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Kim Kalman

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Kim Kalman

Travels from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

Humbled, blessed and annointed, I am a daughter of God who finally said yes to God's call to give my most treasured gift of music back through community, through stewardship, through prayer. God has carried me, walked by my side and sent me forth on the journey to bring music as a tool of prayer, to open ears and hearts to His love

Who is Kim Kalman??

I've known since I was a youngster growing up in NJ that I was born to sing.  I've sung with school and church choirs, toured with the international educational music group, Up With People, developed my own restaurant circuits, sung for weddings, festivals, living room concerts etc...NY, LA, Vegas, Europe, Canada, Nashville.

And now, living in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I have realized I was not only born to sing but to share my gift with community.  I am energized, I am humbled, I am blessed and annointed over and over with the power of music, prayer and community.  Community is where music is present and it is present within all of us because God is present in each of us.  When one of us sings in praise, God is revealed!  Singing together in church expresses the sacramental presences of God.  Christ invites us to enter the song.  When we do, we join ourselves to His sacrifice for the Glory of the Trinity.  Music is witness to our relationship with God.  We reach God with song because it is an expression of our faith.  It remains within us and leads us through the church doors out into the whole world.  It is not just the praise of God or the nourishment of the believer - it moves us to carry our mission into our homes and communities.

Let the doors swing wide Sisters and Brothers!

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