Emily Sottile

Emily Sottile
Emily Sottile Catholic Speaker

Travels from Brooklyn, New York

The Catholic Church is the greatest patron of the arts the world has known. That’s no accident! Art and architecture are powerful tools that invite us to prayer and deepen our understanding of the mysteries of faith.

We can all read art and architecture if we know what to look for. 

As the director of EverGreene Architectural Arts' Sacred Space Studio, Emily Sottile, works closely with clergy, architects, and committees to plan restoration and new design of churches and cathedrals across the country. Drawing on formal studies in art history and theology (including intensive study of European ecclesiastical precedent), and over a decade with EverGreene, Emily offers a primer on decoding the call to Christ in art and architecture, often hidden in plain sight. 

MA, Theology, St. Joseph’s College, ME (currently in pursuit)

MA/MSC, History of Art, University of Edinburgh, UK 

BA, History of Art, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN

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