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Mario St. Francis
Mario St. Francis
Mario St. Francis
Mario St. Francis
Mario St. Francis
Mario St. Francis
Mario St. Francis
Mario St. Francis
Mario St. Francis

Travels from Falls Church, Virginia

Bi-Lingual Speaker: Powerful, Funny, Moving and Inspirational. From Hollywood to Holy-wood; Cosmopolitan Magazine onced named this model and actor One of America's Most Eligible Bachelors.  He was appearing in ads for clients like Tommy Hilfiger, Levi Jeans, MTV and even GQ. He now travels the world as an international speaker, preacher & lay catholic evangelist on a mission to Inspire, Educate & Motivate in order to Evangelize, Catechize and Change Lives.  
He has gone from a fashion model, to an inspirational "faith model"... or as one magazine put it, "from a Miami playboy to a Jesus Christ Superstar."

- "Mario's talk was a Grand Slam!"   -  "The talk of the year!"
 - "Fabulous & amazing"   -   "the students talked about his talk for 2 weeks!" 
- "animated, enthusiastic, informative and gripping"   -   "he moved us to laughter, tears and a desire for God" - "the turning point in my life, a blessing, an angel sent from God" 

As a Keynote Speaker & Emcee (Bi-lingual: English & Spanish).  Testimony, Inspiration and the Call to Holiness.

His motto reflects the Catholicity of his apostolate and personal life “Ad Iesum, Per Mariam, cum Petro!” – All to Jesus, through Mary and with St. Peter.

Conversion Testimony.  Youth & Young Adults.  New Evangelization.  Dating & Chastity.  Pro-Life. (*see below for sub-topics and brief descriptions)

His hope is that other "lost sheep" will come back Home to God.  His mission is to sound a call to non-believers to believe, for non-Catholic Christians to understand the great treasury they used to share with Catholics, and for lapsed Catholics to return back to their faith and to be "on-fire" with love and knowledge of their Catholic Faith.

His apostolic work and the providence of God have taken him to every Continent on earth (except Antarctica) where he has taken the work of the New Evangelization in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Italian). He has appeared at events ranging from small retreats to standing-room-only crowds as well as international conferences.  He speaks at schools, church's, auditoriums, conferences, parish missions or retreats.  He has been featured on Catholic blogs, national radio shows and on international TV shows.  His life as a "Catholic model" has also been featured in 2 fashion magazines!   He has worked on 3 international Catholic films, defended the dignity of the Human person in the Pro-Life movement, as a Chastity speaker and NFP training and education.  He has often been referred to as a "techno-missionary" because of his avid use of technology as a means to evangelize.  He is the Director of World Youth Day Media and assists in taking about 2,000 youth from North America to each World Youth Day for an authentic pilgrimage experience.

His formal education is in Pastoral Ministry, Philosophy and Theology.  He received this education from the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio as well as the Mexican American Catholic College in Texas.

Whether he is running his own apostolate for Media Evangelization, speaking to crowds, traveling with youth to World Youth Day; Mario St. Francis is proud to be a full-time Catholic man on a Mission. He is an unforgettable speaker and you'll want him back for seconds and thirds.


"A Model of the World becomes a Model for Christ."  A craddle Catholic turned anti-Catholic Protestant, rebel and law-breaker turned model and actor gets knocked off his proverbial horse.  Touched by God, leaves everything behind becoming a missionary around the world preaching mostly to Catholics in major cities.  Sub-topics: Living off Divine Providence, The Missionary Life, Prayer on the Go.YOUTH & YOUNG ADULTS
Testimony and/or Inspiration & Education: ."Why be Catholic."  "Under the Influence - Media, Society & Friends."  "Taking God into the Streets - Faith in College and Beyond."   "Dating, Relationships and Chivalry."  "The Why and How of Prayer". "Universal Call to Holiness: Saints in Sneakers with iPods"

Letting God Make the Most of a Broken Past: Testimony and/or Inspirational Talk.  Dealing with issues such as Abortion, Addiction, Annullment/Divorce, Pornography, and a sense of Low-Self Esteem.  Life and Faith in the midst of such difficulties.

"The Power of One": Testimony and/or Inspirational Talks.  Touching on the social, theological and philosophical aspects of actively being Pro-Life.  Inspiration to get involved.

* All Presentations include Media (music and video) as well as some combination of the above topics unless time or techilogical restrictions exist, or other arrangements are made.

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