E. Scott Lloyd

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E. Scott Lloyd Catholic Speaker
Edward Scott Lloyd Catholic Speaker

Travels from Front Royal, Virginia

As a Trump Administration official, Scott and his family endured a million dollar, multimedia attack campaign because he declined to use his office to obtain abortions for immigrant teens. He became the target of Planned Parenthood, NARAL, the ACLU, the media, and pro-abortion politicians. News outlets followed him to work and to church, and advocacy organizations took out full-page ads in top newspapers against him. The New York Times editorial page spoke out about this “anti-abortion crusader,” as did television personalities such as Rachel Maddow and pro-abortion politicians Jerrold Nadler, Pramila Jayapal, Dianne Feinstein, Patty Murray, and others.  As NARAL pro-choice America explained their efforts, “We need to remove and publicly shame these anti-choice extremists one by one—and we're starting with Lloyd.” He returned to the private sector—by his own choice—in June 2019.

Scott Lloyd is an attorney, author, songwriter, and the father of 7 children. A cradle Catholic and altar boy, Scott strayed from his faith as a teenager. When doing so led him down a dark path, he eventually turned to a priest on campus who showed him the way back to his faith. A friend of his who helped him through this experience would later become his wife. This formed the basis for his first novel, The Undergraduate, from Liberty Island Media.

After teaching for two years, he attended law school to join the pro-life movement in Washington, DC. There he worked for the Knights of Columbus public policy office, as a Congressional staffer, and for the Bush and Trump Administrations. While at the Knights, he traveled to Iraq three times to assist the Christian community that was displaced by ISIS terrorists.

His diversity of experience and legal training makes him an ideal choice for a number of audiences: lawyers’ groups, Knights of Columbus events, youth groups, academic symposia, and pro-life events. The topics he is able to address include:

  1. Gentle as a dove and wise as a serpent: fifteen years (and counting) in Washington, D.C.— How God’s providence has led to some incredible victories and surprising challenges for an attorney in the nation’s capital
  2. Renovate and Reoccupy—the challenges facing today’s Catholic writers and artists trying to regain Catholicism’s rightful place in literature and the arts
  3. Can we be pro-life and pro-contraception?— Could contraception be an answer to the problem of abortion? Statistics from the abortion industry relay the reality of contraception and its place as a public policy solution to the problem of abortion
  4. The Crisis at the Border— What is really occurring at the southern border of the United States? Scott offers an insider's perspective on what is wrong and what can improve.

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