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Nicole Lovell

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Travels from Chesapeake, Virginia

Nicole Lovell is a faithful Catholic who loves sharing the beauty of the Church's teachings on chastity with young people everywhere. She incorporates appropriate humor, technology, and pop culture in her presentations to keep young people engaged. She also strives to keep her presentations as interactive as possible.

Self-Respect, Chastity,  Pro-life,  Religious Ed,  Young Adult Topics, Youth topics (5-8 Grade), Youth topics (9-12 Grade)
Nicole sings and has developed and facilitated educational programs for all ages on the topics of Respect Life, Chastity and Self-Respect.  She believes that it is very important to meet young people where they are at, speak WITH them, rather than AT them, and to include humor, pop culture, and technology in every talk.
Reference from Jackie, Director of Religious Education at St. John of the Cross Church:

“Nicole has an incredible ability to relate to teens in a way that they listen and respond to. She is able to get them to ask questions that most teens would be too embarrassed to ask. It is obvious that they feel talked to rather than lectured at. Their attentiveness was amazing given a subject that can make them feel uncomfortable. I truly think that Nicole has a gift in relating to teens about such an important subject. She would be an asset to any teen program.” 
Reference from Ellen, Director of Client Services at Carolyn’s Place Pregnancy Care Center:

“Nicole’s faith and joy are contagious. Her compassion and ability to meet young people where they’re at made her very popular with them.” 
Reference from St. Francis Xavier Parish, CT:

“Our parish has been blessed to have Nicole speak to our teens in the youth group for two years and we listened to her at a diocesan youth day. She delivers an important message and her talks are engaging. Our teens have responded very positively to her talk on Chastity and Relationships. She gives them ideas on how to live according to God's plan for them. She also explains the consequences when we do not.” 
What Students Are Saying (Based on a Multiple-Choice Survey):

• “This program helped me to understand that no matter what I have done in my life, God can forgive me.”

• “I learned information about pornography that I never knew before.”

• “I have a more positive outlook on waiting for marriage to have sex after attending the presentation.”

• “I understand that by living chastely, I can guard and protect my heart, while at the same time, increase my chances of having healthy and successful relationships.”

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