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Kevin Vost, Psy.D.

Kevin Vost, Psy.D.

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Kevin Vost

Travels from Springfield, Illinois

Kevin Vost holds a Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) degree from the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago with internship and dissertation work at the SIU School of Medicine’s Alzheimer Center’s Memory and Aging Clinic. He has taught psychology and gerontology at Aquinas College in Nashville, the University of Illinois at Springfield, MacMurray College, and Lincoln Land Community College. He has served as a research review committee member for American Mensa, a society promoting the scientific study of human intelligence, and as an advisory board member for the International Association of Resistance Trainers, an organization that certifies personal fitness trainers.

Dr. Vost is the author of books including Memorize the Faith!, Fit for Eternal Life, From Atheism to Catholicism, Unearthing Your Ten Talents, Tending the Temple, St. Albert the Great, Three Irish Saints, Memorize the Reasons!, The One-Minute Aquinas, and in press – The Seven Deadly Sins, The Porch and the Cross, and The Hounds of the Lord. He has appeared hundreds of times on various Catholic radio programs and on The Abundant Life, Women of Grace, The Journey Home, and Bookmark on EWTN television.  Have you ever been in a situation where you would have liked to explain or defend the faith to someone, but the words just weren’t there because important details weren’t locked down in your mind?  Wouldn‘t it be nice if there was a “Catholic art of memory” – fun, simple, and effective methods to help lock in essential tenets of the faith and reasons for the hope that is in us?  And wouldn’t it be something if these methods had been developed, enhanced, and passed on to us by some of the most profound Doctors of the Catholic Church? 

Well there is such a Catholic art, and that’s what Dr. Kevin Vost’s most popular talk is all about.

The subject matter of The Catholic Art of Memory talk draws from his books Memorize the Faith and Memorize the Reasons!

Memorize the Faith! revived an ancient art of memory improvement unknown to most modern Catholics. It is an invaluable, but forgotten part of our own rich tradition that was developed, endorsed, and practiced by two of the most profound Doctors of the Church (and the greatest minds in the history of Christianity) – Sts. Albert the Great and Thomas Aquinas, the patron saints of scientists and scholars. Dr. Vost practiced and honed these techniques with his own college students, medical school patients, and research subjects. He also used these memory techniques himself to obtain the highest score in the state on the national psychology licensing examination (also setting his school’s record), and a few years back gained national media attention when he helped a 10-year-old boy learn all of the popes’ names in order.

 Now, Dr. Vost seeks to help his audiences learn and apply these simple, time-tested memory techniques during the course of live audience-participation demonstrations. The methods can be applied to catechetical materials, such as the 10 Commandments, the seven deadly sins, the cardinal and theological virtues, the beatitudes, the sacraments, the 20 Mysteries of the Rosary,  the 46 books of the Old Testament, the 27 books of the New Testament, and much more.

 Those who attend his interactive demonstrations will learn how to master such material literallyforward and backward, and will learn to apply the memory systems to other catechetical topics, to apologetics topics (the subject matter of his Memorize the Reasons!), to academics, business-related information, grocery lists, or virtually anything else.

Dr. Vost has spoken to Catholic business groups, men’s groups, women’s groups, home-schooling conferences, over-50 parish groups, Theology on Tap young adult groups, to grade-school and high school religious education groups, at retreat centers, to college student and faculty groups, to religious order conferences, for parish Lenten missions, pilgrimages to Ireland, and more. He is happy to tailor any of his topics to the needs of your group.  Other talks include:

  • From Atheism to Catholicism – Dr. Vost has often been asked to relate his reversion story explaining how atheistic thinkers drew him away from his faith in his late teens, and how the Holy Spirit worked to draw him back to Christ and His Church a full 25 years later.
  • Unearthing Your Ten Talents – A practical guide to growth in ten virtues: intellectual, moral, and theological, in their relationship to the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, the beatitudes, and the sacraments, as related in the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas.
  • Thinking, Doing, and Loving for Christ – An examination of and practical exhortation to grow in our contemplative, apostolic, and charitable capacities, first presented in the context of Dr. Vost’s Three Irish Saints using Sts. Kevin, Patrick, and Brigid. (Kevin has done presentations on Sts. Dominic and on St. Martine de Porres using this guiding theme and can also adapt this format to examine the life of any great saint.)
  • Getting Fit for Eternal Life – With forty years experience in the strength training and physical fitness field, Dr. Vost has also address many groups on the topic of faith and fitness, focusing on practical applications and buttressed by the teachings o f the Church, including some very fitness-minded modern popes.
  • The Sixty-Minute Aquinas – Dr. Vost simplifies and summarizes key lessons from all three parts of St. Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologica, addressing issues including the twofold happiness God intends for us, development of virtue, gifts of the Holy Spirit, what reason can know about God’s attributes and His existence, Christ as the Word of God and as God Incarnate, and the nature of His gifts of the Sacraments, along with less weighty questions, like whether it is a sin to love wine, to be boring, to be curious, and why it was fitting that Eve was made from Adam’s rib.

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