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Paul Turk

Paul Turk Catholic Prison Ministry

Travels from West Palm Beach, Florida

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"Life's Choices" by Paul Turk was named a Finalist in two categories, Best Religious Fiction and Finalist in Best Christian Fiction. Paul lives in Florida and his book has won many national awards.  His book has now won two 2016 Indie Book Awards in the categories of Christian Fiction and Religious Fiction. Total, the novel has won eight book awards across the country and internationally.  Paul Turk did what few people could find the courage and motivation to do: He gave up a financially prosperous legal career while in the prime years of his profession to become a writer for Jesus, a prison minister and pro-life advocate for the unborn. And he has never looked back.

Paul was a highly respected trial lawyer in West Palm Beach, Florida for thirty years until he changed careers in 2009 to become an author of fictional novels with Christian themes.

Before writing his new pro-life book, “Life’s Choices,” Paul had authored three novels known as “The Taylor Series.” The Series deals with real life issues in our society such as drinking and driving, siblings fighting over their parents’ estates in court and divorce and child custody battles.

“Life’s Choices,” has been endorsed by a number of people including pro-life leaders such as Father Frank Pavone of Priests For Life and Pastor Ed Martin. “Life’s Choices” has won six book awards in the USA and internationally. Although fictional, “Life’s Choices” was inspired by Paul’s youngest daughter choosing life over death for her unborn son.

 Paul is a dynamic and inspirational speaker who is available to talk to your school, church or religious group, or social or business organization and for conference workshops and retreats.

Two examples of Paul’s talks are shown in the videos below. One deals with God working His Blessings in prison. The second is a personal story of Paul's youngest daughter choosing life for her unborn son under the most difficult of circumstances. Paul can customize a talk to your audience based on his real world experience as a Trial Attorney and his conviction to his Catholic Faith.

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