Rey Flores

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Rey Flores

Travels from Manassas, Virginia

Bilingual Latino Catholic speaker Rey Flores offers his talks in English and/or Spanish

For over two decades, Rey Flores has been an activist, organizer and social worker in the toughest neighborhoods of Chicago. Flores has fought to end domestic violence, homelessness, hunger, exploitation of immigrant laborers, and has also been an instructor in skills training programs for inner-city youth and the disabled. He now dedicates his time to his family and ending abortion.

Rey Flores has spoken at several events across the nation including: March for Life National Conference - Washington DC, 40 Days for Life - Arizona and Texas, Catholics United for the Faith - Milwaukee, WI, and at several churches and universities including Loyola University, University of Illinois, DePaul University and countless other events throughout his 20+ years career.

Flores currently contributes a weekly column for the nation's longest-published Catholic newspaper The Wanderer. He has also been a weekly opinion columnist in several Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times publications and published in Crisis Magazine. Editor & Publisher Magazine called Flores the 'Chicano Mike Royko' because of his no-nonsense and direct style of writing.

As a devout traditional Catholic, husband and father of seven homeschooled children, Rey Flores offers some of the most compelling talks about how Latinos ARE truly social conservatives and about the beauty and joys of faith, family, marriage and life.As the Director of Outreach for the American Life League, Rey Flores travels across the country organizing national educational and outreach pro-life networks.

Rey Flores offers the following talks in English or Spanish:

Latinos and Social Conservatism – How the Latino community was lied to and exploited by the left, and how we can reverse the pattern.

Pro-Life / Pro-Traditional Marriage / Pro-Family – The family is the most important institution in our society and it all starts with the right to life, protecting the institution of marriage between one man and one woman; and the importance of strong familial foundations.

Flores also talks about the importance of husbands and fathers as the heads of their domestic Catholic ‘church’.

Justice in Christ’s Truth, NOT just social justice –In this talk, Flores explains the need for bread and Living Bread, clean water and Living Water and why we must remember that the well-being of a person’s eternal soul must always be a priority as we seek fight against temporal suffering and injustices. “If we do not give Christ to people, then all our fights for true social justice are for naught.”

Flores also talks about the USCCB’s anti-poverty programs and how many of them have been tainted and co-opted by secularist, anti-Catholic interests.

The Truth About Community Organizing – Having worked as a community and labor organizer in Chicago for over 20 years, Flores offers a one-of-a-kind look at how real justice is often sacrificed for political gain, leaving a trail of broken communities and an immeasurable amount of damaged human collateral. Flores has been called the ‘Abby Johnson of Community Organizing’

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