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Julie Carrick Catholic
Julie Carrick Catholic Speaker and Musician

Travels from Scottsdale, Arizona

Julie has a beautiful, relevant & powerful ministry to bring to parishes, conferences and retreats. Nationally and Internationally known for her music and speaking engagements she, brings with her 20+ years of ministry and a life of experience that most will relate to.  She shares real life lived through joys & sorrows, victories & defeats, and all by the grace and mercy of Christ waiting there to strengthen us all. Music and Spoken Word move the teaching from the head to the heart in everyone of Julie'e presentations.

Sacrament  ~ Eucharist ~ Marriage ~ Life  ~ Forgiveness ~  Cancer Survivor ~ Women’s Conferences ~ Intentionally Living Our Catholic Faith.

As always witness, music and the teachings of the faith are woven together and presented in way that will most assuredly touch and transform.  She is a Benedictine Oblate, the Co-founder of Carrick Ministries Foundation and Founder of “Catechetical Artistry”. She is also the producer and host of the radio program “We Sing Our Faith” and director of ‘Gathered In Grace’ a Catholic Women’s conference.

A Note from Julie: "Music & Spoken Word" is so much more than concert events or parish missions, It is truly opening the heart to receive God's word. The best way to describe my work / ministry is "Catechetical Artistry. There is an immense content to the teachings of the Catholic Faith that all draws one into the life of Christ. The question is, How do we invite and engage our faithful? If we could share the powerful and healing strength of the Grace of the Sacraments in the life of every Catholic, our world would be transformed. Through Music, Personal Witness and the Teachings of the Catholic Faith, the events I do around the world make the journey from the head to the heart a most enriching and personally meaningful one.  It has been a labor of love to be involved in ministry within the Catholic Church my entire life. Starting as a Liturgical Musician at a young age and then moving forward into this Concert & Speaking Ministry has been a lifelong process. The concerts, parish missions, conferences and other events that I offer are centered in the teachings of the Catholic faith and a powerful outward expression of what it means to live them.  I have written and recorded 15 projects and a songbook that is a compilation of these works. Having experienced some real suffering in my life. Marriage struggles, loss of children through miscarriage, helping an adult daughter through rape that resulted in pregnancy, being a Lung Cancer Survivor and Benedictine Oblate, gives me a unique perspective. Real life is included in the presentations I bring to communities around the world. Being a Christian doesn’t mean we won’t have trials. But living a life in the Grace of the sacraments reveals God’s promise to be with us daily.  ​I am honored to come to your parish or conference to offer an event that has been formed over a lifetime.   I look forward to sharing this ministry in your community.  ~  Julie Carrick ​

Mission Statement:
Evangelization & Catechesis of the Catholic Faith utilizing Music, Personal Witness, and  other artistic media, guided by The Bible, Tradition & Magisterium of the  Catholic Church.​

Julie and her ministry are endorsed by Bishop Thomas Olmsted of the Diocese of Phoenix as well as Bishop Neal Buckon of the Military Arch Diocese and Bishop Paprocki of Springfield, IL.  An additional gift that Julie brings to all conferences is her to music to be used even for your other presenters & if desired for the Liturgical celebrations throughout the day or weekend. 

Here is a partial list of Julie's Presentations:

"Intentional Disciples; Mary, the Apostles & Us”  ( A presentation inviting us to look at how we live our call to Discipleship by the example of Mother Mary, the Apostles, & in the grace received through the Sacraments.)  Have you ever wondered how Mother Mary did it? She lived the call on her life perfectly.   Then the first 12 who were called… What was it about them?  Why did 1 turn away and the rest faced martyrdom for the sake of Christ?  We are all called to discipleship but,  How can we say ‘Yes’ and have the strength to Live that ‘Yes’?  Through  spoken word and beautiful music Julie will guide our Community through this event focused on the life of  Mary, The lives of the first Apostles of Christ and practical ways of opening up the gifts of the Sacraments and learning how to live in the real and tangible grace that each of them pour into our daily life.   This is a very unique presentation that goes beyond knowing that each of us is called to Discipleship.  It is an event that teaches each of how we can begin immediately to actually live our daily life in every moment of every day as a Disciple of Jesus Christ.  ​Once you experience this event you will never look at the Sacraments the same way again. 

