Lauren Ashburn

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Lauren Ashburn

Travels from , Washington D.C.

As Managing Editor and Anchor of EWTN News Nightly with Lauren Ashburn, Ashburn has her finger on the pulse of issues important to Catholics. Directing news coverage from the White House to the Vatican, from Capitol Hill to the United Nations, Ashburn delivers the Catholic perspective on national and international topics including politics, life issues, health care, tax reform, religious freedom, Supreme Court & Judicial nominations, Christian persecution and more. Ashburn’s personal faith and sense of humor cast a captivating picture of life in Washington.

An award-winning journalist, Ashburn applies her decades of experience and offers thought-provoking analysis on the intersection of faith, politics and media and perspective on maneuvering through the secular media world as a pro-life Catholic.

Ashburn has been on the forefront of national and international news stories including 6 presidential elections, the September 11th terrorist attack and the War on Terror, Hurricane Katrina, and the Papal Transition. Ashburn has interviewed Presidents, Congressional leaders, Ambassadors, celebrities and top-level Vatican officials. Recently, Ashburn travelled to Iraq to cover the plight of Christians and testified before the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on aid to Christian survivors of the ISIS genocide.

Prior to joining EWTN, Ashburn served as a contributor at Fox News Channel. She developed and appeared in regular segments for PBS News Hour, CBS This Morning, CNN, NBC News, Fox News Channel, MSNBC and others as a political and media analyst. Ashburn was also Managing Editor of Gannett Broadcasting and USA Today Live directing its television division.

She has been a contributor at The Daily Beast and The Hill and has been published in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post, The Federalist and the Huffington Post.

Talk Titles:

Faith & Ploitics: Are faith-based issues playing a bigger role in politics since the election of Donald Trump? And will there be a faith-backlash in the mid-term elections?

Faith & Media: How the secular media ignores issues of faith and why it’s important to seek alternative perspective to the main-stream media.

How a Pro-Life Reporter Succeeded in Secular Media: How do you celebrate your faith in an industry that rewards/encourages provocative and inflammatory rhetoric more than thoughtful and inspirational reporting? How do you put aside your personal beliefs to maintain objectivity when reporting on controversial topics?

Faith & Feminism: The religion of feminism is to be pro-choice. Is there room in the feminist world for women of faith? And how can faith advance the #MeToo movement to initiate real change in creating safe workplaces.

Christian Persecution: Covering Christian Persecution around the world in a media culture that doesn’t much care about religious freedom and the plight of Christians.

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