students, mother-daughter events, Archdiocesan conferences, Deacon convocations, women centers’ fundraisers, ambassadors and congressmen, Marines, as well as inmates in several maximum security prisons in the U.S.  
Tajci’s TV show, “Waking Up In America,” features guests who have made drastic life shifts toward living with purpose and have become influencers and game changers in the world. Some of the guests include Lucinda Ruh (figure skate champion and world’s fastest ice spinner), Glennon Doyle Melton (New York Times Bestselling Author), Calvin LeHew (powerhouse entrepreneur and member of the Institute of Noetic Science’s Board of Directors), Tim Worley (former NFL running back and life skills consultant) and Becca Stevens (author, awarded humanitarian and founder of Thistle Farms)
Tajci is happily married to her best friend and producer, Matthew Cameron. They have three sons reside in Nashville, Tennessee.
Speaking Topics List:
Image/ Self-Esteem
Life Balance
Musicians/ Bands/ Singers
Personal (and Faith) Development
Vision/ Purpose
Women Issues
Testimonials & Endorsements:
From the moment Tajci took the stage, the entire room was captivated. 250 women and girls were silent, hanging on every word and every note. As Tajci wove a web of humor, vulnerability, and reverence in song and speech, for those listening, she became a daughter, a mother, a friend... This is the best brunch we have ever had.” - Megan Silas, MD, Co-Coordinator, Our Lady’s Brunch 2014, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, College Station, TX

Tajci was an incredible draw for our fundraising dinner...  Over 300 people attended the event, many because of her influence, and were incredibly moved by her music, her story and her soul. Tajci is more than just an ‘entertainer’, her beautiful voice carries an important message and stirs the hearts of the men and women who are blessed to hear it.”  - Kelly Gorsky, Board President/Founder, Waterleaf Women’s Center, Aurora, IL

Tajci did an excellent job in speaking to the hearts of both the men and the women in the audience... I relished in the way she delivered her message. It was inextricably intertwined with anecdotes and music, making it encouraging, inspirational, and uplifting.” -  Miranda Walichowski, College Station TX

"You were amazing last night! Your talk was funny, beautiful and inspiring." - Jami Edelheit, TEDx Cincinnati

“It is, I would say, one of the most beautiful religious experiences we have had for a long time.  You definitely make the face of God and the love of God real and visible!" - Fr. Jonathan Molina, Our Lady of Mercy, Redding CA

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