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Marcel LeJeune

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Marcel LeJeune
Marcel LeJeune
Marcel LeJeune
Marcel LeJeune

Travels from Austin, Texas

Marcel LeJeune has had the honor to present the message of Jesus Christ and His Church to thousands of people on numerous topics. He has presented at Conferences, Diocesan events, a Eucharistic Congress, Parishes, retreats, classes, workshops, as a Diocesan teacher of Adult Education, in Deacon Formation, to a Priests' Assembly, in Youth Ministry Certification Classes, as well as many other groups.

Marcel also has been published in The Catholic Faith magazine, by the Catholic News Agency, has a column on evangelization in The Catholic Spirit (Diocese of Austin), has been a guest editor for The Eagle newspaper, is a contributor in the book 101 Inspirational Stories of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and has written a book on evangelization titled The Catholic Evangelist: Fear Not.In addition to the above writing and speaking, Marcel has a wealth of experiences in the many different ministries and apostolates within the Church. He has been active in evangelization, adult and youth catechesis, youth ministry, parish and diocesan commissions, retreats, Bible studies, apologetics, and marriage ministry.Marcel LeJeune has been the Assistant Director of Campus Ministry at St. Mary's since June of 2006. Previously he was the Director of Campus Ministry at St. Elizabeth's University Parish in Lubbock from 2002-2006. He oversees the Pastoral Team and helps direct the Catholic Center ministries and programs.He holds a Master of Theological Studies, specializing in Pastoral Theology, from Ave Maria University and a Bachelor's degree from Texas A&M University.  Marcel is a member of the Catholic Campus Ministry Association sub-committee on Education and Formation, is the Vice-President of the Texas A&M Campus Ministry Association, and the Diocese of Austin's Anti-Pornography Task Force. He is a past member of the Texas Tech Campus Ministry Association, the Diocese of Lubbock Vocations Committee and has served on several other committees and boards at varying levels.Marcel has been married to his beautiful wife, Kristy for 12 years. They have five wonderful children. Kristy and Marcel met at St. Mary's Catholic Center while they were both attending Texas A&M University. He is blessed to be able to serve the same community where he was able to find his bride, Kristy as well as his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

“Marcel is a man of deep faith and understands well the call to discipleship - both the joys and the challenges.  He engages with groups very well, teens through adults.  He is a gifted speaker and his ministry in the Diocese of Austin is appreciated.”
-Most Reverand Gregory M. Aymond
Bishop of Austin
“We recently had Marcel speak here in California. He has a passion for the Faith and evangelization. He shares it with wit and insight from his years of experience working with College Students. Our group enjoyed his presentation. We were blessed to have him.”
-Dr. Robert Zimmer
Temecula Catholic Speaker Series

“Marcel LeJeune’s grasp of sound, orthodox, Catholic theology is outstanding. Moreover, he couples that grasp with a relevancy to our times that makes his message both challenging and comforting. The Holy Spirit is truly with him!”
-Fr. Rene Perez
Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Diocese of Lubbock
“Marcel speaks with honesty, boldness, and relevance about the cultural and moral challenges confronting those trying to live out Christ's teachings in today's world.”
-Deacon Daniel Liu
Seminarian, St. Mary’s Seminary

"Marcel LeJeune is a young and vibrant Catholic teacher. After having watched and listened to his theological expositions, I could not help but submit that Marcel is a person of intellectual abundance. And having gained from his resourcefulness as both a dynamic teacher and distinguished speaker, I affirm that through his theological giftedness, Marcel would leave an enviable theological legacy that would span many generations."
-Fr. James Ekeocha
St. Thomas More Parish

"Marcel LeJeune is a powerful speaker with his own unique style. His knowledge of the faith will impress any scholar and satisfy anyone’s curiosity of the faith. Marcel also speaks with such passion and conviction that every word he speaks resonates with those who hear him as the truth. But Marcel doesn’t just share his knowledge and his passion; he shares himself, as his faith is obviously the center of his life. It is hard to encounter this man and not recognize the Holy Spirit within his mind, his heart and the very words that he speaks."
-Tucker Redding
Coordinator of Youth Ministries, St. Justin Martyr Catholic Community

Talks Topics:

*Catholic Evangelization: Fear Not
"The Church exists in order to evangelize", yet many Catholics have little knowledge of what evangelization truly is or how to evangelize effectively. This presentation will energize and equip Catholics to "make disciples of all nations".

*Get Out Of The Boat: NOW Is the Time to Walk on Water
This zealous presentation will challenge Catholics to live a life of holiness and passion. By realizing who we are created to be, we can live with joy and without regrets which helps us all “walk on water”.*Marcel's Personal Testimony
>From altar boy to sports star to party animal, Marcel has tried almost all of it. But, it was a deep conversion to Christ to help him find what he was created for. But, the story doesn’t stop there. Find out how he found Christ in the little things, including washing the dishes.

*Being a Catholic MAN
Christian men are attacked constantly. Pornography. Materialism. Relativism. Find the truth amidst the lies. Find out what real courage, real masculinity and real love mean. Filled with humor and zeal, Marcel helps others discover what it means to be a “real man”.

*The PASS Play
Using football cliches, humor and insights into masculine spirituality, Marcel builds a talk around four simple to understand, but hard to master, points. Just as a football player must practice to become perfect, so we should practice, in order to master these four aspects of our spirituality - Prayer / Action / Study / Sacrifice.

*Real. True. Love.
Love is wanting what is best for the other regardless of the cost to ourselves. When we realize what a high calling Christ has given to each of us, we can love courageously. Filled with insights from John Paul the Great’s Theology of the Body, this presentation will help single, lay, religious or clergy fully embrace their vocation.

*The Two Shall Become One Flesh
Natural Family Planning and the JPII’s Theology of the Body are hidden treasures of our faith. Marcel will help Catholics understand them both better with insight and passion. His story of how each has changed his life and marriage is touching.
*Chastity Isn’t For Cowards
Especially for young adults or youth. This talk will challenge young Catholics to embrace the gifts of chastity and purity. Marcel is able to connect with young people in a way that will touch their hearts.

*No More Porn
>From his practical experience in his own life and from helping many other men with the scourge of Pornography, Marcel will encourage and give hope to generations spiritually attacked by the evil of pornography.*Pornography and Your Family
This presentation is for parents of children still living at home. The first half of this presentation looks at the science of sexual addiction, the statistics of the pornification of our culture and the consequences it has for families, marriages, relationships and spirituality. The second half focuses on prevention, treatment and strategies to teach parents how to safeguard your family from porn. It also will deal with practical solutions if it is already in your home.

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