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Sean O'Hare Catholic Speaker
Sean O'Hare Catholic Entrepreneur

Travels from New York City, New York

Sean O’Hare is a young, dynamic speaker on the topics of pro-life, Christian apologetics, business and philanthropy. As an life-long Entrepreneur he is founder of multiple business ventures.  Sean has spoken at over 100 venues. This includes 50+ universities such as University of Chicago, Duke University, UCLA and Baylor University and specializes in men's conferences.

Sean O’Hare is a young, dynamic and influential speaker on the topics of pro-life, Christian apologetics, business and philanthropy. As a lifetime entrepreneur he has been founder and operator of multiple business ventures. 

His business interests have included technology, restaurants and cyber security. In the non-profit arena he is proud to serve as the Chairman of the Board for Students for Life of America. Students for Life is the largest pro-life organization dedicated to youth, high school and college students; with a presence on over 1000 college campuses!

 In addition, he recently acted as an advisor to the Vatican Library in Rome and in the past assisted the Council of Higher Education under Secretary Margaret Spellings.

O’Hare graduated magna cum laude from Rider University in 2003, where he played Division One Soccer and received the President’s Award.  Upon graduation, O’Hare also was selected to deliver the commencement address.

Sean has spoken at over 100 venues. This includes 50+ universities such as University of Chicago, Duke University, UCLA and Baylor University.  He is also a fantastic option as an emcee for any event. 

Endorsements & Testimonials:

"With more than just words, but also his lifestyle and persona—Sean fleshes out the three pillars of evangelization: truth, goodness, beauty. He articulated tangible ways in which people of various talents and temperaments could save lives in our diocese. He called on our men to be the heroes they're meant to be in a very winsome way. When it comes to America's modern Holocaust, our audience became convinced we wanted to be on Sean's team, the team of life." -Alana & Rickard Newman

"Your story was touching, but at the same time motivational.  Thanks for the genuine interest you showed in what we are doing here." 
- Richard P.
"Hello, Sean. On behalf of Faith & Ale - Fort Myers, I wish to thank you for your contributions to our recent meeting. We greatly appreciate you coming in from New York to share your faith. You have accomplished a lot at a very young age on both the business and spiritual fronts. Based on the passion and commitment that you bring to the table, I firmly believe that your best is yet to be! Thanks again, Sean! God Bless," - Michael Lancellot, President, Faith & Ale - Fort Myers
Sean has many talks and can talk on many topics.  Here are examples of some of his more popular keynotes:

Celebrating Special Needs - a different approach to the pro-life message
Understandably, we focus much of our effort on grassroots activism, attending the March for Life and praying outside abortion facilities. Celebrating persons with Special Needs is an additional approach to attracting non-traditional actors into appreciating the dignity of all life. For the past several years, Sean has hosted a Special Needs prom in Times Square along with athlete Tim Tebow and he'd love to share the impact of these events in a secular environment such as new york city.

Christ in the City
How do we evangelize in a seemingly hostile and deeply secular world? Sean lives in the heart of NYC and has served on the board of Young Adult Outreach for the Archdiocese of NY. He will share the unique approaches they take to evangelize in a challenging environment and how you can do the same in your communities and families.

Bottom-line Spirituality
The financial bottom-line drives activity in the workplace. How to maximize profits for the good of the company, its employees and shareholders. But what about our spiritual bottom-line? What inputs do we provide for the ultimate return on investment - heaven? Sean will discuss this balance of work and spiritual formation. 

The Taboo of Failure
All men fall short from time to time, but failure is a topic that is rarely discussed. These experiences can lead to times of loneliness, depression and feelings of not living up to your role as a man. Sean will discuss the taboo topic of failure and how it's essential in the formation of Godly men.

Can beauty save our culture?
Each month Sean hosts multiple artistic-related events in NYC, he's a former advisor to the Vatican Library and has even been a producer for music albums! In this talk he discusses the role arts can play for evangelization in the 21st century.

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