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Shak Hill

Shak Hill
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Travels from Centreville, Virginia

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Upon graduating from the United States Air Force Academy, Shak Hill spent 9 years as a pilot in the Air Force and flew combat missions during Desert Storm. After five short years of marriage, his wife Robin was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer while pregnant with their second child. They chose life. Among important topics, Shak speaks on the Fatherhood. You will be inspired.

America is having a Fatherhood Crisis. Looking for ways to spread that message, with concrete solutions to bring fathers back home? Shak can help.

The second child of five boys, Shak was born a cradle Catholic and attended parochial school through high school. During his time at the Academy, Shak and Robin met, fell in love, and were married right after his graduation. It was the beginning of a storybook romance.

After their daughter was born, Shak and Robin were thrilled with the news that their second child was on his way. But it was soon discovered that not all was well with Robin. During the pregnancy, Robin was told that she had an aggressive form of bone cancer. To make matters worse, her cancer was estrogen-fed, meaning that as her body was developing the life of her child, it was attacking her own life. The doctors informed her that her pregnancy would likely kill her. She was told that she needed to terminate the pregnancy immediately to begin life-saving treatment.

Shak and Robin are aware of a great truth. Every child conceived is created in the love of God. Shak and Robin chose life. And miraculously today, Shak and Robin are alive and well, adding new chapters to their storybook romance every day.
Their son Jake is now twenty-three years old.

Although born two months premature and with his own medical issues, Jake is today very healthy and his story has an even more fascinating twist as portrayed in Shak’s presentation: “Every Life Matters.”  And being pro-life doesn’t stop at birth. Robin and Shak became foster parents, and since 1997 have fostered 46 children and adopted a sibling group of four. Robin and Shak are also proud homeschoolers of their children.

Recognizing the need to bring integrity and morals back into our national governance, Shak ran for the Republican nomination for the U. S. Senate from Virginia in 2014. Though he was unable to garner enough votes to win the election, he ran a remarkable campaign that brought the importance of character and morality back into the public discourse.

Shak is an inspirational speaker, author, business owner, Family of the Year Award Winner, combat pilot, MLS Soccer official, elected official, U. S. Senate Candidate, foster father, dad and husband.
Shak's Presentations:
1. Reclaiming American Fatherhood
~~Faced with the inability to have more children due to Robin’s cancer, Shak and Robin decided to become foster parents. In all, they have foster-parented 46 children, and adopted four. In a world running away from fatherhood, Shak explains the joys of fatherhood and his deep appreciation for the difference a Godly father can make—both in the family and in American society.

2. Every Life Matters
~~The personal story to choose the life of their child at the immediate risk of Robin’s life is inspirational and heartwarming. Believing in God’s love for life does not stop at birth, and this presentation will inspire the listener to re-commit to the pro-life movement, embrace life, and will motivate him to make a difference in his own life.

3. Aiming Highest

~~Presentations and books abound about setting goals, but many of them set their sights on merely earthly rewards. Whether he was serving as a Combat Pilot, an MLS Soccer Official, a foster parent to over 40 children, or a candidate for the US Senate, his goal was the same: God. In this powerful presentation, Shak explains that we should aim higher—to aim highest, and why we should never settle for anything less.

4. Needed: Christians in Politics
~~America was founded on religious beliefs and tenants. No clearer is this realized than in the founding documents and the guarantee of religious freedom as found in the very first Article in the Bill of Rights. Today, many believers overlook their God ordained role as an informed voter in the political process. Christians Need Apply. Learn why this is critical to our nation’s survival.


“Not only was your address insightful, respectful and convincing, it was emotionally moving because of the real pro-life decision joyfully made by you and your wife, Robin.”
+Michael G. Duca, Bishop of Shreveport
“It is my pleasure to present and recommend Shak Hill as a speaker on Life Issues and the Catholic Church. I have witnessed his presentation style and heard its content, and I know of the overwhelmingly positive response of others… He is a gifted speaker with a natural ability to inspire.”
Very Rev. Peter B. Mangum, Rector, Cathedral of St John Berchman
“Shak is a dynamic speaker concerned about family and children. As a home schooling father, he can inspire parents to take responsibility for their children's education. I recommend him highly as he tells his story of his Catholic faith and fidelity to God's will.”
Dr. Mary Kay Clark, Director, Seton Home Study School
“Shak is the real deal! A dynamic speaker who tells it like it is and doesn't pull any punches.”
Dr. John F. Sloop, Chaplain - Valley Family Forum
“Shak Hill is a principled warrior for those causes he believes in. He is a military hero, a staunch Catholic, and a shining example of what it means to be an American father. Simply put, he is a man of faith who says what he means and means what he says. His speeches are powerful, impassioned, and engaging.”
John Clark, columnist and author of  Who's Got You: Observations of a Catholic Homeschooling Father
“Shak is one of the best public speakers that I know. He can electrify a crowd, and he quickly captures the hearts and minds of his audience with real-life experiences and direct accounts of his professional and personal life. As we are both military veterans, we both share a common love and patriotic fervor for our country. Shak would strongly benefit any organization in a public speaking role.”
Howie Lind, Retired Naval Officer, Former Candidate for U.S. Senate and U.S. House from Virginia

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