Sr. Rose Pacatte, FSP

Sr. Rose Pacatte Catholic Speaker
Sr. Rose Pacatte Catholic Speaker

Travels from Culver City, California

Sr. Rose entered the Daughters of St. Paul in 1967. She is the second eldest of eight children, grew up in San Diego, CA and attended public schools and CCD classes until she entered. She credits the DRE of her parish for introducing her to the Daughters of St. Paul. Rose can present in English, Italian, and hopefully soon in Spanish. One of the most enjoyable things she ever did was to perform a stand-up comedy routine at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood on Catholic night. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1997 but tries not to let it get in the way!

She is a media literacy education specialist and is the first Catholic in the United States to earn a masters degree in the field and apply it to catechesis, adult faith formation, and spirituality. She is a national and international speaker on media literacy and brings her critical skills and experience to film, television, and popular culture through print and online reviews and commentary. Searching for God in media stories is something she loves to do.

Sr. Rose earned a Doctorate in Ministry in 2018 and a Master of Arts in Education in Media Studies from the University of London’s Institute of Education in 1995. She has an AB in Liberal Arts from Magdalen College with a concentration in communications and catechesis. She has a Certificate in Pastoral Communications from the University of Dayton as well. 

Sr. Rose has received several Catholic Press Association Awards and accolades from the Religious Communicators Council for her reviews and commentaries in the National Catholic Reporter and St. Anthony Messenger. She has also been recognized by Pepperdine University with the Spiritus Award (2004), the Jesse McCanse Award for Media Literacy (2007), the Technology Award from the National Catholic Catechetical Leadership association (2007), the Catholics in Media Award (2011) for Media Literacy, the Magis Award from Loyola Marymount University (2012) for writing on film and social justice, the Daniel J. McCane Religious Communication Award from the University of Dayton (2014) and others.

Rose received the Mother Theresa Prize in Spirituality and Community Service from the Graduate Theological Foundation for her doctoral project: "To Seek God's Face: Theoligcal Approaches to Film."

Sr. Rose is the founder of the Pauline Center for Media Studies (1995-2016) and currently serves as its founding director in Culver City, CA. She is the president of Catholics in Media. Rose has given countless seminars and workshops for the NCEA, the NCCL, and the Los Angeles Religious Education Conference and in numerous dioceses in the U.S., Italy, South Africa, and Singapore. She has also spoken at the World Summit on Media and Children in South Africa and Sweden and the SIGNIS world gathering in Chang Mai, Thailand.  Rose has also taught media literacy in Johannesburg and Durbin, SA and to novices of her community in Nairboi, Kenya.

Sr. Rose is also the co-founder of the National Film Retreat, an activity of the SIGNIS Communicators Forum.  She reviews films for children and catechists for RCL-Benziger and hosts a review show for the Ignatian News Network. She also introduced “The Song of Bernadette” and “King of Kings” at the TCM annual film festival in Hollywood.

Sr. Rose has co-authored two award-winning books on media mindfulness for faith formation, five books on Scripture and film, several film guides and one film retreat guide. Two of her most recent books are the award-winning “Martin Sheen: Pilgrim on the Way” (2015) and “Corita Kent: Gentle Revolutionary of the Heart” (2017) both from Liturgical Press. She has also contributed chapters to numerous books on theology and film as well as on faith and popular culture. In 2013 she was profiled in the New York Times: “A Nun at the Crossroads of Faith and Film”. 

Workshops and Seminars topics:

T.H.I.N.K. Five Ways to Bridge Faith and (Social) Media

Our world is completely wired and often we cannot see the real connections that seem invisible. Even the Pope tweets. In this presentation I explore questions about social media, faith and education and share two frameworks for evaluating how students, teachers, and others create content and consume it. The T.H.I.N.K. strategy is easy to learn, apply and share with even young children.

Introducing Media Mindfulness

Whether you love the media or hate them, they are not going away. This interactive workshop presents media mindfulness as a faith and educational imperative for the 211st century. Participants will learn key concepts, core principles and practical skills to put on their own media oxygen mask first and then assist others with faithful ways to appreciate and interact with entertainment and information media that is all around us. (Choose a one part or three-part day-long version of this workshop.)

The Grand Illusion: Pope Francis on Family, Media, Technology & Communication in Amoris Laetitia

This interactive audiovisual presentation will provide the context for Pope Francis 12 points (or more) about media, media literacy, technology, communication and the family with practical tips on how to apply these suggestions from Amoris Laetitia. Participants will be able to leave with insight and practical applications from Pope Francis’ understanding and teaching on family, media, media literacy, technology & communication.

Digital Literacy: Why Character Matters

As catechists, teachers, parents and ministers, it is not enough to know "how." We are called to be faithful citizens in the digital universe and character education is the basic human foundation on which to build the moral, spiritual, faithful citizen with an informed conscience and vibrant faith life. Practical skills that they can apply immediately in life, faith, catechesis, and education will be in their new digital tool box. During the workshop we will look at various samples of digital media and apply two methods for critical thinking.

Modern Prophecy: Catholic Social Teaching and Hollywood

“Nothing good comes out of Hollywood” is often said by people of good will who don’t go to the movies. They’ve been burned by too many movies that explode on the screen and fail to tell meaningful stories or perhaps they have been disappointed by preachy movies that lead with a message rather than a compelling story. This presentation looks at Hollywood cinema in depth through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching: human dignity, the common good, community, family, work, solidarity, option for the poor and marginalized, and care for the earth. Using clips and a Catholic Christian framework, Sr. Rose looks beyond the superficial to reveal the depth and concerns of humanity to which the film industry draws our attention.

The Way: A Cinematic Retreat

This film retreat takes its inspiration from Emilio Estevez’ 2011 film “The Way” starring his father, Martin Sheen. It is a cinematic pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Adaptable and time-adjustable for groups of older teens, young adults and adults, this cinematic journey is ideally presented in six sessions and includes viewing the film, Scripture, the Rosary, activities and questions for reflection and conversation that are drawn from moments in the film.  A pilgrim bag and guide is included for each participant. Ideal for a long weekend in Lent or anytime; also for large groups in English and Spanish.

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