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Jedlie is an exciting evangelist who uses positive reinforcement, storytelling, magic, illusion, comedy, music and dance to spread the Gospel and motivate audiences to grow closer in communion with God and others.

Jed Doherty, a former licensed, certified social worker, has been evangelizing and inspiring audiences as Jedlie since 1983. Since that time he has brought Jesus’ message of love and community to millions of hearts throughout the US and Puerto Rico. In addition to thousands of performances in schools and churches Jedlie has been the featured family entertainer at great events like the Archdiocese of Boston Multi Cultural Family Day, Connectfest Christian Music Festival, Diocese of Brooklyn Board of Education Anti Bullying Conference, Harvard School of Medicine Disability Awareness Conference and the Pennsylvania State School Nurses Association Annual Conference.

One of his most memorable accomplishments was serving as the Producer, Screenwriter and featured Performer in “MELTDOWN!!! (The Walls That Separate)”. This internationally acclaimed disabilities awareness video was cablecast nationally and seen in classrooms around the world.

Jedlie’s current productions challenge audiences to live the way Jesus teaches us to live. Specifically, Jedlie inspires audiences to understand

That Jesus calls us to treat everyone with the respect and caring that we want to be shown.

That Jesus calls us to transform our feelings of compassion into action by helping everyone in need, especially people who are being bullied, threatened or excluded

That we have the responsibility to use the gifts of technology to help us to grow closer in communion with Jesus and each other, and that it is wrong to use these tools to hurt others

Doherty’s work as Jedlie has recently been featured on Catholic TV’s “This Is The Day” program and in Catholic publications including The Pilot (Archdiocese of Boston), The Catholic Star Herald (Diocese of Camden) and The Catholic Spirit (Diocese of Metuchen).

Doherty has received awards, degrees and certificates from a numerous institutions, including Boston College High School, Boston University School of Medicine, Communidad Estrella, Ponce, PR, University of Dayton VCLFF and the University of Virginia.

Jedlie can present just about anywhere. He can adapt his presentation to be appropriate for all ages. He travels with his own sound system when practical and is fully insured. He often includes his two talented adult children Chris and Alejandra in his performances.

Doherty creates his shows in collaboration with his wife Sonia Guerrios-Doherty, M Ed, a veteran Boston Public School Special Needs Teacher and former member of the Archdiocese of Boston Board of education. The Doherty family lives in Boston and are active members of St Mary of the Hills Parish.

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