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Lisa Cotter

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Lisa Cotter Catholic Speaker
Lisa Cotter Catholic Speaker

Travels from Lakewood, Colorado

Lisa Cotter is a nationally sought after speaker on the topics of relationships, femininity, and living life with excellence.

While balancing sound theology with humor and practical insights, Lisa inspires audiences of all ages. She is a graduate of Benedictine College and since 2007 she and her husband, Kevin have served FOCUS (the Fellowship of Catholic University Students) as a family. Lisa and Kevin are the co-authors of Dating Detox (due out January 2017) and she is the founder of Made to Magnify, a ministry that’s mission is to help people fight to be saints, because it’s worth it.

Speaking Topics:

Real Womanhood: Lisa Cotter debunks the myths of modern day stereotypical womanhood. Using insights from the late Pope John Paul the second and the heroic example of modern-day saints, Lisa gets to the truth about what it means to be an authentic woman.

People Are Not Things (Coed or Women Only): Developing true, authentic friendships and relationships is one of the most difficult aspects of the human experience. Throw in our culture riddled with use and competition and it can seem almost impossible. In this presentation Lisa will share three mentalities that will help you cultivate and experience a new depth and meaning in your relationships.

Dating Detox: One summer Lisa spent five weeks interviewing dozens of young adults who had moved from the brokenness of the modern dating scene to the freedom of following God’s plans for love, dating, and sex. By the end, one thing was clear – our poisoned dating culture has affected everybody — but detoxing and living authentic love is possible. In this talk, Lisa will reveal how they did it and how you can too.
What I Wish I’d Know About Marriage (Young Adult Women): After 10 years of both marriage and working with young adult women, Lisa has had plenty of time to consider what she wishes she’d known, and what she desires every young adult woman to know, about marriage. With the help of real life examples and the wisdom of the Church, Lisa brings to light the realities of marriage that every woman should know before she reaches the altar.
"Lisa Cotter was amazing! She made some really eye opening statements that really just moved me and helped me to truly understand womanhood." - SEEK 2013 – Women's Session
"Lisa was hysterical, factual, and real. I loved listening to her talk." - SEEK 2013 – Men's Session
"Inspiring talk for both single and married women. Cotter gives "real-life" examples of how women can use their God-given gifts for His glory." - Julie- Sterling, VA

"Lisa Cotter taught me that I am enough. This is such a great message for girls my age to hear. I think she did a perfect job presenting and giving real life examples of what to do in relationships and make them for Christ." - SEEK 2015 - Women's Session

"I absolutely loved Lisa Cotter. I personally felt that she was talking to me and knew what I was going through." - SEEK 2015 - Women's Session

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