"I Take You At Your Word"  ~ With music from a brand new project completely focused in the Eucharist, this project shares my heart more than any other project I have done. To be so loved by our God and Savior that He would come to each of in the Catholic Faith so intimately in the Sacred Eucharist, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, our Living Christ, becoming one with us!. This is beyond words.  The faith that He founded and that which He has sustained over these millennium continuing to be with us not only in word, but physically coming to us as we enter into the Paschal Mystery at Mass or simply spending time with Him in Eucharistic Adoration.  Mother Mary taught us by her life's example to Take Him At His Word.  Join me for this event of music and true life stories of grace, sustained, healed and cared for by His presence in the Holy Eucharist.  Considering the Protestant phrase “Jesus is my Lord and Savior” I would like to engage Catholics to share with the world that the intimacy we experience in receiving Jesus Christ into our very person is the most personal relationship we can ever hope for.  ​He is both Savior and Sustenance, Lord and Lover of my soul.

"Then Sings My Soul"  A joyous presentation that describes how, in day to day life, we live the beautiful traditions of our Catholic Faith in the bounty of Grace. Filled with music, witness and short descriptions of the various Sacramentals and Devotions, this is a great event for all ages.“Sipping on Grace” Mary teaches us by her example of Grace / Initiation of Grace in our life through the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation & Holy Eucharist and then Grace restored in the Sacraments of Anointing of the Sick, Reconciliation, And Grace revitalizes in the Sacraments of Marriage & Holy Orders.  With Julie Carrick explores these Graces of our Beautiful Catholic Faith and how we can each grow stronger in our Relationship with Christ. This is a great opportunity to invite your family and friends who have wondered about the faith or your loved ones  who may have wandered from the faith.   A mercy filled  welcome home.  As with all of her presentations around the country, this will include Spoken Word, Music, as well as time for deep reflection for individuals, married couples and families. ALL are encouraged to attend

"Mercy Ordinary & Divine"  ~   “Living the Corporal Works of Mercy”   ~   “Divine Mercy in Ordinary Holiness”   ~  “Divine Mercy” (the chaplet & novena in a single event)    ~                 “Mercy: Reconciliation & Eucharist” 

Here are more presentations to choose from:  
For all the Seasons Advent, Lent, Easter,  Ordinary Time, etc.
-“Living Our Creed”  ( How we live what we say we believe in the Creed. God revealed as Creator & Savior. This presentation includes wonderful insights of St. Teresa of Avila.)

-“Living the Mass”  ( A description of the Mass and the invitation to take what we experience there into every moment of our life.  It includes the invitation to live our life ready to come to Mass and fully participate.)

-“Celebrating the Truth; Marriage, Life, Eucharist & Reconciliation”  (We take a good look at how we are strengthened as family through these 4 pillars of our Catholic faith.)

-Advent & Christmas Presentations: “Divine Mercy from the Stable”; “A Home where Mercy lives” ; “Mary; Mother of Mercy”

Julie is passionate about Eucharist, Reconciliation, Marriage, Life, and Living in God’s Grace.  Her concerts, missions and other events where she has been asked to speak encourage people to step out of their comfort zone and truly live the teachings of The Church.  She was born and raised in Northern Michigan, Julie Fran Edel, the fourth of seven children.  Her desire to serve Christ began at an early age and stems back to her involvement in Liturgical Music, following in the footsteps of 3 generations of Catholic Musicians. She worked within the Diocese of Phoenix for 10 years as Director of Music prior to accepting the call to a national and international concert and speaking ministry.

Here is a list of her CD and DVD titles:
Hymns of Praise ~ Traditional Hymns done with the beauty and flair that Julie passionately records in all of her music

I Take You At Your Word  ~  Songs about the intimate love experienced in the reception and adoration of our Lord in the Eucharist.

Lend Me Your Heart ~ Inspired by ’33 Days to Morning Glory’, a year-long
study of Mary in scripture & tradition and my love of Mama Mary

Shades of Grace ~ A Song for every Sacrament and other portals of grace.

In The Waiting ~ Music CD and Meditation DVD from the heart of a cancer patient ….. Grace, healing, mercy

The Face of God ~ Collection ~ Finding God in so many people and places….

The Bridge ~ Compilation ~ Inspired by the Holy Lands concert tour, songs of mercy
A Couple’s Rosary CD ~ The entire Rosary prayed by Julie & Kurt with other favorite prayers and Marian songs
A Rosary for America ~ This one needs to be prayed to truly appreciate.

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