Jessica Victoria Bachicha

Jessica Victoria Bachicha

Travels from Baltimore, Maryland

Jessica Victoria Bachicha transforms our culture into a culture of life by engaging audiences with exceptional music and inspiring stories.

Songstress Jessica Bachicha captivates audiences with performances that gracefully combine depth, beauty, and charm. When you come with Jessica into the realm of music, one of the greatest treasures you will bring back with you from the adventure is the realization that your life holds the possibility of a beautiful tale full of hope and meaning.

In 2001, Jessica Victoria Bachicha received a profound conversion experience while on a retreat with la Gi.Fra., a Franciscan youth movement in Italy. The same summer, she received the gift of singing for His Holiness John Paul II during a private audience. From that point on, she has sought to infuse her work as a songstress and teacher with those great Franciscan charisms of laetitia and authentic human affectivity. Now, she serves Jesus in the New Evangelization by communicating important philosophical and theological truths through music that expresses the good, the true, and the beautiful. Dr. Bachicha gives recitals, master classes, and lectures throughout the United States and internationally and shares the culture of life through collaborative performances with instrumentalists, dancers, visual artists and others.

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